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    Really fun to play! It was also very fun to help people to install. Even TriggerSteam's short clip really accurate how I was! Seriously, it's really fun! jokes aside here's the UPDATED GUIDE HOW TO INSTALL (the one in the comments section is deleted since the download changed) and hope the download doesn't change again.
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    Really fun to play! It was also very fun to figure out how to install. Even made a short clip based on how it was to install! Seriously, it's really fun! 4.mp4
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    Cool but not enough grinders.
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    Silly suwako To fix the bgm problem just turn your volume up in the game settings, I don't know why it was down when I downloaded it but try that.
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    download worked, and it was completely safe no viruses. also I suck at the game
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    The best Pokemon-based game I have played in my life (I even think this is better than Pokemon itself)
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    This is quite different from the main Touhou games, it's the same basic principle(avoid bullets, defeat opponent) but I think the differences to the main games are all really cool~ Especially I like that is saves your progress. I always found it so frustrating having to defeat the same bosses over and over so I can try defeat the hard bosses, but then die again. I think this is a big improvement! I also like the photo function, each round you need to survive AND take good photos. I think this is really fun. There's a lotta negative reviews for this game, so I was pleased this actually turned out really fun to play :)
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    All the music is good and the story is good
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    The game moves to fast to be playable on full screen. If you want to actually play, you have to go to the game menu, hit options, then change the screen setting to window.
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    I found the game very challenging (because I'm really bad at playing Touhou), but it was a lot of fun. Although I was very busy when I could download, I did not even see the time pass while I was (dying) playing. I'm crazy to know more about the history of this new game, and see how Sumireko will take over the post of Aya... And well, the fact that the game was released on my birthday made me even happier.
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    I got this game straight from the Shrine Discord as soon as it came out. I highly recommend playing it, even if you don't know Japanese. The game itself is extremely solid. Not knowing the plot yet isn't all too bad, since it gives you a bit to interpret, leading to a wild world of imagination. It reminded me of playing as Hatate in Double Spoiler. The game is great.
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    That Necrofantasia remix is just... god-tier.
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    friendliest one for beginner the mechanic not too hard the bullet not toofast but not too crownded either and the song is the most memorable IMO I suggets for ppl who's new to touhou, play this game first story can catch up


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