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Do Touhou and gacha work together? (2022 - Touhou LostWord, Danmaku Kagura - closed/going to be revived, Arcadia Record)


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First of all, let me vent my frustrations


Okay, now to actually tell my opinions on this.
I am very excited about the minigame, I like how it looks and I could always use some more gameplay modes here.
I am also glad that EFes is now sparkable! I sure as hell don't have enough SC for them, but it's still a very nice thing to have. I want Beach Marisaaaaa.......
Huh, also, is it just me, or are retros slowing down a bit? I haven't seen them announced in a while.. I do kinda miss them, I like the retros.

Also, glad that we will have free prayers, I could really use not spending my SC on stuff xd

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Number 1 Alice, Meiling and Youmu fan! jaooooooooo

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4 hours ago, sodaodaoda said:

First of all, let me vent my frustrations


You did much better than me. I wasted 120 GC and did around 80 wishes before stopping

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News and updates

Seems like things have changed a little bit since my last post here. Now, we have a better view on the maintenance coming this Friday:

Some of the more remarkable things:

- Beach Marisa Epic FES banner
- new EX stage related to Epic FES Hecatia
- Fantasy Rebirth
- daily presents
- a lot of gifts (after all, Christmas is coming...)

Most of this information is stuff I am pretty much regurgitating from last week's update on the Del Letter, just updated to the current situation. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

It's bee a while since I last updated this, and am slowly feeling less and less inclined to do so anymore. however, it is my job, so here we go:


News and updates

Maintenance is due to begin in a few hours. A few new things seem to be coming:

- Relic FES Sakuya banner will appear 
- 150 free prayers - I guess we are getting 10 free prayers daily for the following couple weeks
- Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy - I am not very sure what this is, but I do not thin it will be an event due to the following
- Seiga Nyan Nyan Social Club is back - due to the lack of details and rather low image resolution compared to general, not fully sure if it is a rerun of last year's event, or it will be a "Part 2"
- more banners for FES friends
- more Fantasy Rebirth
- guaranteed friend and story card pool will be updated

While Global has Relic Sakuya announced, it seems like JP is going to have another Relic, this time being Satori. o, we have: L1 Satori, retro Satori, UFES Satori, and now Relic Satori. If you are a fan of the older Komeiji sister, I guess you are lucky:




And to keep it in the JP area, they also showed a new alt character:


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/touhou_lostword/comments/z1pmxf/jp_spoilers_new_alt_character/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3  


Community discussion and memes

I really do not have what to write about this week, sorry. Just someone who really likes Momiji. 

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Looks like it is time for another news roundup. The only way I cans sum up things is the good, the bad and the ugly:


News and updates

First of all, Global will be going through another maintenance on Friday, 2nd December. Let's see what the game has to bring us:

  • Wriggle is making her debut as a playable character in Global. Now I guess we have every General pool unit
  • MOF Suwako retro is getting a rerun
  • Ringo is getting her Fantasy Rebirth
  • Event EX unlocked - nothing new, as this is a rerun of the same event from one year ago
  • Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy continues - a note from last week: this event is the one that unlocks you the manga bits that have been announced. Complete a few daily missions, gain points and use them to unlock each of the 16 manga pages. They are 4koma comics, in a pretty chibi style, each of them a new slice-of-life story revolving around the world and mechanics of LostWord from an in-universe perspective
  • Fumo campaign continues

Now, time to move to the news regarding LostWord JP. Oh boy, there is quite a bit to chew...


Beginning with the prettier part. New Christmas outfits for Shizuha, Chimata, Misumaru, Aunn, Suwako and Kanako. I really like the one for Tenkyuu, and I will most likely get it just because I like the character and like the vibe it goes for.



More outfits, this time Fantasy Rebirth costumes for Shizuha and Minoriko. Just one question: is it just me, or Minoriko looks even more THICC than usual? I mean I first saw it done in Hina Chan's Big Trade Millionnaire (thank you, Mizusoba art style) with the exposed thighs, but now... wow. Also funny how the younger sister is the one with the bigger rack, even if that was already established in the default art of her. Is it a common thing in Minoriko fanart? I mean I can understand the idea she is a goddess of plentiful harvest, therefore why generous shapes. And likely I would believe you if you told me why that is the explanation...

