Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom

Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom

Bullet Hell / 2003

Number Abbreviation: Th07

Name Abbreviation: PCB

Japanese Name: Touhou Youyoumu






Release Information

Genre: Bullet Hell

Publisher: Zun

Year: 2003

Language: English-Patched

(ThCrap Self-Updating Standalone)

Silhouette On Cover: Yukari Yakumo (Phantasm Stage Boss)

Character Information

Playable Characters: 3

(Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya)

Shot Types: 2 Each

POC: Requires Max Power, Always on during Extra Stage and Supernatural Border

Plot Point 

Somebody’s somehow collecting springtime energy from Gensokyo (unbeknownst to our heroines, the purpose is to revive a giant sakura tree). This is making things unseasonably cold in Gensokyo – it feels like winter! However, when the girls go to investigate, they discover that the hidden objective behind this tree’s revival may threaten Gensokyo even more than the chill already in effect…

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* This scorefile was provided by Driz.

* It has 100% Extra and Phantasm avilability, however Difficulty-Character completion is not 100%.

-> You can help get this scorefile to 100%! If you have a scorefile which improves upon the progress in this existing file, please submit it to Cirno!

Main Link

● Main Link (Mega) [Driz]



Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Cherry Points

* In this game, you can collect springtime energy, which is measured in Cherry Points.

* Killing enemies while unfocused will get you more Cherry Points than if you’d focused, but you can also collect Cherry Point Items to make the process go faster.

Supernatural Border

* If your CP reaches +50,000, the collected energy activates a Supernatural Border.

* This border protects you from one hit until your Cherry value reaches 0 again; at that point, whether you ended up needing it or not, it disappears.

* If you take a hit with a border up, it will wipe out all onscreen bullets.

* If you don’t take damage with your border up, you’re awarded a sizable Border Bonus for managing to keep your border until its natural expiration.

Increasing Point Value

* The yellow number to the left of the slash (for example, 96530/100000) indicates how many points you get from Point Items when they’re collected at the top of the screen.

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