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    Really fun to play! It was also very fun to help people to install. Even TriggerSteam's short clip really accurate how I was! Seriously, it's really fun! jokes aside here's the UPDATED GUIDE HOW TO INSTALL (the one in the comments section is deleted since the download changed) and hope the download doesn't change again.
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    Really fun to play! It was also very fun to figure out how to install. Even made a short clip based on how it was to install! Seriously, it's really fun! 4.mp4
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    Cool but not enough grinders.
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    Silly suwako To fix the bgm problem just turn your volume up in the game settings, I don't know why it was down when I downloaded it but try that.
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    download worked, and it was completely safe no viruses. also I suck at the game
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    The best Pokemon-based game I have played in my life (I even think this is better than Pokemon itself)
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    All the music is good and the story is good
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