(bonus: the Mizusoba version of Minoriko)


Probably the best quote coming out of the whole moment in regards to how the chat reacted when this Minoriko appeared in the Hina game: "Hina is hungry and the chat is thirsty"


Well, JP is doing it now. Fantasy Rebirth is coming for SFES units. And as seen the first 3 characters to receive it shall be exactly the first 3 SFES characters introduced - Red Marisa, Black Youmu and Loli Yuyuko. I am not even sure what to say about this one... I guess that is why we recently had banners for multiple SFES characters in one place? From discussion I have seen, these are expected to come at the time of JP's third anniversary. 



BATTLESHIP KANAKO INCOMING! On a more serious note, apparently the next Relic FES unit is going to be a version of Kanako. I am not familiar with the music videos, so I have no idea what the gimmick about this Kanako is or what makes her unique besides the use of Relic Paper Dolls.



Together with that MV Kanako banner, a new music video has also been announced featuring Suwako. So get ready for yet another Relic character to come into the game eventually...



There is also a new Retro unit coming. This time, it is EOSD Rumia. Looks like the game is back at milking EOSD




Two new SFES units have been announced. I am not very sure about this one. Given the style of the costumes, I guess we are getting a continuation of the Hifuu story? Also, besides giving them maid outfits and literally just swapping the color of the hair between Orin and Okuu, I see nothing very special. But I can guess two things: 1) they will be very strong units (power-creep maybe), and that their banners will be released separately. 

"They refuse to release Red Sanae to the point of introducing characters who are COMPLETELY new before they appear in the story lmao, not even the slightest reference of them, I assume they're S2 Satori's pets but like, bruh they're gonna release Red Sanae for the anni as a new rarity or something" (u/Kdog8273)

"Now we're getting new SFES who haven't even appeared in the main story period. I do like their designs, but yet again, they have literally no presence in the story. Did JP confirm more main story? If they dont have any new main story in December, that would be around 4 whole months of no new main story. Starting to think that they stopped caring about main story." (u/TraditionalCycle6279)


Community discussions and memes

This weeks, it seems like I finally have what to talk about and share with you. There have been some interesting discussions worth bringing up:

Actually a good question, especially if one wants to build a chart regarding the interactions of MC-chan with everyone in Gensokyo and beyond. Even if it's quite possible the answer would simply be "Everyone because its a trope in gacha games" as u/D3ppress0 has pointed out. But on a more serious note, I guess the interaction/relation with the sages, as well as the totally-not-simping on Sakuya would probably be some of the most relevant. Or even just Reimu, given the fact MC was allowed to stay at the Hakurei Shrine for... how long did she actually stay in L1 Gensokyo before getting snatched into the Summer Beach Realm? Was it a few hours? Maybe days at most? As we were still meeting Gensokyo inhabitant when Chapter 3.5 happened. 


Alright, another interesting discussion, still focused on MC-chan. The idea it goes for is interesting, as we still have absolutely no idea what "Lossy" is or how she looks like (or we know is that she is a girl, or at least the fact she belongs to the feminine world). I mean a lot of expectations have already been crushed when the very same Chapter 3.5 I talked about in the past paragraph revealed MC is a little girl (WHAT WERE THEY THININKING?!), when everyone was expecting her to be around the same age as Reimu and Marisa. 


Yet another theory in regards to MC-chan. I see there has been a lot of interest for her reignited recently in terms of fan discussions. 




Time to move into the memes. Oh boy, there's quite a few of them this time...


Is Sagume trying to imply something here? I can't remember if this this is a legit quote or someone edited it in, although I may have a rough memory of something akin to that line at some point in the game.



Average Phantasma simp be like



No, Hecatia, don't do the no-no hand gesture...!



Come on, we all really want to see that PC-98 stuff. Why is LW trying to stay so far from it? I think most of us want more than just mere cutscenes. We want to actually be able to play as these characters, and I do have a list of PC-98 characters I would be interested to get in my collection.


Closing thoughts

This thread is slowly becoming more and more tedious for me to maintain. I like covering the news, but I felt like slowly having started to lose interest again in this game. I was extremely dedicated to it back in spring, but after the end of July-early August and debut of Chapter 4, I felt like something broke for me, and the game lost its magic. However, I will probably keep this going as I have nothing better to do, and someone really does need to keep a log about what is happening in LW and the other Touhou gacha/mobile games. If not me, then who else? There was no discussion on the topic until I arrived, and latest one was from July last year. Therefore, it has become a mission of sorts for me to keep people updated in a digestible way about these games...

