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  1. Perhaps it's a mixer issue, or you had a controller or other device plugged in on startup. Check if it appears in your volume mixer in your main speakers when you open it, and check if it has any volume. If that's fine, it could just be in-game config/settings set to 0 somehow?
  2. Anything else not have audio from this site?
  3. Try changing your locale to japanese, or using a locale emulator. If you need help doing so just ask, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who've described how to do so on here, and online
  4. I believe it includes both the Japanese and english version within the download no? "TH06" is the JPN version, and "Touhou06" should be the Eng version. They both might need a japanese locale to run though.
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  6. It's a script error, It looks like you still don't have the right stuff? Maybe you downloaded the wrong file, or you don't have the right dll files or something. Try reinstalling and running with a different locale emulator, or actually changing your locale manually. It says that it's not able to translate it to UNICODE, so I don't know how you'd fix your problem in particular. Try doing what I said earlier in my message, and if that still doesn't work, send another reply c: P.S. You might've also extracted the file wrong, winrar and 7zip are great free tools to extract files rather than using your pc's version.
  7. I'm not sure if you read the file names, but one says "Original Soundtrack", whilst the other has the actual game name... So uhm.. hope you can just put 2 and 2 together there.
  8. Can you give more info? Was there a crash report? Did a window open? Which application are you opening? What are you trying to run? Providing an image of the issue is also good if you want help resolving it.
  9. I know that this is late, but I'll say this to everybody else who might have this problem. As i've said up there, if there is no option to extract, using 7zip or winrar works great and are completely free to use.
  10. The only reason why it has a false positive is because thcrap directly injects files into the folder when you launch it. That's probably what caused the false positive occured on those other sites that you mentioned.
  11. Run it in a Japanese locale next time, also run "touhou06", not "th06". Hope this was what you were experiencing.
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