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    Credits and Links: Kurzov and Feeva ~ Instructions and screenshots https://nc-roadgeek.neocities.org/mima/pc98-neko.html http://nenecchi.kirara.st/#PC-98 ~ source of the emulator. Keeps getting updates. Instructions:
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  2. Hi I'm playing Touhou 11 in Windows 8.1 and just got 40~50 fps, same thing with other. Its not like when first time i played it which is stable 60fps. And i'm try playing it on Windows 10 and still same. I'm very confused what happened What i had to do: 1. Closing app running in background 2. Messing up with custom.exe 3. Using VPatch with default .ini settings. In main menu, its got 60fps (before using VPatch just get 40-50fps in main menu), but in game frame drop until 50fps below 4. Changing vpatch.ini settings, still not work Any solution? (Sorry my English)
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: May 3rd, 2021 Language: Japanese & English (patch) Character Information Playable Characters: 4 (Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, Sakuya) Description (Placeholder) Steam Release The game is also available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1566410/Touhou_Kouryudou__Unconnected_Marketeers/
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    Release Information Type: Versus Bullet Hell Developer: Zun Publisher: Zun Release: 1997 Language: English-Patched Character Information Playable Characters: 9 (Reimu, Marisa, Mima, Ellen, Kotohime, Kana, Rikako, Chiyuri, Yumemi) Description Some odd ruins have appeared a short distance from the Hakurei Shrine. Curious to investigate, our girls arrive almost simultaneously - only to discover that the ruin... doesn't seem to have an entrance. Then they discover an edict laid out: Only one person may enter the ruins, but they will be greatly rewarded. Seeing this, the girls decide to hold a competition, where the last one left standing will be allowed to go in and claim the prize. Scorefile * This scorefile was provided by GlitchyMissingno. * It has 100% completion status (both Chiyuri and Yumemi are unlocked). Th03 Scorefile (PoDD) [GlitchyMissingno].zip
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    Release Information Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: May 21, 2006 Reitaisai 3 Tracks: 11 Track List 01. Hiroshige No.36 ~ Neo Super-Express 02. Blue Sea of 53 Minutes 03. Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess 04. Higan Retour ~ Riverside View 05. Legend of Aokigahara 06. White Flag of Usa Shrine 07. Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke 08. Retrospective Kyoto 09. Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room 10. Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon 11. The Purest Sky and Sea Synopsis: A continuation of the story of the girls from the world outside of Gensokyo. Having discussed what is going on, the girls decide to do some sightseeing, and board a train to their destination. During the 53-minute trip, they talk about the actual scenery above ground and how it compares to what they're seeing on the kaleido-screen on the train they're on.
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    Release Information Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: December 30, 2004 Comiket 67 Tracks: 11 Track List 01. Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures 02. Dream of Arcadia 03. Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea 04. Voyage 1969 05. Boys and Girls of Science Era 06. Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night 07. Night Falls ~ Evening Star 08. Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People's Shapes 09. Border Between Dream and Reality 10. Phantasm Machine ~ Phantom Factory 11. Mystic Maple ~ Eternal Dream Synopsis: It is the continuation of the story of Maribel and Renko. The sections are a bit longer this time, and the story becomes more interesting; we see some of it from each girl's point of view: Maribel describes what she is seeing in her dream-world, and Renko describes to us what she thinks about what Maribel is going through.
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