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  • CountVonNumenor changed the title to Do Touhou and gacha work together? (2022 - Touhou LostWord, Danmaku Kagura - closed/going to be revived, Arcadia Record)

I don’t know if ZUN is a little bit involved in Touhou Lost Word but if it’s the case, I think that it explains why there isn’t any PC-98 characters

ZUN said that he doesn’t even want to talk about PC98 era and want people to don’t pay attention to it 

(sad for me :TenshiCry:)

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I don’t know if ZUN is a little bit involved in Touhou Lost Word but if it’s the case, I think that it explains why there isn’t any PC-98 characters

ZUN said that he doesn’t even want to talk about PC98 era and want people to don’t pay attention to it 

(sad for me :TenshiCry:)

Source for you claiming that he doesn't want to talk about PC-98?


Also, ZUN and a producer for Danmaku Kagura (That isnt DeNA) came together to talk about Kagura and some other things. This is someone's translation of some snippets: https://twitter.com/richard_effendi/status/1597935033654075392


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There is also discussion the new Rhythm Mini-game will be added on JP soon this month. Given the pace in which Global has adopted stuff from JP, it is very possible the mini-game may come to Global in late December or early January next year. Or maybe the rule of quickly porting stuff to Global only applies to EFES/SFES banners and EX stages?


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The art style of the rhythm mini-game remind me of the Scarlet Ghetto Patrol music video


I think that Touhou Lost Word is getting better and is one of the best Touhou mobile game even if it would be so much nice to have some Dokkan Battle animations for the spellcards

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Alright, the time has come. News roundup before Christmas:


News and updates

There has been maintenance break today. Now let's see what it brought to us:

Oh, boy... I will have to manually go though each of these. Where do we begin?


 1) Events 



We have a sequel to the evet from last year. This time, Okina decided to take the mantle and become Gensokyo's version of Santa Claus. What is interesting this time around is the chance for a costume drop out of the first chapter (and only chapter-mission we got today). It can be farmed as it is just a 1 stage battle, but even with two costumes owned, the drop rate is still a little questionable. 



The mini-game has been announced to come to Global. From some opinions of people who played it already on the JP server, it seems to be rather lackluster. Like an insult towards more appreciated game such as DanKagu (timing for the announcement of this mode could not have been worse, just after the end of service for DanKagu). It remains to be seen how it will perform when it finally reaches Global though...




Of course, it cannot be LostWord if we do not get some new or rerun bullshit EX stage. I am not even bothered to check them, as I never did after taking a look at the first ones that were released on Global.


Like I have announced last time, Fantasy Rebirth is coming for Ultra Fes units. Time to create more glorified 14 SP bricks... Out of all these characters, I think only the Witch of Scarlet Dreams got a proper introduction and justification to become a character MC-chan can make use of in battle? Through the special WoSD stages we got long ago. That was a cool idea, yet it was never implemented afterwards for the rest of the Ultra Fes, Epic Fes or whatever special unit this gam has dumped in without any reason or connection to the story.


Kourindou Rolette is back for the following 10 days



New Ruins of Memory story coming. We all know the drill by now, get ready for another Relic Fes unit. Stage also comes with a shiny new card



And the overall events for the following days, maybe couple weeks from now. 


2) Characters and banners



Maid Okuu and Orin are here. Each of them has a separate banner. Because LW devs are lazy with their designs, I will be just as lazy and copy-paste what I said about them last time:


I am not very sure about this one. Given the style of the costumes, I guess we are getting a continuation of the Hifuu story? Also, besides giving them maid outfits and literally just swapping the color of the hair between Orin and Okuu, I see nothing very special. But I can guess two things: 1) they will be very strong units (power-creep maybe), and that their banners will be released separately. 

"They refuse to release Red Sanae to the point of introducing characters who are COMPLETELY new before they appear in the story lmao, not even the slightest reference of them, I assume they're S2 Satori's pets but like, bruh they're gonna release Red Sanae for the anni as a new rarity or something" (u/Kdog8273)

"Now we're getting new SFES who haven't even appeared in the main story period. I do like their designs, but yet again, they have literally no presence in the story. Did JP confirm more main story? If they dont have any new main story in December, that would be around 4 whole months of no new main story. Starting to think that they stopped caring about main story." (u/TraditionalCycle6279)


Vagabond Relic Fes Mokou is now a thing. Again, I am not very sure what I could say about her besides neat, I guess?




