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    Version 1.0.0


    The first album of the Moriya Records music circle that recently started up in the community, where talented artists of the Moriya Shrine get together and collaborate to create touhou remixes. We even have our own bandcamp, linked here: https://moriyarecords.bandcamp.com/album/melodic-procrastination
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    From the album: Shinki

    I don't remember the author
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    I'm curious about supporting Zun . Like how do you support him ? Buying his products ? Or just being a part of the community ? Again , I'm just wondering.
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    Hmm this is interesting. Btw, hello everyone, it's a bit strange that this is my first public post, but we all have a start, haha. Well, I liked both songs very much,specially the first one; they're catchy. My first contribution is this. It's a Japanese version of a Spanish song I used to hear when I was younger. I discovered this months ago and I cracked up at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trGyN0dSJP4
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    finally new music disc in Minecraft after so long. new artist, new style. the community is contemplating whether this fit the whole peaceful ambience by C148 with all those cool tunes and bangin. but since this a music disc it maybe fitting since you play it on your will. i think it cool nonetheless Lena Raine - Pigstep also if possible i wanna know the exact genre for this kind of music, i surely want to listen some 2hu in this genre. The name suggested that this is a Dubstep, but it too broad.
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    nice stuff been runnin to some "unique" *cough* mostly just weird *cough* stuff on my search, found some Touhou styled music at it, though im not that fond of em i found some remarkable stuff. really ain't expect this, but what can i say? "if it exist, there's gotta be a touhou version of it" one day i will continue the monthly music sharing but idk what to add or it just too low quantity or yeah idk
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Freezing Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: Comiket 78 on August 14, 2010 Language: English-Patched (ThCrap Self-Updating Standalone) Silhouette On Cover: Cirno (Sole Playable Character) Character Information Playable Characters: 1 (Cirno) Shot Types: 1 (With Level Up System) Description Cirno has challenged the three mischievous fairies to a fight! (Or did they challenge her? She can't remember.) The winner gets to declare themselves the strongest, and able to terrorize humans in the name of fairies everywhere, so off Cirno goes to freeze everything that gets in her way! Unique Gameplay Mechanics Freezing * Hey, the enemies fire way too many bullets in this game, don't they? Yes. Yes they do. So not only can you fire back as usual, you can also freeze enemy bullets. What You Can Freeze and How It Works * You can freeze normal bullets (the vast majority of what you'll see). Charge your Ice Barrier by holding the [Z] (Freeze) button, then let go; you'll envelop the immediate vicinity in ice. Nearby bullets will freeze, which causes bullets close to them to also freeze; if you do this correctly, you can cause chain-freezing the entire way up the screen. * Ice Barrier Potency: Your Ice Barrier's potency is the percentage displayed above Cirno's head. It charges slowly, similar to Aya's camera in the photography games. You can charge it faster by hitting enemies with rapid-fire shots and by performing successful freezes. The percentage determines how powerful the effect of your Ice Barrier will be if you use it right at that moment; using it at a full 100% can easily freeze the entire contents of the screen when done right, whereas using it at 30% (the lowest charge you can use it at) affords barely enough time to give you an extra moment to think. * Perfect Freeze: Cirno's spell card freezes absolutely everything onscreen that can be frozen normally, and has the added effect of also freezing fireballs (see below). You charge Perfect Freeze energy the same way you charge Ice Barrier energy (hitting enemies with rapid-fire shots and performing successful freezes). Hazards You Can't Freeze * You can't freeze fireballs, at least not with your standard Ice Barrier; the only resource you have that can freeze Fireballs is Perfect Freeze. Fireballs will start appearing in stage 2, and you'll be reminded of their presence. * You can't freeze lasers. In fact, lasers break ice, turning it into bullet shards that will hurt you! Lasers will start turning up in stage 3. * You can't freeze beams, which are a hazard only present in the Extra Route. Ice will only act as a shield against them. Any time you spend in beams gradually drains Cirno's Motivation. Motivation * So by now you're wondering where your life count is. The answer is that Cirno can go on as long as she's sufficiently motivated; the Motivation count is Cirno's "lives" counter, with 100% being one life. * How do you keep her motivated? Why, success of course - hit enemies with her shots, and freeze bullets with her Ice Barrier! * Max Motivation is 1,000%, or 10 lives. Level Up System * There aren't any Power items in this game, so instead, Cirno gains Experience by defeating or freezing enemies. When she gains enough, she levels up, and gains more firepower icepower, up to a maximum of Level 16. (Who knew Cirno could count past 9?) * On Easy, you start at Level 3, but on any other difficulty, you start the game at Level 1. Scorefile * This scorefile was provided by Wolfdragon Rex. * It unlocks the Extra stage. * It has all routes cleared on Easy, and has three routes cleared on Normal (A1, B1, and C1); there are no clears on Hard or Lunatic. -> You can help get this scorefile to 100%! If you have a scorefile which improves upon the progress in this existing file, please submit it to us! Th12.8 (FW) Scorefile [Wolfdragon Rex].zip Steam Release If you would like to support ZUN, you may buy Great Fairy Wars on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1100180/_/?snr=1_7_7
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    The other day I was talking with some of my card/board gaming friends, and I said "we need to play the touhou card game that I have never even heard of but almost invariably exists somewhere" Touhou community never disappoints. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
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    Something I was listening to a week or so ago, but then I lost. Well, I did some digging and found it again! I like the really strong Monster Hunter vibes this song has going for it! I mean, really, this song could fit seamlessly into the MH soundtrack. And now I've got it here, I won't lose it again! Also, some other orchestral stuff I've been listening to:
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    First, Koishi, then Youmu... Seems like the main girls popularity has nosedived lately... Huh? and, boom, Hartmanns going no 3 is great Why is decisive magic battle ranked low Where is faint dream and what's the position? I have questions Also, no scarlet sandwich for this year, huh?
