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    Hi! I'm dnf. Figured I should make my own intro post, so here goes: I've been into Touhou for years, gosh. I think my very first encounter with it was when I was in high school; I saw a couple classmates bent over a laptop playing Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and got curious about it so they told me about the series. I discovered the rest of the games from there. I like the fighting games, but I'm utter garbage at them, so I still prefer the danmakus. The first one from Touhou that I played was Perfect Cherry Blossom, and it's still one of my favorites today! I've never really interacted with the Touhou fandom until now that I recently got back into playing it because of the newer games, so this is the first time I'm in a forum. Though, I do lurk on /r/Touhou, Touhou Overdose (Discord server), and the Moriya Shrine Discord and ping my friends occasionally for 2hu memes. My favorite danmakus are Perfect Cherry Blossom (bias since it's the first one I played + that damn music), Imperishable Night (first game I 1cc'd!), and Double Dealing Character (OST is one of my favorites + those weird spells from the stage 5 & 6 bosses). My favorite characters are Marisa, Seija, and Junko. As for other interests, I play a lot of rhythm games! (Mostly on mobile though because my laptop is super lowspec.) I also read/watch a lot of shonen and seinen animanga. Aaand I'm the type of person who keeps up with the latest tech news, too (especially Android and Linux stuff). It's nice to be here with y'all!
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    I'm curious about supporting Zun . Like how do you support him ? Buying his products ? Or just being a part of the community ? Again , I'm just wondering.
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    Hmm this is interesting. Btw, hello everyone, it's a bit strange that this is my first public post, but we all have a start, haha. Well, I liked both songs very much,specially the first one; they're catchy. My first contribution is this. It's a Japanese version of a Spanish song I used to hear when I was younger. I discovered this months ago and I cracked up at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trGyN0dSJP4
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    finally new music disc in Minecraft after so long. new artist, new style. the community is contemplating whether this fit the whole peaceful ambience by C148 with all those cool tunes and bangin. but since this a music disc it maybe fitting since you play it on your will. i think it cool nonetheless Lena Raine - Pigstep also if possible i wanna know the exact genre for this kind of music, i surely want to listen some 2hu in this genre. The name suggested that this is a Dubstep, but it too broad.
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    nice stuff been runnin to some "unique" *cough* mostly just weird *cough* stuff on my search, found some Touhou styled music at it, though im not that fond of em i found some remarkable stuff. really ain't expect this, but what can i say? "if it exist, there's gotta be a touhou version of it" one day i will continue the monthly music sharing but idk what to add or it just too low quantity or yeah idk
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    The other day I was talking with some of my card/board gaming friends, and I said "we need to play the touhou card game that I have never even heard of but almost invariably exists somewhere" Touhou community never disappoints. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
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    I'm very bad for give explanations , So I'm going to quote the touhouwiki. Some popular Cirno videos: The ⑨ Anniversary Edition
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    Hello fans out here, I am a Touhou fan from Hong Kong. English is not my first language so I apologize for any inconveniences. After being a Touhou fan for about half a year, I have noticed that Touhou Fan overseas have a hard time for obtaining Touhou material, more precisely the Doujin Music of Touhou. Even If I would like to purchase music from a circle/creator, sometimes there is no way to support them through purchasing their album in either physical form and digital format. Although this situation is getting better with the introduction of websites like Itune and Apple Music starting to include Doujin music, sometimes they are still locked for purchase in Japan only. And worse, many musics I love is not available on the official platforms. Their circle may be disbanded, or it is a CD from an active circle but they are not producing anymore. What this means is we are forced to obtain said music though ways that will not be beneficial for the Doujin creators, with uploading/ripping website being one of the worst choices we have. To solve this problem, I am thinking of creating a website that will benefit both the oversea fans and the creators. I am calling the website as Library/Museum right now, but it might change in the future. Just like the library for books, this website will work in a similar way for collecting Doujin music. This website will be a hybrid of Doujin music database and official support for Touhou creators to spread their music oversea. The website will look similar to thbwiki and vgmdb, listing