And now the highlight skins for the current Christmas event. They have been released since last year, and now they are finally having a meaning. Back then, they were just some nice extras to have. 




And of course, the new line of winter outfits released with the event. All of them are cute, but I really wanted to get the Tenkyuu one. I like the Santa Claus vibe it has, and Tenkyuu is both one of my Top 10 2hus, a well as a character I use quite a lot in LW (she is surprisingly effective for farming, even if I use her at 10 SP farming). 


3) JP server news


Last character to be released this year is an alt for... I think this is supposed to be Ringo?

"The last new SFes and character of the year. The next one(s) will probably be during New Years (probably be an EFes too). Rabbit 4 Ringo is a Tech unit. And it seems that Yuyuko and Byakuren are being added to the ritual pools. Also Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 for Daiyousei, Shizuha, Nitori, Hina, Yatsuhashi, and Benben. Fantasy Rebirth costumes for Koishi and Satori are next" (u/WWWWWWRRRRRYYYYY of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper)


Community discussions and memes

After more than 1 and a half/2 and a half years of its existence, people are discussing again about how worth is this game playing. Espcially after the last half a year and all the evolutions brought in by story and characters intoduced.

"If you asked me 1 year ago, I'd say yes. However, the JP devs got way too greedy. They also stopped adding meaningful story updates or game modes. There's nothing to be excited for anymore. I still remember being so happy I rolled Saki because I finally had a good unit for fire extra. Now I would only get that feeling if I rolled the shiny new Efes or Relic fes, since all these trashy new jp extra stages basically require the new units to farm well. We have so many units that have potential, but we will never get good content like elemental extra stages or conflux because JP devs love fucking over their players. I wish global got some balls and said fuck jp devs' practices, like with how they made epic fes have 400 pity recently." (u/TraditionalCycle6279)

"Touhou is my fav series ever, and unfortunately LW is just a gacha game with Touhou marketing to get it to sell. The only reason I'm playing is to get more retro units, since they actually hold true to the lore/ actual characterization of the Touhou girls without being their fanon personalities. But if I was being honest I would be pretty bummed if the servers went down, as it's pretty fun leveling the Touhou girls up to get their last words." (u/SnooRecipes9397)

"In my opinion the game is very stale and the monetization is ridiculous. I mean sure i understand you gotta make money somehow, but again the constant unit spam is ridiculous. I personally play it cus it's touhou-related and sometimes stories have its cute or nice or funny moments. honestly, if it stays like this I don't think it will be alive for long. which is really sad cus I think it has the potential to be something good." (u/melon_prophet)

"I love the Touhou series to death, it's a huge part of my weebdom, but I'm not the biggest fan of THLW. The gacha rates are horrible, the resources you get are pretty limited and the frequency with which UFES are pushed out is kind of insane and all but pushes you towards whaling if you're a collector..." (u/Aenigma66)

"This exactly. I'm currently taking a break from LW, because at this point I don't know if im playing it for fun, or just for the sake of the daily grind. I remember the whole reason I started LW was because it was very generous with resources you would get for the amount of limited characters. It was reasonable for a dedicated player to get most of, the characters just by playing the game. And splurging a little here and there. No more then a couple cups of coffee worth. But now we constantly have back to back fes and UFES characters. and they even implemented the other limited one. LW has gone from a very forgiving gacha game to a typical one with one of the worst pity systems in gacha, since it actively punishes you for rolling on characters you can't hit pity on, if you don't get the char you want." (u/Drwankingstein)

"I enjoy it for the stories and the characters. I'm not one to care about how strongly they're represented compared to their existing lore, especially considering most Touhou content is fan made, right? Hop on, do dailies, play through the new events - if I roll a new character, cool; if not, I'm not super bummed, they'll get a rerun eventually. I don't make it the only game I play, and that's probably why I don't feel as strongly negative towards it (and many other gacha games) as a lot of people here seem to. I've got Genshin, 2 Love Live games, Azur Lane, RuneScape - and that's only on mobile. [I am sorry for you, buddy - Count's notes] Also, If I'm feeling an itch to play Touhou in any variation, there's actually hundreds of Touhou fan games of almost every single game genre out there, but that doesn't compel me to just drop LW because I'm not feeling turn-based strategy ATM, lol. Constant updates, adding events, stories, categories - these really make it stand out from most fan games in the Touhou realm, as generally you finish them and there's no more content; both a curse in waiting for something new to drop, and a blessing in knowing that there's more to come." (u/LilyTwilight)

