Glossary & Tips


1cc: One credit clear; deaths are allowed as long as no continues are used. Successfully pulling this off will unlock the game’s extra stage. Occasionally, there will be an additional requirement such as playing on normal difficulty or higher (in the cases of LLS and EoSD), clearing the game with all characters/shot-types (in the cases of SoEW and PoFV), or clearing the game twice (in the case of IN).

1LC: One life clear; no deaths allowed at all. This is like trying to breath in space and succeeding without aid.
Deathbomb: A bomb at the border of life and death. You have exactly 1 second to do this. In return, only a bomb is expended and a life saved.

Derp-Death: A death that was clearly not intended, and the player admits that if they had been thinking straight, it could’ve been avoided.
Extend: An extra life. How you earn these depends on which Touhou game you’re playing.

Graze: When you come dangerously close to a bullet but do not touch it. The Touhou series praises this poke-the-bear activity with points.

HP: Hit Points, the amount of damage an enemy (usually boss or midboss) can sustain
before dying, leaving the scene, or changing form.

Non-Spell: A regular barrage of bullets by the boss that precedes a spell card. You cannot receive points for attempting to capture a non-spell.

Pacifist Run: A 1cc run where, other than the stage portion of a stage, the player does not fire and times every non-spell and spell out. There’s no real achievement for this; it’s mostly done for a challenge and bragging rights.

POC: Point Of Collection. Head up past the indicated line and, depending on the game, you will collect all items onscreen. The first few games with this mechanic required you to be at full power for it work.

Walking in the Rain Without Getting Wet: A term used to define Lunatic mode, Touhou’s highest difficulty level. Lunatic is extremely difficult and not for the faint of heart. You’d be much better off playing Normal before you attempt Lunatic.


* Remember to bomb. I cannot stress how useful this is. It can be common at first to lose lives when you still have bombs remaining. If you’ve gotten yourself into a situation you’re not able to escape from, use a bomb. Don’t waste them randomly though; learning to navigate through bullets is part of the experience.

* Don’t really try to graze until you are good enough of a player. Most people will attempt grazing and fail because they aren’t good enough at the game to have the quick reflexes required to initiate it properly. Grazing is mostly for point runs anyway, so if you’re just aiming to survive, we’d advise just playing it safe.

* Don’t throw away “garbage” runs. This is mostly aimed at players wanting to 1cc Normal. Sure, you died in Stage 1. Sure, you had to continue in Stage 4. Don’t hit the Retry button because eventually it’ll all become a wormhole of Stage 1, Stage 2, and sometimes Stage 3. How are you going to get good at stage 4 if you don’t even bother to get there 95% of the time?

* Set Goals. Setting goals will help you build up to that 1cc or Extra clear. It will also feel so much greater when you look back and see how much you’ve progressed and gotten better.