out thousands of circles/producers. The different for this website is there will be a listen/download option for non-obtainable music. And a link to the purchase sites for album/music that are still available. In this way, the publisher can benefit from getting sales for the music that they are still selling. And people who love Doujin music can have a better way of obtaining music while supporting the publisher. A simple table for what the library will provide for album depends on their current state As this diagram is shown here, the website is not a download site for doujin music of all kind, it will only cover doujin music that are not available from the publishers and circles anymore and not all the music that they have been produced. If the music is available for purchase in official sites that are bringing income for the publishers/circles, it will not be available on the museum/library. As a sort of reference, an album that is still obtainable from the producer(In this case, TOHO DANCE ANTHEM Vol.1 from DiGiTAL WiNG) will have a site like this on the museum/library: Because it is still available for purchase, there will only be purchase link and information of the album. In the other side, an album that is out of print from the producer(In this case, TOHO DANCE デジウィ FUTURE instrumental from DiGiTAL WiNG, an instrumental disc of the album デジウィ FUTURE which was an extra CD) In this case, the album would have a listenable/downable source for the CD, while promoting other still obtainable CDs at the side. Sorry for all the long words, but for this website to become reality I would really need opinions and view from oversea fans. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOneKakwThj4iY_T2XiWmzNv8zJgvE3MRLuwBNuckw_XEV0Q/viewform?usp=sf_link Here is a survey I would like you to take, but please leave comments/views about this on here also. Either for the idea of the Library/Museum or the improvement of the survey will be very welcome.
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    I would rather be tiny, since hitting me would be harder and i could basically take a small needle and torture my enemies by stabbing them with the needle. Would You Rather? Live the life of aunn, and you are forced to protect the Shrine for the rest of eternity. OR Live the life of kyoukou, and be forced to confront trespassers and be responsible for the cleaning duties of myouren temple.
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    New surf rock I found from pretty much the last page of Google results of "Touhou surf rock".
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    You know I love orchestral, and both the arrangements and performances are superb! I see they just released a Touhou 3 medley today, so the chances of their continuing are high.
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    THAT REMINDS ME. it could be likely that touhou might get more support. an artical was going around that was from last year by Ruw (ZUN's legal matters guy) claming that "If they where to port Touhou to the switch, Nintendo would help and support them" He also said that Nintendo are aware of Touhou and its Popularity. A few days later 15.5 was announced for the switch. Another strange thing is that a few years ago, Yen Press published ZUN's Forbidion Scrolley in English and it was sold even in my local comic shop (In the UK ,especially a place like Belfast, big titans of japan like Gundam and Sailor Moon have a hard time being notices, so this was odd) While it was a while ago, it sounds (to me at least) kinda of like the same idea as a PC-98 Mini. ZUN seams to be up to something. Any ideas? sorry if i went off topic
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    Kikoku Doukoku Jigokuraku I think this song is quite good? It manages to get that delicate mix of joyous yet intense that the original has, but I also think it's... lacking something... The only thing harder than this boss fight was rating this song, and it doesn't help that I had to listen to this loads of times to make my mind up, but I've decided that it's a 4.5 for me. Kung-Fu Master no.9 Beethoven: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary! Wow... Stack actually sounds kinda scary in this. I didn't notice it the first time listening over Stack's menacing aura crazy singing, but this is honestly a really creative mix of oriental, techno and orchestral instruments. And as always, Stack's voice seems to work perfectly with it. Not even being ironic when I rate this ⑨/10. Flandre Scarlet's Makyou Budoukai Hey, I quite like this! It sounds a little celebratory, a little royal, a little mysterous and a little menacing, honestly very fitting of Flandre herself. A very pleasant arrangement that does a lot with a little. 7/10.
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    Happy birthday! May this year's Touhou be a good cheer for all the community there!
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    It may be stupid question but i checked all profile options etc. And i dont see any way to change your username so i decided to ask it here so maybe one of you guys will help me. I may be blind but im pretty sure its not there so thats why im asking so could someone please help me with it?
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    Welcome to the forum site! It's pretty chill here but not that active.