"No. It was pretty interesting at first, but now there's nothing but bloat in the game with characters that are quite literally reskins. No, I'm not talking about the actual skins you can purchase which are way overpriced, I'm talking about the characters that are either "retro" or one of the numerous character in an outfit or one of the numerous recolors that somehow equals not only being completely original but somehow better than their original counterparts. I could understand Alterisa and Edgy Youmu due to their abilities not matching their original counterparts. But minus the Lunar War characters (which STILL feel halfassed) literally every other character is what I feel like should've been a buff for the characters in some capacity instead of generic reskin #1,943 and just made an NPC you could talk to instead of a throwaway unit with a select usage. I haven't touched the game in months so I don't remember which characters I have. Turned off notifications and just started doing other things. Haven't even bothered with any events that were happening, that's how much I've stopped caring. The last event I played before quitting was the one where Eirin suddenly stops being smart an becomes the generic doctor that spews on random nonsense and doesn't pay attention to what's happening until the last second." (u/MysteriousBirbNukes)

"My gripes:

  • EX/VS/Conflux stages are just too short, have too many unit checks, card drop rate sucks
  • Standard event stages mats drop rate sucks, it should at least scale with owned event costumes, most of the cards are useless, I did not like Dark Nurse of News event, specially due the element check thing, if events like this became the norm new players who lack units will be really pissed off. Also, I did not fucking like the card stage with Yukari locking you out from boosting, that card, at least for me, wasn't that useless, Mai and Satono would have liked that card, but no, you needed at minimum 12sp Meiling with specific cards to farm it, otherwise you were SOL.
  • The new Gensokyo Island EX stages also smell like finish them once, fetch rewards don't bother daily farming a specific stage for scroll/tiles cause past EX stages are easier and can be farmed with 8sp units
  • I do miss the extra Sangetsusei daily stage, mostly because silver incense and gold mats
  • Standard Rebirth: It's pointless, glorified 14SP brick, sure 14SP Kasen 4t? or 5turning 3-18-3 it's quite something, but I do have other units who can 3t it for cheap
  • Rebirth 2.0: TOO EXPENSIVE, right now only Reimu received the upgrades, but I don't use her anymore, I'm planning to Rebirth Flandre and RE2.0 her just for shit and giggles, probably I'll RE2.0 Marisa too, but, -BUT- the amount and especially the type of mats needed it's too much
  • Rebirth Costumes: I do not fancy waifu dresses, so I can't give you any kind of candy
  • Anima: I would like to save those gold scrolls and coins for better stuff
  • I can't say that much about one banner after another, I spent enough money to buy a more than decent hard tail, somehow ended up to scoring all retro units (plus 8 or so dupes), all FES units but 4, had to skip sparking or seriously pulling for past three months gen pool banners, nevertheless I got Mike and Eternity for cheap, but yeah, got at least 3 Meta UFES units and L80 Sakuya, but had to give up chasing Epic Units cause we don't have so many means to fetch enough dolls to MLB them, yes I can spend 43€ for a doll and stuff I'll probably need, but I'll be more than happy to shell out at MAX 10€ just for a doll and no extra" (u/Il_Diacono)


In my absence, Remi and Patchy continued their Scarlet Talk series, with hilarity ensuing every time:

1) Scarlet Talk Episode 8: Year End Short Recap (18th December 2022)





















2) Scarlet Talk Episode 8.5: Year End THOUGHTS (21st December 2022)
















[SOMEBODY SAVE THAT FUMO! - oh wait, she seems to be chill there]






(I always love playing this in my head when I see the outro)


3) Scarlet Talk Episode 9: Obligatory Christmas Episode (22nd December 2022)





















Brief talk about the new manga thing:

Honestly, they are one of the few things that still keep me playing this game. I have no other real reason to stay, as I already reached my personal endgame. But these cute comics are something I really wish to read every now and then, and it feels satisfying when unlocking new ones. Plus, the art style in the latest series has been so cute and squishy =0_0= (especially for the fairies grup; they did not look like being bigger than a football)




Also this meme to end the day:


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It seems like I am slowly coming less and less to update this thing. However, I could not skip the chance to look a little bit at some recent evolutions, and talk about them right here when it comes to LostWord. 


