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  1. welcome!! im a tad late, but yes, i too like Terraria
  2. he forgot his password

  3. yes, i exist

  4. i looked at your location and guess what, i live in new jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Renko


      wait i wasnt supposed to disclose that information

    2. embodiment


      Haven't used this in a while, so coming back to see this gave me a good chuckle. Thank you Renko, very cool.

  5. renk = colour in Turkish

  6. touhou but run on a calcuator

    1. Renko


      using 300 potatoes and wires

    2. melon


      harder challange run it on one of these bad boysVasara Calculator Watch – Children's Watches for Children, Birthday Gifts,  Communion Cheap and Fun: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    3. Renko


      oh no im getting vibes from that funny impostor game

  7. i couldnt think of anything unfunny to put here, sorry

  8. nothing much to say so... yo
  9. walfas is cool..

  10. Oh, well I actually got the game to work after redownloading it through unknown, esoteric means. Though I know you must get the English patch now so it doesn't matter too much, but still thanks.
  11. I would say it could take 3-4 hours to complete (obtain all the effects), but probably a bit more if you are planning to discover everything without guidance, it is basically a walking simulator to explore, after all.
  12. im alive!!!

  13. death (ecksdee!!!!!!!!!!)

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    2. Renko


      hey, its still dying oh sh

    3. Renko


      actually im in much pain right now

  14. i ate a door

    1. Renko


      why do my lungs hurt all of a sudden

    2. Renko
  15. Sorry for sudden inactivity, a relative died and I was away for the week.


  16. I got 0, so I redownloaded but its still the same problem saying "Can not open file as an archive" or "Unknown file format"
  17. Might just be me but I don't see that feature. (I am on a Windows 10)
  18. I have tried downloading multiple times. I used a another program and tried 7-zip already, which didn't work only giving me "Can not open files as an archive".
  19. You can't extract the main game ZIP folder, it will give me a message saying unknown file format when I attempt to extract either file. So then when I open up the game its just a loading screen.
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