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    Sure can't wait to see Reimu fight Phoenix! May I order a Touhou X Cooking Mama kinda game? All I want to know is what they eat and drink.
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    A Touhou vs Capcom game would be so hype. Especially it they use the effects and style of Mavel 3 or tatsunoko. The cast of both would also fit in with each other very well.
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    Also, you can copy and paste error pop-ups. Press control+C to do that.
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    thank you so much!!
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    Can't really tell what the issue could be. I'll reupload the official games within the next few days. Maybe it'll work better on your end with the new files
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    Heh heh, so I'm not the only one with exploding kittens here I see Also I'm going to be getting this (the base set) around Christmas time so I might post a little review of it myself once I've tried it out a bit - having looked into it, I certainly think the base game does look very good. As for the expansions, I'm not really sold on the first expansion, however from what has been shown of the second expansion so far it looks a lot more interesting, so I might get that one once it releases and we can see all the cards.
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    Keeping the month going . . .
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    Interesting. I made a point of listening to a few and particularly your arrangement of Alice in Wonderland (one of my favorite pieces from the series). It's a rather different style than I usually hear of the usually somber piece, and was quite pleasant. Switching the melody between different instruments on occasion certainly got my attention, and was interesting to hear.
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    Well, you know my answer. This combines the bullet hell aspects and jest general Touhou, and it's combined with a platformer. I grew up on Mario Bros. so you can understand the hype coming from me. Tasofro, you did it again.
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    Uploaded all 3 album from Miskyworks a disbanded(?), On indefinite hiatus circle. Great musics, Focused on Instrumental, Acoustic and Ambient Musics. why i upload this one? absolutely nothing related to the last remix tournament.
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    I'm of the opinion that the larger spin-off/inspired-by franchises should have a collective club here. Granted that they are not all equal, but having an individual club for each one would get difficult to manage. Things like Len'en, Nansei, and the Ido-Milka-Wanwan projects deserve more recognition.
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    i have seen the demos going around, it looks like an awesome boss rush platformer. i do think that in invisable dash last too long but the art is epic, combat looks slick and hype and we may see some faces who have not appeared for a long time (manga exclude as all appear in those all the time). overall looking forward to it. those sprites are epic. P.S: i know one faces has shown up to surprise people and fans alike.
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    I really like this idea. I opened the tab expecting there to be 3 - 5 songs or something, then was a bit blown away when there was something like 27... I don't have time to listen to all of that! But I listened to the first few, I quite liked the first one. Anyway, keep doing this, it's an excellent idea, I'll certainly share some songs too when a theme comes up that I know a good song for!
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    This is cool~ The singer in the first song surprised me, because of the high pitch she was singing at (゚o゚) ( ;´Д`) btw, is Cirno okay? She seems to be pretty depressed lately
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    That's too bad. I ended up with a good set of players though.
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    I will need to get a new Discord account as my only account was suspended. The reason is not very important (it's both unfair and a bit my fault), but if you want to know why just message me. Hope that is not a problem I'm fine with closed source, the reason i recommended open source code was for getting faster bug reports and more easy debugging for players. But that can be solved by implementing debugging mode into the game, i believe. Yeah, it will probably be hard for me to translate while also doing programming. Was just thinking about it, setting up something like Weblate would be a better idea for this.
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    I've made some updates to pitch in overall and to formatting of documents, but most importantly, design references now have separate hyperlinks, and now each text document is hyperlinked to Google Docs instead of Drive, so you can see Table of contents to the left, proper formatting, and in overall documents are much easier to read, you don't need to manually open them for this in Docs anymore. Under spoiler I had answered on your feedback, thank you very much for it! Also, here is some interesting answers on some questions about the lore and characters.
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    A few days ago I learned that the word "sepette" from Remilia's theme "Sepette for a dead princess" means a group of seven people however i only see 6 (Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, Patchouli, Hong Meiling and koakuma) Maybe i am reading into it too much but is there a 7th member, or have i taken the name of the song to mean too much?
