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  1. File seems to be failing during download, I'm not sure if this is client-side or not, as the other ones seem to be working fine.
  2. Learned about it when I was younger from Bad Apple!! and Ronald McDonald Insanity, forgot about it, and a whole bunch of stuff came up in my recommended literally 7 years later
  3. Thanks for the help, the issue was the executable, I started having issues with lag but I figured out it was caused by having too many cores assigned or whatever The issue was resolved, thanks!
  4. I seem to be having a problem with the retro games, I've followed the steps in the guide for Neko Project II so I think it might be a file related issue Whenever I load up the file for any of the games in the emulator it doesn't seem to work or it pops up what looks like an error Touhou 1 plays the opening thingy and then gets stuck like this Touhou 2 also gets stuck like this but it looks like an error appears this time Touhou 3 opens this at the start and doesn't play the opening thing Touhou 4 takes a second on the HIMEM test or whatever and then the bottom part
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