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    Marisa Kirisame - completely disregarding social norms since 1997. Also Reimu's slippers are cute.
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    Only Reimu can find a way to get pissed while getting paid, haha.
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    "Ahh!… Marisa! You can't just destroy all my dolls with a master spark! That's not how the game works! I spent ages setting this up, you know! Look, you even ruined my castle!" "Why not? I solve all my problems by blowing things up with master spark! I thought that was the point?" "NO!!"
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    I feel this picture is very in character for Marisa. Especially if that's someone else's window she's painting on without permission, heehee.
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    I love how you can see Reimu's teacup popping out of the pile of money
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    This is literally Reimu every week.
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