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    I am really glad to see this is back on for this year!
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    So apparently ZYTOKINE released 3 albums during C98 (05.05.2020) and for now im done with DiGiTAL WiNG so if someone likes/loves/is a fan of ZYTOKINE im gonna upload most of songs from their new 3 albums (most of them if not all are not uploaded to YouTube yet so those may be first) Just telling you guys so those who likes their stuff wont miss it! Thanks and have a good day!
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    Moss has a small but wonderful orchestral soundtrack. I consider it one of many "hidden gems" in my collection, since it doesn't get talked about much.
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    Hello everyone! We are Kirisame Jump -- you may know us from our Touhou fangame, RAIN Project, which we released a few years ago. The team is pretty small and we are all going through college / work, but we've managed to put together another title, and would love for you all to give it a try! Iwate Mountain Dance is a tough-as-heck, beautiful bullet hell platformer, with a focus on multi-stage boss fights! Each boss fight is an orchestrated journey, with bosses growing progressively stronger as you defeat their stages, resulting a climatic final spellcard. Iwate is our take on the old-school difficulty of bullet hell arcade games, combined with the ultra-smooth platforming movement and free exploration from modern titles. Take on unique multi-stage bosses in a grand dance of handcrafted fights, each with their own attack patterns and intense combos, as you explore the lands of Iwate and learn its history. In a densely-packed open world, you can challenge bosses in any order you'd like. There is no grinding -- to clear a tough boss will be purely a test of your skills as a player. Although the game is not a full Touhou doujin this time, we are still heavily inspired by ZUN's Great Works and I'm sure you can see it in the spellcard design :). We would for you all to give the game a try, and please let me know any feedback or leave a review on the Steam page! Iwate Mountain Dance on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1256660/Iwate_Mountain_Dance/ Kirisame Jump discord for more touhou fangames, Iwate rage, etc https://discord.gg/jkY97xH Gameplay Trailer:
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    Kikoku Doukoku Jigokuraku I think this song is quite good? It manages to get that delicate mix of joyous yet intense that the original has, but I also think it's... lacking something... The only thing harder than this boss fight was rating this song, and it doesn't help that I had to listen to this loads of times to make my mind up, but I've decided that it's a 4.5 for me. Kung-Fu Master no.9 Beethoven: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary! Wow... Stack actually sounds kinda scary in this. I didn't notice it the first time listening over Stack's menacing aura crazy singing, but this is honestly a really creative mix of oriental, techno and orchestral instruments. And as always, Stack's voice seems to work perfectly with it. Not even being ironic when I rate this ⑨/10. Flandre Scarlet's Makyou Budoukai Hey, I quite like this! It sounds a little celebratory, a little royal, a little mysterous and a little menacing, honestly very fitting of Flandre herself. A very pleasant arrangement that does a lot with a little. 7/10.
