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  1. Does anyone know how I can put the scorefile into my game? I really want to fight suwako but I always end up at the continue screen so there is no way for me to get a good ending lol
  2. I installed this a long time ago and everything worked just fine, but now when I open the english version it automatically detects a trojan : ( I tried reinstalling it and stuff but it still doesen't work, help me please aaa
  3. Everything works incredible, except for the fact that the loading screen lags a bit, But that isn't much of an issue since it doesen't crash the game and lasts only for a few seconds. This is hands off my favourite Touhou game!
  4. Really good! I am glad everything works nicely :DD Touhou 6 is such a good game, I love the characters
  5. I can't seem to open the English version, since my antivirus automatically detects something and deletes it ? but the Japanese version is nice too, since the gameplay is super fun
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