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  3. "Ahh!… Marisa! You can't just destroy all my dolls with a master spark! That's not how the game works! I spent ages setting this up, you know! Look, you even ruined my castle!" "Why not? I solve all my problems by blowing things up with master spark! I thought that was the point?" "NO!!"
  4. I'm assuming your controls aren't changed to match the orientation? In that case play stage 1 - 6 upside down because inverse controls are at least easier to understand than having controls where X inputs move you on the Y axis, and vice versa. Also extra stages are difficult enough even with normal controls. Would you rather: Have Marisa's broomstick Or have Marisa's Mini-Hakkero
  5. I've been searching every corner of the internet for a Piano Jazz Arrange of Night Sakura of Dead Spirits. It had a slow start, but gradually got faster, and towards the middle portion of the song, you could hear drums. As for the cover art, it may have been A piano in a lone room with a black background and blue carpet, but with how my search has been turning out, I'm beginning to question if this song ever existed. Regardless, if you, the reader of this post, knows anything or if you think you could help, it would be much appreciated if you posted it down below. Thank you for your time.
  6. Ok, I tested the game. and It happens to me too. Just delete the file called "config.dat"
  7. I would use frog bombs, It's pretty cool. Would you rather Play any Touhou game in story mode (from stage 1 to stage 6 in any difficulty) with the screen flipped 180 degrees or Play any Touhou extra stage with the screen flipped horizontally
  8. Here is one of mine. A cute Youmu. I made the mistake of drawing it very small. So I can not add details for now.
  9. I'm Trying to play the English-Patched version of "Megamari - Marisa no Yabou" (megamari_e.exe) And every button is mapped to the Down key. How do I fix this? (If you need a screen recording as evidence, I can provide it.)
  10. Yesterday
  11. also biggest fan of Touhou Phranchise here and have played nearly every touhou game made ^^
  12. The reason i am asking cause the website i do try to get it from keeps saying my time is to forward or something and i even made the changes for that and it still doing that.
  13. i can understand the game very well but i am also trying to find the english patch as well can you send me a link to the english patch ? like for either google drive or Mega Cloud or even Mediafire?
  14. Last week
  15. I didn't bomb spam but I did bomb like 3 times on the last stage so it still counts
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