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    Release Information Type: Strategy RPG(SRPG) Developer: さんぼん堂 Publisher: さんぼん堂 Release: Comiket 78, 2010 Language: English-Patched Version 1.02 Version: 1.1.2 Other Vitals Playable Characters(Reimu & Marisa's Story) Reimu, Marisa, Nitori, Alice, Keine, Cirno, Daiyousei, Rumia, Youmu, Akyu, and Sakuya. *Playable Characters(Sakuya's Story) Sakuya, Koakuma, Patchouli, Remilia, Meiling, Alice, Flandre, and Komachi. *Please Note: This game can be played with a Playstation controller. Description Plot Point: This game retells Embodiment of Scarlet Devil with the trademark red mist acting in the beginning as the catalyst for plot development; however, there are surprisingly many plot twists, character developments and cameo guest appearances from other games as well as portraying a prologue to Mountain of Faith's story. Altogether, the storyline is beautiful and much more rich in drama compared to the original Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. How It Works: This is a fantastic little SRPG done in the style of the "Super Robot Taisen" series. It works like you would expect a traditional SRPG to, except with expected Touhou elements; for example, if an enemy puts up a danmaku field, your girls will take penalties if they wander in without Focusing first, which negates said penalties. (Your girls can move much further per turn when Unfocused, of course.) For each exchange you get into, you can also freely enable or disable the nicely-animated scenes (which take a while to load, but are well-done; I usually enable them for exchanges with bosses). Super Robot Taisen's "Wife" System also makes an appearance in this game, enabling your girls to learn special abilities beyond normal skills. Also available are things like upgrading your girls' stats and skills, and four difficulties to choose from (you can also pick Reimu or Marisa as the protagonist). If you clear the game, it is planned to allow your game-clear save to be able to carry over to the game's future sequel. Notes * English manual included.
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    Release Information Type: 2D Puzzle Action Adventure Developer: Blue Mica Publisher: Blue Mica Release: Comiket 78, August 13, 2010 Version: 3.1.2 Language: English Ver. 1.0 AKA Ojou-sama no DokiDoki Dai Sakusen - Norowareta Aka no Yakata Character Information Playable Characters: 3 (Remilia, Flandre, Yuyuko) Description Plot Point: Residents of Gensokyo have been invited to Remilia's tea party at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. There they enjoy themselves and have a wonderful time. Midway through the party, Remilia decides to depart to her room and rests for the duration of the day. Eventually, she is woken up by noises during her sleep. Curious as to what caused such ruckus, Remilia hastily invesigates the source. She finally meets up with her colleagues and finds out that eveyone has been shrunk and the whole mansion has been twisted in architecture. Thus Remilia decides to investigate this eerie incident and put an end to it. How it Works: You work your way through rooms which possess various puzzles and enemies you must traverse. Basically the main secret to winning is opening chests (yellow dots on the room map; also not the case for Flandre's story) so that you can collect keys and other important items needed to open other rooms. This game ensures that you practice the utmost vigilance as you must possess patience and fine dexterity to surpass the numerous obstacles. Extra Notes: After completing Remilia's route. You will unlock the option of playing the "Extra" mode or "Clock Tower". "Extra" is basically Flandre's route which tells her side of the story during the night of the incident. Be cautious that difficulty is immensely increased but Flandre's superior power over her sister can compensate for that. "Clock Tower" is a Time Attack mode which involves you climbing the clock tower (10+ floors) and and setting a record of how fast you can clear it. Any of the three characters can used for this option; however, Flandre must be unlocked by beating the clock tower first. This is also where Yuyuko tells her side of the story.
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    Heh heh, so I'm not the only one with exploding kittens here I see Also I'm going to be getting this (the base set) around Christmas time so I might post a little review of it myself once I've tried it out a bit - having looked into it, I certainly think the base game does look very good. As for the expansions, I'm not really sold on the first expansion, however from what has been shown of the second expansion so far it looks a lot more interesting, so I might get that one once it releases and we can see all the cards.
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    The descriptions in the menu and some other things are still in japanese how do i make things english?
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    Keeping the month going . . .
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    Interesting. I made a point of listening to a few and particularly your arrangement of Alice in Wonderland (one of my favorite pieces from the series). It's a rather different style than I usually hear of the usually somber piece, and was quite pleasant. Switching the melody between different instruments on occasion certainly got my attention, and was interesting to hear.
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    Well, you know my answer. This combines the bullet hell aspects and jest general Touhou, and it's combined with a platformer. I grew up on Mario Bros. so you can understand the hype coming from me. Tasofro, you did it again.
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    i have seen the demos going around, it looks like an awesome boss rush platformer. i do think that in invisable dash last too long but the art is epic, combat looks slick and hype and we may see some faces who have not appeared for a long time (manga exclude as all appear in those all the time). overall looking forward to it. those sprites are epic. P.S: i know one faces has shown up to surprise people and fans alike.
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    That's too bad. I ended up with a good set of players though.
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    Game is great if you like the pichuun sound. Fun to play, with a better UFO mechanic. Only downside is that it's unnecessarily brutal. I'm aware that the game takes place in hell, but Stage 4 has a Boundary of Wave and Particle set of nonspells and cheap shots. Along with it, Stage 5 has some cheap patterns in the spell as well. Stage 6 boss was only fair because of spirits swarming the battlefield to assist you.
