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  1. Can you please give the specific dll error screen? Or the error message in general? If it simply says "dll" injection, that might not even be the problem.
  2. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 You could be running an older pc that doesn't have recent directx files. Heres the stuff above ^
  3. This isn't a pc-98 (retro era touhou) game, so it will run just fine on windows. To use a torrent file, you need something like bittorrent or utorrent. Basically something that can use the information on the file, to download what you want. After putting the downloaded file in the torrent file in some torrent, it will download the game.
  4. I think having the ability to calculate everything my senses can perceive would be awesome. Watching a bunch of things simultaneously and understanding everything about them, being in a danmaku battle and instantly understanding the pattern and trajectory. It would be very useful
  5. You can really say Yukari can do anything if you use that logic though... She can manipulate the borders of an item from the outside world to gensokyo, and if it doesn't exist in the outside world, she can simply manipulate the boundary of "it existing". I think their point is fine.
  6. You mean to download the files? That'd be any torrent client. I used µTorrent when I tried the new download iirc. If you meant just running the downloaded file from torrent, there's an executable named "TH06" or something similar within the folder. If you see a different executable, that one is the non-translated version
  7. you need to use another program to use these torrent files, you don't just download them.
  8. xfinity doesn't block tor. It could be your firewall, or something on your network that is preventing you from downloading it. Are you using something like utorrent to download it? For other ways I'm sure that there are others out there, but I think it'd be easier to just change your way of downloading it here.
  9. Perhaps it's a mixer issue, or you had a controller or other device plugged in on startup. Check if it appears in your volume mixer in your main speakers when you open it, and check if it has any volume. If that's fine, it could just be in-game config/settings set to 0 somehow?
  10. Anything else not have audio from this site?
  11. Try changing your locale to japanese, or using a locale emulator. If you need help doing so just ask, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who've described how to do so on here, and online
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