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  1. Do whatever brings you the most inspiration - that’s what ZUN does. The guy’s rich, famous, and happily married just by working on his passion project. That being said though, I’d totally play it if you made a Touhou fangame. Good luck!
  2. Youmu for unique gameplay, Sakuya for an overall good shot type
  3. Heyo, discovering touhou is one of the best things ever. Hope you enjoy all the cool stuff this shrine has to offer!
  4. Practice makes perfect! Just have the patience to keep playing 2hu and you could 1cc lunatic ez
  5. Good morning/evening everyone, hope you're having an ice day. I love touhou and it's genuinely helped me a ton in everyday life. Like, pre-touhou me used to have trouble focusing in general. Just kept getting distracted while doing homework, chores, etc. But now having 1cc'd a few of the games on hard, my focus is as great as ever! Anyway- it's really cool that this forum exists so I hope I can positively contribute to the site :)
  6. ^ Pretty much this. Like, even EoSD is mostly U.N. Owen unknown in the west.
  7. This is probably a minor aspect compared to its humongous fandom, but the games have an unreal amount of replay value. Each game is like 40 mins long in total but takes an eternity to master. Now, why would you want to master such a game? The music and beautiful danmaku are probably more than enough reason to. Even if you lose the motivation to play for while, you could consume all sorts of touhou doujin media in the meantime: music, art, games, etc. By consuming this media you simultaneously build up the motivation to play again, continuing the cycle. I've been stuck in this loop for years and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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