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  1. Hello everyone! I've recently finished translating Touhou Healing Nature (東方自然癒), an excellent Touhou JRPG. The original and the translated version are both free. Download link for Touhou Healing Nature (translated into English): MEGA Link Healing Nature Touhou Healing Nature features: - A very well-crafted story, with character development, foreshadowing, intrigue, believable drama and tension, and meaningful dives into various themes of Gensokyo. - Lovingly and accurately characterized Touhous, stemming from the creator's extensive knowledge of the original media surrounding Touhou. Features almost all Touhou 6-10 characters and several 11-12 characters. - An engaging and challenging ATB battle system, where good builds and strategic maneuvering are both integral to beating the game's harder bosses. - Plenty of secrets, hidden characters, ultimate weapons, puzzles and such to discover in a large world. - Around 20 hours of JRPG gameplay, through 12 chapters of an evolving story and game world. It stands as one of the top rated free games on Japanese fan sites, and has attracted hundreds of fan art for its original characters. Plot Introduction A newly born plant youkai, Ha Seoi, learns to survive in Gensokyo. But soon, plants in her hometown started withering. Shocked, Ha resolves to heal them; her sister sends her on a quest to Hakurei Shrine to ask the Miko of Paradise for help, but they are soon attacked by youkai that have been driven insane. Thus begins an adventure through Gensokyo that has our heroines (and one hero) caught in an ever-growing crisis... Screenshots and videos Screenshots Battle Showcase Event Showcase (light spoilers) Soundtrack playlist (Mostly just freeware music. Great selection though.) (If someone could host it on the main site for me too that'd be great. I'm new here and I'm not too familiar with how the site works.) (by 鷄頭 on pixiv) (edit: updated to 1.01.)
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