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  1. Hmm, Frisk would obviously be Reimu... I don't know who Marisa would be... Toriel is Suwako and Asgore is Kanako... probably Sans would be Remilia and Papyrus would be Flandre, and Undyne... hmm... lets go with Youmu???? Alphys would presumably be Nitori xD. I don't really know... theres a lotta Touhou characters and I wouldnt know who would fit in who. The ruins would probably be the Hakurei Shrine and New Home would be Moriya shrine... sans and papyrus's house would probably fit to be scarlet devil? Waterfall is Hakugyokurou... and Hotland??? Hmm.. Kappa stuff lol The fighting sys
  2. I cant run the game because there is an error that always pops up saying that d3dx9_43.dll was not found. How do I fix this?
  3. (The story so far: Reimu Hakurei went to go hunt troublesome youkai when suddenly Marisa came and punched her but then Patchouli punched Marisa and Alice got jealous immediately but Parsee got even more jealous so Parsee punched Alice and everyone punched everything, except Eiki, since she has good temper. Yukari had then sued the manager because karens sue... wait, Yukari is a karen? well, always has been. but whoever said that ran away. But Ran Yakumo came and dragged Yukari out of the "Yukari is a karen" incident. However, Reimu thought this was completely idiotic so she killed Ran for some
  4. I wanted to make a Touhou Danmakufu project, so I thought of getting Danmakufu but the official download and the wiki was taken down. Now I'm having trouble. Is there any website you know that I could download Touhou Danmakufu ph3? If there is anything similar to Touhou Danmakufu, please send it as well if you can. Thank you for helping.
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