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  4. I am working on setting up and hosting D&D campaign online (using Roll20 rather than Discord) and I'm putting this out in a few places to see if I can find other D&D players that would be interested. I'm using D&D 5th edition, and plan on running sessions on Sundays, 7 to 10 PM U.S. Central Time. For those interested, here is a basic premise to the plot and some setting information for people that would want to have it for backstory/curiosity. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oVNiyR22y7cr_pxghWFEN4B72J_ZC2a6HsysgYRjeds/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Dang, it's a bit late. I re-formatted my drives so I don't have the game downloaded anymore.
  6. While it used to work perfectly well for me, it started acting up a couple months ago. I've downloaded this game at least eight times since then, and every time it automatically closes before getting to the title screen. Is there any way to fix this? I'd like to be able to play it again.
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  8. NEVER MIND I FIXED NOTHING!!! IT BROKE ON ME AGAIN!!! It seems to break a lot whenever I record using the built-in Game Bar. Which is unfortunate because that means I can't record it until my computer gets fixed. But it still worked every other time.
  9. I used 9zip and 7zip to finally convert the album. Ah, technology
  10. I'm not having any problem with this one. Using 7-zip.
  11. there's a typo in the page name. it's missing an "n" in Phantasmagoria.
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: D.N.A. Softwares Publisher: D.N.A. Softwares Release: March 13, 2011 Language: Japanese Description Someone has stolen the secret medicine and put Gensokyo in danger. Smash Touhou is an arena shooting game with two playable characters; Reimu Hakurei and Keine Kamishirasawa. The game has ten levels and there are two kinds of objectives; Rescue People, where the player must save a number of civilian from monsters; and Stop Generator where player must seek and destroy the boxes of gold. Each stage is limited by time and an increased difficulty. The controls are very simple, the character can be moved to any direction on the screen, while player uses mouse to aim and shoot.
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: @N-Factory Publisher: @N-Factory Release: 2009 Language: Japanese Description Sky Star Spark is a freeware shooting game developed by @N-Factory, featuring Marisa Kirisame as she overcomes unlimited enemy spawning to reach the bottom floor. The object of the game is to advance through the 50 floors by acquiring keys to the stairway that leads to the next floor and avoiding bullets before the health bar runs out. The game uses various Touhou characters as enemies and they have a certain level which determines their strength and special abilities. Player can shoot them but they will continue to respawn, which forces player to keep moving. Each floor has a random setup but players can see the keys and stairway position through the map in the lower right corner. Sky Star Spark has special floors that contain particular enemies with a very high level, and also Extra Mode unlocked upon game completion.
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: Saikoro Club Network Publisher: Saikoro Club Network Release: November 2011, followed by the Extra Mode on April 2012 Language: Japanese Description Shirokuro Dai Batsu Chi (English: Black and White Land Greater Punishment) is a simple action-platform-shooter, developed by One Day Ware and Saikoro Club Network, features Reimu Hakurei as a playable character. The game consists of three levels freely chosen by the player, before reaching a boss at the level's end. The game offers simple tasks like shooting fairies in specified number or reaching a platform without being hit by bullets or enemies. If they run out of lives, the player will be taken to the game over screen with no continues. Normal offers easier gameplay, but in Extra Mode enemies move in different patterns as well as faster bullets.
  15. I will need to get a new Discord account as my only account was suspended. The reason is not very important (it's both unfair and a bit my fault), but if you want to know why just message me. Hope that is not a problem I'm fine with closed source, the reason i recommended open source code was for getting faster bug reports and more easy debugging for players. But that can be solved by implementing debugging mode into the game, i believe. Yeah, it will probably be hard for me to translate while also doing programming. Was just thinking about it, setting up something like Weblate would be a better idea for this.