News and updates

Oh boy, even talking about the things since the beginning of this year is quite the circus this time. Actually, just covering this week should be enough to give an idea what the hell is going on with the game:

First of all, for the basic update news. Tomorrow, 13th January, LostWord Global shall go through one of the regular maintenance breaks followed by an update. Among the relevant things that shall be added to the game following this update:

  • new Tewi alt - Bunny Rebellion Strategist (she's basically Paripi Koumei, let's face it)
  • loli Yuyuko is getting her Fantasy Rebirth 
  • finally some more extra story... for the Chapter 1 Extra
  • the Collection Prayer thing that started around New Year will continue for a bit more time 
  • more Scarlet Devil Tower floors
  • we are getting an event rerun - the Valentines' Day event from last year

About the Collection Prayer banner. It is a thing where, if you use 600 GCs, you have the chance to obtain one of the characters listed as part of that banner. Those characters can be SFES, Relic or even EFES. And there are three special banners:

Attack Class banner
– Reimu Hakurei (F1) Epic
– Watatsuki no Yorihime (B3) Ultra Festival
– Patchouli Knowledge (E1) Ultra Festival
– Byakuren Hijiri (A12) Festival
– Sakuya Izayoi (A6) Festival

Heal & Speed banner
– Yukari Yakumo (C3) Epic
– Watatsuki no Toyohime (B3) Ultra Festival
– Koakuma (E1) Ultra Festival
– Satori Komeiji (S2) Ultra Festival
– Alice Margatroid (A7) Festival
– Reisen Udongein Inaba (A8) Festival

Attack & Defense banner
– Remilia Scarlet (L80) Relic
– Reisen Udongein Inaba (B5) Ultra Festival
– Hong Meiling (E1) Ultra Festival
– Junko (B2) Ultra Festival
– Toyosatomimi no Miko (A13) Festival
– Reimu Hakurei (A6) Festival



LostWord JP is getting a new Relic character announced. This time, it is another version of Youmu. If we are to go by what people are discussing, she is going to be a Support unit.




Oh yeah... Meanwhile, LostWord Global got two more Epic Fes characters, in the form of two more versions of Satori and Koishi. The only difference this time is that they are wearing swimsuits and are coming from the Chapter 4 world (I think? I lost count of how many universes there are now, but they sure are from somewhere)


Besides the Komeiji sisters in swimsuits, LW Global also received a retro version of Rumia. Now that I see the battle sprite of L1 (left) and A6 (right) Rumia... wow, there is almost no difference. So nanonka?

"They're just rereleasing an outdated unit and giving them a modern kit. you want to actually use rumia? better roll A6 Rumia because L1 is nearly unusable in today's powercreep. Feels the same way with satori's alts too. you like satori? better hope you rolled on her alt banners because L1 satori is awful. On the bright side, it seems like alts aren't just restricted to EoSD characters or popular Touhou characters. we've seen alts for characters like Watatsuki sisters and Rei'sen. Now if only they'd distribute the alts more properly, why the hell do we need 5 Satoris? give me Shion and Tenshi alts" (u/TraditionalCycle6279)


And now for the truly bad and ugly side of things. Recently, people have started to complain more than ever about Chapter 4 and the characters that are constantly getting pumped out of it without any context, and yet they are all Epic Fes banners. But I feel like a recent move has actually broken the camel's back for everyone:




Yes, you are seeing right. Miyoi is coming into the game, as a C3 universe character. I would like to say that the Global community... did not really receive the news very well:


I'm convinced, this is an actual clown show now, like everything about this is stupid to the point of being funny. Skip every other rarity and jump straight to another Efes release right after a double Efes release 2 weeks ago and Relic Youmu. C3 for a character who doesn't even have an L1 yet, BECAUSE WE ASSUMED SHE WASN'T EVEN ON THE TABLE FOR ONE. C3 Efes for a non-combatant support character who's barely present in the story to begin with.