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    Artist: Demetori Year: 2018-08-10 (Comiket 94) Track Count: 5 Track List: 今宵は飄逸なエゴイスト ~ Ego,Schizoid,Beat. レトロスペクティブ京都 ~ Japanese Beautiful Barrage 少女綺想曲 ~ Witching Dream Battle 秘匿されたフォーシーズンズ ~ Hidden Seasons will pass you by 秘神マターラ ~ Four seasons where Starless disappeared.
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    Strange though it may sound (and perhaps not quite what you intended), but I feel Touhou would actually work well with the LEGO games of recent years. The large cast, the tendency towards humor over seriousness, the many locales and stories, all lend very well towards the series' bizarre, multi-layered appeal. Most other cross overs I could think are more for the sake of seeing the Touhou cast portrayed with the writing quality of other series, such as Trails in the Sky. One thing that has crossed my mind however is Undertale, specifically crossing over with Subterranian Animism, as there's few parrallels to be drawn between the Underground and Deserted Hell.
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    It seems like you are trying to download "Komeiji Satori no Jousou Kyouiku" For me it works fine. I can clearly see that you have Opera browser installed. Have you tried using Opera browser?
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    Cool I wonder if there are any 2hus associated with my birthday *checks* *sees Kurumi* *looks up who the hell is Kurumi* aaaaaaaaaand it's a PC-98 character... from the one PC-98 game I haven't even played... Well at least I know who Rinnosuke is
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    Cool but not enough grinders.
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    Release Information Type: Single-Screen Beat-'Em-Up Developer: Lion Heart Publisher: Lion Heart Release: Comiket 76, August 15, 2009 Version: 1.21 (Includes Training & Desperate Mode) Language: English (Well, everywhere you really need it.) Character Information Playable Characters: 3 (Alice, Marisa, Patchouli - you pick a pair) Description Concept: Each area is a single screen with some platforms and monsters; defeating everything clears the stage. There are five chapters, consisting of 5 stages each, complete with a boss fight as the final stage of each chapter. How It Works: You choose a pair of girls to play as, and control both. You start off in control of the girl you picked first (called your "master") but you can switch with your other character (called your "slave") anytime you want. Both girls have their own independent HP gauges, but share their CP and the SP gauge. Your Chain Points (CP) are used to swap girls and for directional button special moves, and recharge themselves after you don't do either for a bit. Your max CP is extended by 1 for each boss you defeat. Your SP can be used to use spell cards, or resurrect a dead partner (First Aid). Advanced Strategy Slave Orders By default, your Slave's function is set to "follow," where they follow you closely so you can swap easily. However, if you hold Down and hit [Swap], you change the order to "ambush," where the Slave stays put until you swap or change the order back, allowing you to use advanced tactics to backstab enemies, or bat them back and forth for huge damage. Slaves waiting patiently under ambush orders regenerate HP. First Aid It's hard to do without your partner. If they should perish in battle, you can stand over their body and hold Down and hit [Spell Card] to sacrifice one spell card to resurrect your partner. Training You can use Training on any non-boss stage; when choosing a stage, hit [Swap] instead of [Attack] to confirm. In Training, enemies don't move or attack, and you can practice all you want; just pause and exit when done. Please note that if you try to use Training Mode on a boss stage, it will crash the game. Boss Rush If you've earned the True End on any difficulty for a pairing (by beating the Secret Chapter), you earn the right to attempt the Boss Rush with that pairing for that difficulty; when selecting your stage, hit left from 1-1 to highlight and choose Boss Rush. Desperate Mode If you manage to get the True End on Lunatic with a pairing, you earn a fifth ridiculously hard difficulty setting for that pairing called Desperate Mode, which will be found under the selection for Lunatic difficulty.
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    Release Information Type: 2D Platformer Developer: Tristama Publisher: Tristama Release: Touhou Fan Game Jam 3 (January 13th, 2019) Language: English Controls ARROW KEYS to move X to shoot Z to jump Description Mima wants to prove she still matters and that she isn't a dead character! Time for adventure! This game was created as part of the touhou game jam and as such the download link will redirect you to its native site.
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    Since there already was one for orchestras and metal, I decided to start one for Piano and violin sonatas. It's more or less the genre I listen to the most. This one is pretty popular but by no means is it any less amazing. It's Marasy's cover of Dream Battle. I feel like the arpeggio at the start really sets the mood and it only goes up hill from there. The transition to the main melody is superb as well. It's one of my favorite covers from Marasy.
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    This problem happens to me too on my laptop but it's fine on my PC. But this happens to me exclusively when I try to play on the recommended 1280x960 setting. When I switch the resolution to 640x480, it runs just fine. Try doing that. It might help solve your problem.
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