  16. Hello, I am having an issue with this download. It might just be on my end, but the file thbgm.dat refuses to extract (in its entirety). Archive manager says it is 445MB in size but when I extract the whole folder, the extracted thbgm.dat is only 43.1MB in size. This results in the game's music glitching out shortly after Eika's theme starts playing in the game. For the rest of stage 1, the music is replaced by the sound of static. Then, starting from stage 2, the music stops entirely. I've tried troubleshooting this problem in the following ways: -Downloading the ZIP file again. thbgm.dat still doesn't extract successfully. -Extracting all ZIPs on a Windows 10 computer, Windows 7 computer, my personal laptop (which runs Linux; I thought that might have been the issue so I ran it on Windows as well---with the same results), and my phone. thbgm.dat is still corrupted. -Running extracted files on a Win10, Win7, and my personal laptop. The glitch I've described still plays out in the same way. The game runs fine, but it'd be a shame not to hear the music while playing. Another thing of note: the music room is completely corrupted. The only thing that will play is the title theme. Upon finishing the game on normal, the unlocked songs all display as corrupted text and don't play.
  17. This is good to hear! You can join project's Discord for being in touch in #development channel. The most important info is currenly in this topic, but Discord offers life chat and I have one programmer in team already with who you can try to cooperate, but I don't know about any progress he made, if any. About closed or open source there is 3 options: 1) closed source with paid release; 2) open source with paid release; 3) open source with free release. I tend the most to 1st, then to 2nd, then to 3rd. 2nd option is complicated since most of the participant will want to share a profit from paid release, but idk in what exact amounts, and how many participants I will need to award then - can be too many. I think better to stick with 1st option, and then move to the 2nd or 3rd if necessary. And, ah, I don't think you will have enough dedication to translate so many of text on turkish while also doing programming :D. Well, will see.
  18. So long story short, doing what Ascepius says to do on Linux will also work for Mac. But I didn't download Japanese fonts or run anything with the environment LC_ALL=ja_JP.UTF-8 which is most likely why everything was in gibberish for me. On second thought, can a mod delete my previous 2 posts? They seem useless now that I think about it.
  19. Never mind, I somehow got it to work with wine. I don't have any experience with coding, but I'll try to explain what I did in the event it might help someone with the same issue. After installing and updating the games, along with the translations I had a problem with opening YnK. The log said "0:notkey\dat\gn_dat1\common\EFile.binが開けません". I fixed this somehow, by creating a new file in the same file I downloaded the YnK patch, named it "notkey" and put the original base game in there. I also renamed a few things because they were in gibberish, but I think only the base game file "幻想人形演舞" has to be called its original name otherwise it doesn't work (for me at least). After doing all this, I was able to run the executable and play the game. This probably isn't the best way to fix it, but it works for me.
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  21. I'm kinda interested in this, have wanted to work in public for some time. I can help in programming, i have used C# a lot with Unity, and i have been using Rust a lot lately. I'm actually developing a danmakufu alternative in Rust, so helping a game come true will probably help me in my own project. I can also help in Turkish translation, if that matters. I don't do art or music, so can't help with that. My concern is, will the game be closed source or open source (with paid version on platforms like Steam?). The software (the code) could be licensed with something like Apache 2.0. Artistic works can be licensed separately. I believe code being open would accelerate development. Other than that, the game sounds quite great. I haven't read all of those long long pages, but i got the base idea (i guess). EDIT: I have *just* read some of the notes (i haven't seen programmer's notes for some reason). The part about copyright probably means that code will not be open source. Which is okay for me. As i only want to help, payment is not really important for me, i'm just trying to get my hands dirty in something like this, mainly to make a portfolio for the future. As you probably noticed, i'm all in for open source stuff, so that's why i recommended it :D.
  22. I've always played Touhou with an Xbox controller, but for some reason in Touhou 17 the joystick inputs are way too sensitive (like it's difficult to move horizontally or vertically without accidentally moving diagonally). I tried to adjust the sensitivity/dead zone in the config, but it doesn't change anything at all. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows how to fix it.
  23. I'm training for a touhou Hisoutensoku tournament this saturday. I want someone to help me train and to have fun. Post a reply in this discussion if you want to help.
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