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  1. oh man, you just reminded me of this thread. this game looked pretty cool, i don't know what's up with it. hopefully it's still in development!!!
  2. i didn't even know this was a feature! 


    it's lunatic tiiiiiime!!!

    1. Renko


      please no

  3. i knew i knew not the monologue, i guess that makes me a child? you successfully taught me though
  4. these look cool as heck!! that background trick sure is pretty rad, makes me wanna try something like that one day i'm not sure of the origin of cirno's monologue, but it sounds cool i'd also hella buy an akuu mixtape if i had money
  5. glad to see someone else here plays the game that server uptimer looks very helpful, thanks for sharing! hopefully more shriners get into the drifting action.
  6. this looks interesting! definitely looking forward to this
  7. hi everyone, piece here. i recently came across this racing game in a video and i just got it today. it's pretty fun, but there's literally at max ten people on the servers at a time. it's a shame because this game is masterfully done with music from the likes of SOUND HOLIC, who of course makes some bangers for the track themes. they got a wide character selection -- i'm in it too, so there's that. here's some key links for y'all to get in on the skydrifting action the wiki: Gensou SkyDrift Wikia | Fandom steam port: GENSOU Skydrift on Steam (steampowered.com) switch port:
  8. rivals looks like such a fun game, especially with touhou mods too bad i have no money
  9. . So, Marisa started working for
  10. my friend was actually really into touhou for like years before i started playing, and he told me about this game called "touhou luna nights" which is really fun if you like metroidvanias (pretty short though) i liked the funny clownpiece and decided to play the game with her in it, and, to this day, still cannot beat her
  11. i mean, 1cc is kinda a speed challenge, you just don't have to retry saving you time although, due to the linear nature of the game, world records would probably shift by a few seconds over the course of several years
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