She's a heal unit, so imagine she power creeps the beach hag, imagine she has double lock removal and has the fucking overpowered infinite buff extension that Beach Marisa and Relic Youmu have, and 'cus she's a C3 unit, 100% chance her kit is water based so her EX stage and card will be easily farmable using the beach hag yet again, and the other C3 units because we just gotta keep selling the C3 units no matter what.

This is a clown show, it's gone beyond despair and wrapped around to being funny. I cannot wait for Efes Rinnosuke in 2 weeks and I can't wait for him to be the best unit in the game. THE DREAM ISN'T DEAD!" (u/Kdog8273)


"Such a cheap move. They continue with trashy C3 EFES units instead of releasing long awaited units like some of the missing EoSD like Meiling. This feels like another whale bait before they actually release potent EFES again. But we will see." (u/N8falke)


"SUMMER MIYOI? Before regular Miyoi? What the hell? She’s an EFes of course and either a Heal (most likely) or Technical unit" (u/WWWWWWRRRRRYYYYY)


"Next Ninja: "You'll have an alternate version, but we do not grant you a playable L1 version."
"Miyoi: "...What? How could you do this!? This is outrageous! It's unfair! How could a reskin be playable before the original?"
"NN: "Take a swimsuit, young Okunoda."


"I predicted that this would happen seeing how Beach Rinnosuke was a thing. What a horrible move, at least make her a super fes and not an epic fes. Miyoi fans who have been waiting for her are forced to potentially fork over 400 pulls and 4 epic paper dolls to play her. Im already dreading what they'll do if PC-98 is ever introduced. Watch them go back to no pity units when Mima comes. Rinnosuke fans better start saving" (u/TraditionalCycle6279)


"All the C3 units are gonna be Epic?. Why!? There is no reason at all for them to be epic units. Koishi and Satori are on the levels of an UFES. This game have a really weird idea of what is "Epic". Mima, Shinki and Sariel are epic, not a fanservice swimsuit that can easy be a normal costume for the L1 units. Even the mecha girls looks more epic than this and are UFES. Yukari was loved since she is broken as hell, but the rest of the beach units are a "try hard" at this point. Also, Miyoi got an alt before the L1 version got released! What's next?. A bath chapter that will add "Super Duper Epic units" that have only a towel!?" (u/ZeoOmega)

"I kind of guess what is the reason for this action? Miyoi hasn't shown any of her power and Lotus Eaters is still ongoing, so I think they will wait for that before making the L1 unit for her. Instead of taking a risk of creating a unit that might contradict the future canon works, they chose a safe path that is creating a unit in their original world, which can let their imagination go wild. I don't support them about this, but I can see why they made this choice. Tbh, instead of pumping out C3 units like this, best would have been something else to shake things up a little. A15 Junko when?" (u/Eistik)

"The saddest part about this is for how much global has improved upon the JP version, there isn't much they can do about this. Like I don't think they have the resources to pull a Magireco and build global-exclusive units and they have to release this eventually." (u/miyamoris_)

"Another Efes is coming, and its before the L1, this game is going downhill because of "C3" units. I wouldn't call them Efes' anymore, its Cash-fes due to epic paper dolls being so scarce and grindy. The fact they are still releasing summer costumes in the winter, and the fact they made this before the L1 variant, and the fact that epic paper dolls being locked out for "10 to 5 lucky winners" is a possibility makes this game very disappointing in my own eyes right now. Soon they'll make an LFES but the paper dolls for it are barely obtainable unlike epic paper dolls." (u/Subwoofer45)

"This is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, why is not L1 Miyoi released, but her C3 self gets released??? Secondly, can we AT LEAST, and I mean AT LEAST cool down from releasing too many goddamn C3 units? We keep getting other less released units to get if this is ongoing" (u/eyadkhaledd)


Oh, and there is more to this. If you though I was over, it is never the case. And the community really seems to be getting pissed not just for te Miyoi part, but for the entirety of Chapter 4, from characters to the execution and very idea of the chapter itself. 


