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  1. Hello there, I am currently in a topical debate with a friend of mine. He believes that touhou 11 is arguably harder than Touhou 15, but I disagree. I believe that Touhou 15 is way harder than 11. Touhou 11 is a very hard game, but it is nowhere near as outrageous as Touhou 15, where the game gets arguably harder at stage 3 of all places. Then the thought occurred to me, what are other people's opinions on the matter? So I leave the question to whoever reads this (hoping if anyone reads this at all) which game is more difficult, and why?
  2. Ah, I see. Interesting, because I used reimu B and then it crashed, maybe if I used Reimu A it would work?
  3. I need help. Everytime I defeat remilia, the game crashes and I do not get to see the good ending or save my scorefile, what should I do?
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