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    Wow, thanks! Although it's a shame we can't import the sounds from the WAV versions, this is still really useful for making arranges that I'm never actually going to play. The shrine seems to have been really active today. I guess it's because of hype leading up to WBaWC release? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Strange though it may sound (and perhaps not quite what you intended), but I feel Touhou would actually work well with the LEGO games of recent years. The large cast, the tendency towards humor over seriousness, the many locales and stories, all lend very well towards the series' bizarre, multi-layered appeal. Most other cross overs I could think are more for the sake of seeing the Touhou cast portrayed with the writing quality of other series, such as Trails in the Sky. One thing that has crossed my mind however is Undertale, specifically crossing over with Subterranian Animism, as there's few parrallels to be drawn between the Underground and Deserted Hell.
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    It seems like you are trying to download "Komeiji Satori no Jousou Kyouiku" For me it works fine. I can clearly see that you have Opera browser installed. Have you tried using Opera browser?
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    Please note that the following dates do not represent a birthday. Some dates were proposed by the fanbase, and others were created from a play on words. Some of them would be celebrated in the same day, Also the day of one character could be celebrated in different dates. Also, the following dates are usually used by artists, (e.g. fanarts posted on Pixiv and Twitter) Such posts are tagged according to the day that is celebrated. For example for Cirno day (Which is celebrated on September 9) " #⑨月⑨日 " (By the way, the best-known day on the Touhou calendar is the Cirno day (The Strongest Day)). And the most important thing, here is the source: https://dic.pixiv.net/a/東方キャラの日 January February March April May June July August September October November December
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    Cool I wonder if there are any 2hus associated with my birthday *checks* *sees Kurumi* *looks up who the hell is Kurumi* aaaaaaaaaand it's a PC-98 character... from the one PC-98 game I haven't even played... Well at least I know who Rinnosuke is
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    Thanks, Kurzov! ^_^ The new file works perfectly! You have my respect.
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    (/ ‘з’)/ I used to listen to Kirby music before I started listening to Touhou music. I don't listen to it that much anymore, but I wanted to share something I don't know how to bring the video here, so I just put links
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    Well actually living in the Myouren Temple and be a monk doesn't sound that bad, so i will go with it. Would you rather: "You won't be able to pick up any power items, (i mean, your power level will be always 0) *this applies for TH11 SA from stage 1 to stage 3 on Lunatic or "You won't be able to Focus (for unknown reasons, your left Shift key is broken) *this applies for TH07 PCB from stage 3 to stage 5 on Normal
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    1 horn because if you have 2 horns you would become a drunk horse looking girl would you rather be able to beat any extra stage but not able to 1cc lunatic or be able to 1cc any lunatic but not be able to beat extra
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    I think Keine would help the most by just removing sonic's bad past history. Sure, that doesn't mean correcting it, it just means making it never happen in the first place, but it's better than... letting that thing happen. (However, I have no idea about the longevity of Keine's effects, they may just be temporary.) She probably could correct it if it were a night of the full moon, when she gains the ability to create history instead of just removing it, but again I have no idea if her effect would last or not.
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    Time to mention it here too. Can't really hurt Both, Touhou 17 and it's OST, are available for download now. Game: OST:
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    Sounds fair enough, to me. Alrighty, think I’d rather play the games with only using one finger to control the arrow keys. That’s basically what I do, already.(Focus Mode is vital to my survival, haha.) Would you rather Have a strong tolerance towards pain. Or have a strong tolerance towards lunacy?
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    Since there already was one for orchestras and metal, I decided to start one for Piano and violin sonatas. It's more or less the genre I listen to the most. This one is pretty popular but by no means is it any less amazing. It's Marasy's cover of Dream Battle. I feel like the arpeggio at the start really sets the mood and it only goes up hill from there. The transition to the main melody is superb as well. It's one of my favorite covers from Marasy.
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    This problem happens to me too on my laptop but it's fine on my PC. But this happens to me exclusively when I try to play on the recommended 1280x960 setting. When I switch the resolution to 640x480, it runs just fine. Try doing that. It might help solve your problem.
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