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  1. Final Fantasy Dragon Quest Shin Megami Tensei Morrowind Doom 2016
  2. I can only realistically win on Normal, or Hard in EoSD now because Marisa obliterates everything before I have to dodge. Still not great, but I can get to the final boss at least.
  3. Welcome to the Shrine, please enjoy your stay!
  4. Not that I know of Nito, but it shouldn't be hard to find the originals for download. I don't think ZUN releases albums of unaltered music standalone.
  5. Looks like we might be doing the one Touhou game I already have on my laptop, hooray. I've also never actually beaten LoLK on any mode or difficulty.
  6. Best final boss theme is Kanako's Venerable Ancient Battlefield. The beginning in particular gives me the feeling of a powerful ancient god and the subsequent battle absolutely lives up to that. Runner up would be Septette mostly because of the remixes, but it's great in its own right.
  7. Gonna have to go with the giant floating castle in the sky. Castles are cool, and magical floating ones are even more impressive, right? Of course, if I take my own safety into account, I'd start with either the shrine or the human village.
  8. dunaway5


    I was in training to become a sergeant in the Nat. Guard. 3 weeks of classroom education with no days off, fun stuff.
  9. dunaway5


    By some miracle, I'm finally back from training. One the one hand, yay. On the other, I'll need to reconfirm anyone who was in the Werewolf Game since it's been like, seven years since I left. Boo. If you signed up before, I'll be trying to hunt you down for the next couple of days. If you haven't signed up, you should! That's all for tonight, ciao.
  10. dunaway5


    Just came here to apologize for disappearing on everyone, I had thought I still had a week before the school I'm at now started and that I'd have more free time, but this week's been super busy with classwork. Once I'm done with my crapload of homework and they let me sleep in past 5, I'll try to get things going again.
  11. Alright, setup has begun. The wolves will need to check their inboxes, everyone else is good to go. Tomorrow I'll open the discussion thread, everyone needs to vote on someone to execute by Tuesday, so there's a 3 day window. At the end of that, whoever's got the most votes gets the axe.
  12. How could you forget the best one? Actually, this is a pretty tough one. Momiji's one of my favorite Touhous, Tenshi has the coolest sword, Miko's my favorite overall design, and Youmu has the most impressive sword-based danmaku. I'll just say that as a swordwoman Yumeko wins because she was doing the Sakuya thing before Sakuya and with swords instead of knives. @Tormentium Here's a small album of those six in adorable chibi form. Miko is the one in the image above.
  13. Nothing yet, since I still don't have enough confirmations to start. So far we're at 4/6 minimum, but one of those I'm missing is Jmonkey and I can find him at least. If anyone knows a way to contact Flandre Romano Kaiba or Thunder outside of the forum, please let me know.
  14. Anyone who is/was interested in the Werewolf game, please PM me to confirm entry!  We'll need at least 6 to start, start date will be Sunday the 21st.

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    2. dunaway5


      Is this your confirmation?

    3. Chavez300


      yep if you need to get me more you can talk to  me on discord as well


    4. dunaway5


      Got it, you're confirmed.

  15. Start date is going to be this weekend, the 21st. I'll need everyone who signed up to confirm with a PM so I can assign roles, but more people can always sign up until the start.
  16. Poor Double Spoiler, seems like it'd have more fans considering it's StB but more. Then again, I shouldn't judge since I never played it either...
  17. Last call for Werewolf Game signups!  Hopefully we'll be able to start this weekend.

  18. I actually discovered it through the games, courtesy of TVTropes. No idea what drove me to actually play them in the first place, or why I got interested in the series, but MoF was probably the first one I really liked. The music is what keeps pulling me in though, probably half of my library is Touhou remixes mostly of Bad Apple.
  19. What're you studying in college? Are you enjoying it?
  20. Shoot the Bullet wins by default cause it's the only one I've played, but the camera games are the most interesting idea wise to me. Taking pictures instead of shooting people is a neat concept, and the bullet patterns are always the best part of Touhou, so a game that's pretty much just that is a big plus. ISC loses a few points for being about Seija as well, whom I dislike.
  21. Not much of a choice for me really, Sakuya Izayoi wins by a mile for being a playable character and having some of the best dialogue in the series in PCB. Meiling is the runner up, being a badass martial artist in a world where all disputes are resolved by magic fireworks displays is hilarious and sort of sad to me, especially since she's a bit of a laughingstock in the fandom because she's so weak and her habit of napping on the job. Koa's third for being a random stage midboss with no dialogue, which it seems I'm attracted to by default considering my love of Daiyousei and Momiji.
  22. I believe you can set it to be in Japanese locale with English as the language, but if it's displaying in Japanese you will need to change it without being able to read unfortunately. If you've still got the guide handy you should be able to follow along at least, but once you get the language fixed you should be good to go. If all else fails, I can get some screenshots showing which options you'll need to choose.
  23. So far we've got 6 entrants, that's enough for a game. The game will probably start sometime in January when everyone's back from holiday. Signups will remain open until then.
  24. If you've followed those steps you should be in Japanese locale.
  25. Do you get an error when the game crashes? You might try running the games in Japanese locale if you aren't already, that causes problems sometimes. Next step would be updating your video drivers, since it seems like there's a problem with the display.
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