ZUN’s Music CDs

ZUN’s personal works of music that he himself published. All of these songs are remixed if not original to many of the tracks ZUN already produced in his mainstream games. However, there are a few amount that were remixed from non-Shanghai Alice related projects such as Shuusou Gyuoku and Torte Le Magic. Also, a few original works not released in the games were written to establish the mood of Renko and Maribel’s environment.

ZUN’s Music CDs

Dolls in Pseudo Paradise
(Hourai Doll ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise)


Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: December 30, 2002
Comiket 63
Tracks: 13

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Track List
01. Legend of Hourai
02. Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White
03. Lovely Mound of Cherry Blossoms ~ Japanese Flower
04. Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17
05. Strange Oriental Discourse
06. Enigmatic Doll
07. Mechanical Circus Reverie
08. Forest of Dolls
09. Witch of Love Potion
10. Reincarnation
11. U.N. Owen was Her?
12. Eternal Shrine Maiden
13. The Strange Everyday Life of the Flying Shrine Maiden

Ghostly Field Club
(Lotus Pedestal Field Travels in the Night ~ Ghostly Field Club)

​Synopsis: The story introduces the tale of Maribel and Renko, humans from our world – what Gensokyo calls the “outside world” – who belong to a school club they created that investigates paranormal activity called the “Girls’ Sealing Club.” Maribel can see borders, and it is because of this power that their story begins.

Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: December 30, 2003
Comiket 65
Tracks: 11

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Track List
01. Wandering about a Ghostly Field in the Night
02. Girls’ Sealing Club
03. Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple
04. Ancient Temple in the Netherworld
05. Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Eyes
06. Mary, the Magician
07. Strange Bird of the Moon, Illusion of Mysterious Cat
08. Flower of Past Days ~ Fairy of Flower
09. Magical Girl Crusade
10. A Maiden’s Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy
11. Illusionary Eternal Festival

Changeability of Strange Dream
(Not Certain Whether a Dream or Reality in a Science Era ~ Changeability of Strange Dream)

Synopsis: It is the continuation of the story of Maribel and Renko. The sections are a bit longer this time, and the story becomes more interesting; we see some of it from each girl’s point of view: Maribel describes what she is seeing in her dream-world, and Renko describes to us what she thinks about what Maribel is going through.

Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: December 30, 2004
Comiket 67
Tracks: 11

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Track List
01. Kid’s Festival ~ Innocent Treasures
02. Dream of Arcadia
03. Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea
04. Voyage 1969
05. Boys and Girls of Science Era
06. Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night
07. Night Falls ~ Evening Star
08. Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes
09. Border Between Dream and Reality
10. Phantasm Machine ~ Phantom Factory
11. Mystic Maple ~ Eternal Dream

Retrospective 53 Minutes
(East-West Tokaido ~ Retrospective 53 Minutes)

Synopsis: A continuation of the story of the girls from the world outside of Gensokyo. Having discussed what is going on, the girls decide to do some sightseeing, and board a train to their destination. During the 53-minute trip, they talk about the actual scenery above ground and how it compares to what they’re seeing on the kaleido-screen on the train they’re on.

Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: May 21, 2006
Reitaisai 3
Tracks: 11

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Track List
01. Hiroshige No.36 ~ Neo Super-Express
02. Blue Sea of 53 Minutes
03. Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess
04. Higan Retour ~ Riverside View
05. Legend of Aokigahara
06. White Flag of Usa Shrine
07. Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
08. Retrospective Kyoto
09. Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Secret Room
10. Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon
11. The Purest Sky and Sea

Magical Astronomy
(Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy)

​Synopsis: The girls end up at a space-themed cafe, having read a recent news article that tours of the moon will be starting soon for those who can afford the expensive trip. There is talk of physics, how coffee is brewed in zero G, and how to go to the moon if you can’t afford a seat in a Moon Tour rocket.

Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: August 13, 2006
Comiket 70
Tracks: 10

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Track List
01. Welcome to the Moon Tour
02. Greenwich in the Sky
03. Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country
04. The Wheelchair’s Future in Space
05. Demystify Feast
06. Satellite Café Terrace
07. G Free
08. Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy
09. Necrofantasia
10. The Far Side of the Moon

Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey
(Vol 5.5)


Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: May 5, 2011
Reitaisai 8
Tracks: 3

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Track List
01. Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey
02. Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare
03. Tomorrow will be Special; Yesterday was Not

Trojan Green Asteroid
Ruins of Torifune ~ Trojan Green Asteroid

Synopsis: The story centers around the abandoned satellite Torifune which suffered an unexplained mechanical problem which resulted in all human inhabitants to become deceased. Maribel’s power has grown since their last adventure and from using it, she brings Renko along into a dream that is set within the same satellite; but they find that the satellite isn’t as desolate as it seems and end up in a cheesy sci-fi horror adventure.

Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: April 30, 2012
Tracks: 10

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Track List
01. Satellite Torifune
02. Trojan Asteroid Jungle
03. Desire Drive
04. The Fairies’ Adventurous Tale
05. Ame-no-torifune Shrine
06. UFO Romance in the Night Sky
07. Hartmann’s Youkai Girl
08. The Barrier of Ame-no-torifune Shrine
09. Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind
10. The Gensokyo That Floats in Outer Space

Neo-traditionalism of Japan
Izanagi Object ~ Neo-traditionalism of Japan

Synopsis: Maribel contracts a disease not recognized on earth prior to the story’s events and is left quarantined within a sanatorium for the duration of her illness. She recovers safely thereafter. Since her release, Maribel has become full of energy and her powers have grown even further. With Renko, they quickly unravel a mystery about the origin of Japan and its time of gods.

Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: August 11, 2012
Comiket 82
Tracks: 10

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Track List
01. Green Sanatorium
02. Led On by a Cow to Visit Zenkou Temple
03. Heartfelt Fancy
04. Eastern Judgment in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years
05. Wind of Agartha
06. Izanagi Object
07. Youkai Back Shrine Road
08. Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure
09. Gathering the Mysterious from All Around Japan
10. Let’s Live in a Lovely Cemetery

Dr. Latency’s Freak Report
Swallowstone Natural History ~ Dr. Latency’s Freak Report


Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: May 8th, 2016
Tracks: 11

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Track List
01. Natural History of the Childlike Duo
02. The Frozen Eternal Capital
03. Dr. Latency’s Sleepless Eyes
04. September Pumpkin
05. Beyond Planck in an Instant
06. Schrödinger’s Bakeneko
07. The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air
08. Membrane Wall of Taboo
09. The Sea Where the Home Planet is Reflected
10. Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart
11. Eternal Short-Lived Reign

Dateless Bar “Old Adam”
Old Testament Tavern ~ Dateless Bar “Old Adam”


Release Information
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: August 13th, 2016
Tracks: 10

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Track List
01. Old Adam Bar
The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia
03. Reverse Ideology
04. Outsider Cocktail
05. Omiwa Legend
06. Pandemonic Planet
07. Adventurer’s Tavern of the Old World
08. Rural Makai City Esoteria
09. Lost Emotion
Hangover of Bedfellows Dreaming Differently