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  1. Hmm... makes sense. I was kinda confused about that. Also, is this a coincidence?
  2. 'Become Fumo' seems like a very, very interesting game... when I get on Roblox I'll go check this out! ...when I get my hands on the Koishi Fumo outfit...
  3. I got a question: Why does the fandom associate the number 9 with Cirno?
  4. Definitely Patchouli; Flandre's never tired.
  5. Oh lol. I didn't notice another topic being started. I just saw videos at YT and Google stuff about Touhou 18 and I just rushed into Moriya. True about the translation... and also, I better check out Touhou 17.5 then.
  6. It's hard to pick which one, but if I had to pick one it would be Alice. - It would be cool to be exhibited by Alice showing off her doll skills. - I know Alice more than Medicine to be honest. - It would be cool to live in the middle of a forest. Would you rather... Live in The Scarlet Devil Mansion or Live in The Palace of Earth Spirits
  7. TOUHOU 18 IS ANNOUNCED! It was announced 2 days I think and I'm already really hyped for it. I can't wait to play as Sakuya and to listen to the new OST!!! Sadly, we'll have to wait until May... What are you guys excited about for Touhou 18?
  8. Dead forum, but I'll post anyway. Remilia has changed the fate of the movie... Sonic was redesigned.
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