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    legendary speed well thanks for uploading, now i can osu map in peace
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    Lesson learned: Wait a while before downloading new soundtrack so as not to confuse myself with miss-labeled tracks until after they've been fixed.
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    I found a revamped version of the Touhou Launcher that supports up to TH 17, I'll leave it here just in case someone wants it.
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    The download has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know! Please use the file report function the next time, as described in the "Downloads and Content" section of the FAQs. This will help us to keep track of broken downloads/files, so that we can fix these problems earlier.
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    I think is because this is repeated twice in the address bar. Just try deleting this. "https://moriya-shrine.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/" It worked for me.
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    This is an example comment. This game is hard af...
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    Whenever I try to extract the file I get a data error for thbgm.dat and a CRC error for th17.dat, even after re-downloading. Am I the only one ? I have similar problems with downloading other games from this site as well
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    Hello, I am having an issue with this download. It might just be on my end, but the file thbgm.dat refuses to extract (in its entirety). Archive manager says it is 445MB in size but when I extract the whole folder, the extracted thbgm.dat is only 43.1MB in size. This results in the game's music glitching out shortly after Eika's theme starts playing in the game. For the rest of stage 1, the music is replaced by the sound of static. Then, starting from stage 2, the music stops entirely. I've tried troubleshooting this problem in the following ways: -Downloading the ZIP file again. thbgm.dat still doesn't extract successfully. -Extracting all ZIPs on a Windows 10 computer, Windows 7 computer, my personal laptop (which runs Linux; I thought that might have been the issue so I ran it on Windows as well---with the same results), and my phone. thbgm.dat is still corrupted. -Running extracted files on a Win10, Win7, and my personal laptop. The glitch I've described still plays out in the same way. The game runs fine, but it'd be a shame not to hear the music while playing. Another thing of note: the music room is completely corrupted. The only thing that will play is the title theme. Upon finishing the game on normal, the unlocked songs all display as corrupted text and don't play.
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    Game is great if you like the pichuun sound. Fun to play, with a better UFO mechanic. Only downside is that it's unnecessarily brutal. I'm aware that the game takes place in hell, but Stage 4 has a Boundary of Wave and Particle set of nonspells and cheap shots. Along with it, Stage 5 has some cheap patterns in the spell as well. Stage 6 boss was only fair because of spirits swarming the battlefield to assist you.
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    ".rar" is a compressed format used to decrease size of a file or sometimes just used for packing multiple files as one. ".zip" is another example of a similar kind of file. Use 7zip or Winrar to "extract" those kind of file, then you'll see the actual content. 7zip is free and Winrar is paid (though no one buy it anyway). you can get 7zip here also, no the manga is downloaded separately here. it's translated if you ask.
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    Can't tell if this is facetious or not so... "Suika" aka Drunk Flower.
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    Hey guys can you add a zip file rather than rar cause i cant unzip rar on phone thank you!
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    Ver. 1.203 is for labyrinth of Touhou, while the plus disc so far at Ver. 1.105 (which you need to download at the developer's site then get the English patch from touhou wiki - the .exe file and item list )
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    Hey man, when i downloaded it, it's still on version 1.103, and i can't seem to update to 1.203. Why is that ?
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    Game won't play, gives me this error. I have all the files in the folder downloaded so not exactly sure what I'm missing. OS is Windows 10 (English) if that helps.
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    If someone could please reply to this, that would be great. I have tried downloading this file over and over, but it keeps telling me that the file type is not supported. And it's not just with my phone, it also happens with my PC. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Download the files, then extract the folders to somewhere into your computer, then go to your workspace right click there to open options, click on personalize, then click on change mouse pointers, and then you can start matching each touhou cursor to the original one by going into browse, finding the folder you've extracted and selecting the correct cursor for each one of the schemes. There's some tutorials of how to do that if you're not sure what to do like this one; And If it doesn't help, try to find another tutorial that can help you better.
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    downloaded it and the game was in full screen and wouldnt let me change it to 640x480 in the custom
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    By the way, if your Windows Defender or any other anti-virus say something such as "Trojan:Win32/Blueteal!rfn" it is a false positive, so yes it's perfectly safe if anyone's wondering. To fix the auto-quarantine just click "See full history" under "Quarantined threats", click the dropdown menu and press allow.
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    *Tower Defense Mode. Your units spawwn on top of platforms with no way down; enemies will rush for the bookshelves. Spawn is spelled as "spawwn" and not "spawn"
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    The file itself is not working. I am able to download it just fine, but I am unable to open it.
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    To anyone who's still having problems: I'm almost certain that this actually isn't the completed translation build. Someone on the Touhou subreddit leaked a 99% complete version because they were tired of waiting, and I believe this is that version (in the zip with the installers, there's a folder named "SoD_Translation_Team-Testing", a "todo" text file, and if you look at the creation dates of the files, they're all 9/15/2018, and the completed patch wasn't released until the 27th. Main download on this page has 9/15 dates as well.) This may or may not have anything to do with some people's issues running the game, but it's best not to use an unfinished patch anyway. The official release of the translation patch can be found here: http://thpp.supersanctuary.net/forum/index.php?topic=4364.0 I ended up tracking down the unedited Shard of Dreams files and updating/patching them myself, just to be absolutely sure. My game works just fine, no problems as far as I can see. I may PM Cirno later when I'm not so tired, and tell them about this, unless it's fixed before I get the chance. I can provide the confirmed-working, patched files to update this download, if needed. (Sorry if I'm mistaken and the game was indeed patched using the finished translation; I just felt I should explain my findings and offer help.) Everyone else, if you don't want to wait, just use the download link with the installers (the one ErinE mentioned), then get the unedited files (DoujinGravity has them, just search for Yume no Kakera on there), and follow steps 1 - 7 in the "READ THIS (you)" file from the installer zip folder. Ignore the rest of the steps, get the patch from the thread I linked to, and run it. Your computer needs to be set to Japanese locale during the whole install process, AND when you play (or just run everything with Locale Emulator) otherwise there will be problems, and also you need the base game to run Shard of Dreams. Follow the instructions in this video to ensure you don't make any mistakes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3F0MjQs6PQ
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    Hi Messire! All you have to do is cut and paste the FocasLens folder within the zip into your appdata roaming folder. You can get to that folder by searching up %appdata% on your windows search bar. Once that's done you're good to go! Have fun!
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    There are no files in the download of this album.
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    Have you made sure you have set your PC to JP locale? I believe the instructions are present in the ReadMe.txt file - but won't display correctly unless using Japanese locale.
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    This isn't the actual OST for Highly Responsive to Prayers. I assume this is from Mystic Square's music room.
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    Been waiting for this for a while, but unfortunately while installing the game, I ran into many problems (mostly as a result of running on a Linux... I can run the Base Game 100% fine though, both the installed untranslated version and the English-patched version that's also on this site). If someone were to release a pre-installed, pre-patched version like the base game, it would make alot of users happy (Especially the Linux ones!). Until that becomes a reality though... I shall watch, and wait...


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