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  1. Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog on Moriya Shrine! This blog is a fun-type blog (I didn't know where to put this so I put it in the other section) How do you play this you wonder? Its simple. All you gotta do is add five words of your choice into the story. The sentences have to make sense. Also, no commenting more than 2 times in a row (If its part of the story, if you are talking to someone, put it in brackets.) I'll start, so continue this sentence, Reimu Hakurei went to go Then continue with whatever you want. (If you are confused about my explaining since I suck at explaining, go look at this thread in the UNDERTALE Fandom that I also created.)
  2. Thats probably because they were having trouble opening the file, but the anti-virus think its a virus. I dont know
    This meme is quite sad but funny at the same time
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