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  1. You are correct. My apologies, the toolbar reset due to the update i did a few days ago.
  2. Oh i see...it seems your ISP is closing and opening the connecting repeatedly and my CDN is viewing that as an attempted DDoS which is what is causing you from completely downloading the file...
  3. Do you use any kind of download manager? Something like Jdownloader?
  4. Did you link your discord account? If so, that's the issue. I can't fix it cause @Cirno needs to give me rights to change bot stuff on discord server.
  5. Will someone like this work? It grabs the latest post from anywhere.
  6. I can do this. It's simple enough.
  7. Seems you need to update your DirectX version. Not entirely sure how the games work but sometimes i read you also have to set your locale?
  8. Appreciate the mention there, bud.
  9. Welcome to the drug. Seriously, i have NEVER heard of bullet hell before i came across this. I couldn't keep away ever since.
  10. Glad you got it working though.
  11. Also, for the time being, all your owned games will be displayed. In a future update, i will give the user the choice to show them or not.
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