Touhou 8: Imperishable Night

Touhou 8: Imperishable Night

Bullet Hell / 2004

Number Abberviation: Th08

Name Abbreviation: IN

Japanese Name: Touhou Eiyashou





Release Information

Genre: Bullet Hell

Publisher: Zun

Year: 2004

Language: English-Patched

(ThCrap Self-Updating Standalone)

Silhouette On Cover: Kaguya Houraisan (Final Boss B)

Character Information

Playable Characters: 8

(4 selections as teams of two – Reimu & Yukari, Marisa & Alice, Youmu & Yuyuko, and Sakuya & Remilia; later on, characters become selectable individually once unlocked.)

Shot Types: 1 Each

(So 2 when playing as a team.)

POC: Focus-Activated before Max Power; Always On after Max Power is attained.

Plot Point 

The real moon has been replaced with a fake the night before the Harvest Moon Festival! The girls know the gravity of this situation – the moon carries more importance than simply being the subjectof the festival. However, they’ve only got a single night to resolve the issue, so they’ve created teams in an attempt to expedite the investigation as much as possible. Our girls hurry, knowing time is of the essence, but can they resolve this incident in time?

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Mirror #1


* This scorefile was originally acquired from an unknown source. It was then improved upon by Dark Kijin, and the spell card collection completion was brought to 100% by Drizzle.

* It has 100% Extra availability, and more notably, 100% spell card availability in Spell Card Practice.

* [Difficulty-Character clearance is under review, but is not 100%.]

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Main Link

● Main Link (Mega) [Moriya Shrine]



Unique Gameplay Mechanics 


* This game’s story is time-intensive; the game begins at 11 PM, and if it becomes 5 AM at any point, the game is immediately over, even if you had additional lives left over after having successfully cleared a stage. Thus, you don’t want to run out of time to investigate the incident.

* Continues cost half an hour each.

* Time generally advances 1 hour at the conclusion of each stage. However, if you meet the Time Point quota for the stage by collecting Time Orbs, which you normally earn by killing enemies, then time only advances half an hour at the end of that stage, which frees up enough time for one additional Continue. Although killing enemies is the default way to earn orbs, it isn’t the only possible way; you can earn more ways to get orbs – see below.

* If you never meet any quotas, you have enough time for exactly one Continue.

Human/Youkai (H/Y) Teams

Unfocused fire comes from the team’s human, and focused fire comes from the team’s youkai.

* The H/Y Gauge at the bottom-left of the playfield tracks your recent firing trends, and awards you a bonus if you’ve mostly been firing as one type recently; thus, you can work toward one bonus or the other to suit the situation you’re in.

-> 80% Human or More: You start earning Time Orbs just for hitting enemies; you start earning orbs gradually the entire time you’re causing damage to enemies or bosses.

-> 80% Youkai or More: You start earning Time Orbs for grazing; all grazes become worth saved time.

* The H/Y Gauge is also pushed toward Human or Youkai by which character collects the Time Orbs.

* Some enemies can summon spirits to assist them. Humans can shoot and defeat spirits, but Youkai shots go right through them. Spirits are worth massive Time Orb bonuses.

Last Spell Cards

* All main bosses of each stage have a Last Spell, but they don’t normally use it. If you meet the Time Point quota by the end of the fight, then they’ll use it against you. If you earn the right to face off against a Last Spell, while fighting it, you will be unable to Bomb, but getting hit won’t result in loss of life or time (although it will cost you the spell card; you won’t capture it). If you beat it, you get more Time Orbs and a boost to your score.

* The player also has Last Spells! This game lets you deathbomb more easily than other games in the series, but this comes at a cost of an extra bomb (2 instead of 1). When this happens, the character’s teammate jumps in and uses a stronger version of their normal Spell Card.

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