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  1. forced to master spark them
  2. Version the game.

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    Here's your download!
  3. Ok update: the mini boss is done and now there are more enemies before and after the mini boss
  4. noice ideas lol, but i have no idea who is who except for reimu. lol i dont know much, but glad to see you like the idea!
  5. hey @Nekofire, btw once im done with the boss ill put back the normal enemies that drop points too, just for now its just the boss, either way, thank you!
  6. IF there was a touhou AU in Undertale, which character would be what? And would the map change? Also would the fighting system be different at all?
  7. Yeah, I uh made a thing. its not good but I cant really actually code so scratch was my only way of really showing how much I like touhou. sorry again if its bad lol. I tried XD I update it a lot right now as I'm working on boss functionality. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/453527983 Enjoy!
  8. memes, and parodys. because internet.
  9. Doing things. Yes.


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