"This. I don't believe it's totally game breaking but, and this is a big BUT, devs are getting too focused on the new units rather than in improving the current experience while also adding more content to the main Story; crazy huh?! I forgot LW had a story since it has been months since the last update. There are many aspects, such as the tower that need to be on par with JP. I think adding more challenges, like bigger waves of more and more enemies that also get tougher, anything that keeps the game relevant and gives the player an incentive to have so many units. Devs have a nice franchise with a loyal userbase, it would definitely SUCK seeing an official Touhou game go down the route of a p2w game. Also wtf LW seriously? Only C3 Miyoi? Where's the L1 counterpart?! That really grinds my gears." (u/jazznesa)

"People here haven't played greedy gachas and it shows. Also, for those that do, stop showing them your wallet." (u/Kiter27)

"When units intended for fanservice became disservice also no Rinnosuke" (u/khanivorus_rex)

(In answer towards u/Sylphiad, who asked why do people hate the C3 universe and its characters)
"Spammed one after another. All EFES, the rarest of the dolls. Super powercrept all previous units. 2hus in swimsuits? Come on. This is the equivalent of having a "beach episode" of an anime where female protag gets grabbed by tentacles with dumb slow motion and camera angles. Or the equivalent of a hot springs episode where male protag goes into girls sauna and slips into ultra mega jiggly boobs and gets a nose bleed. It's a bloody insult to any fans of Touhou. The fact that they tried to shoehorn it in as the main story, instead of a little summer event/update is even worse. Notice how we're not getting main story updates anymore? Because it's all this beach crap." (u/PlusNature6947)

  • "Fair, I do like beach episodes that are "Side stories" instead of it being in the main story. While I don't have any issues with regards to the C3 spam, I can fully understand why you guys are mad. I mean, if I were to be a spender, I'd be VERY mad. They could have diffused the situation, had they have been units that can be limit broken by normal paper dolls (Seriously, I have 30 of them in my inventory, send help). Powercreep is inevitable, but come on, THIS FAST?! I'm a casual player that plays for the characters, the story, the music, and their interactions, it's why I decided to go deep in the Touhou rabbit hole, but this... Not cool. Though I still won't quit, I'd like to see how they handle this though." (u/Sylphiad)
  • "Alright so I stopped playing LW like ages ago because it was just incredibly dull and unengaging, despite having spent no small amount on getting everyone I wanted including multiple copies of MFes Reisen and blonde Reisen, so I dunno what this is about you saying they've replaced the main story with a completely different universe that's just built on whale bait limited characters. Is there like a TLDR I can get somewhere" (u/NovidasX7)


But wait, there's more...


"I'm surprised C3 units are the most disliked units in LostWord, I actually thought it's the loli units" (u/TFritzelagram - creator of the Kakashi News Spirit news section of r/touhou_lostword)

"I mean, at least Smol Yuyuko has a compelling story behind her and isn't absurdly broken by the standards of her release. The C3 cast are all "this could have been a costume" from a design perspective, but instead they exist to powercreep everyone before them, including F1 Reimu." (u/CrescentCrossbow)

"What I don't like about them is they contribute nothing, literally zero to the story. Like the only relevant units to the story (at least for now) is Beach Yukari and Hecatia (and Hecatia herself is already a stretch), while Reimu and Marisa just appeared for literally 2 scenes (and one of them being that they ran away from the danger lol), and Beach Satori and Koishi came out of nowhere. How am I supposed to like them if I don't even know who they are? And not to mention those units beat my friends to pulp via the EX challenges lmao. In contrast, we have 3 loli ver, and all 3 of them are important figures to the story. Loliko is a deuteragonist to the 2nd arc, Lolijun is a main villain (?) of the Hifuu story, and Loli Yukari (Loliri?) is being Yukari. I have no problem in their power, they are supposed to be strong since they are, well, Epic, but at least design them with the plot in mind. Imo, the only "successful" unit is Blue Reimu, since they build her up via multiple quest lines, which makes her more memorable than every other else." (u/Eistik)

"C3 Hecatia just feels like a gag character (my only maxed C3 friend). And Beach Marisa does feel like an excuse to do a 17.5 version of her (my other C3 friend, and i like this excuse). Plus, all of them are on swimsuits, witch makes people think that the devs only want to squeeze money from us by getting all the horny players to spend money (works strangely well on JP, or so I heard)" (u/nonexitent_account)

"It's that the swimsuits - which should be costumes, let's be real - are being pushed as the highest cost unit instead. The loli Friends all cost less, and are easier to justify as separate characters. Not to mention that the challenge content is being designed for the Epic units, so it's becoming increasingly hard to play the game without these high-cost glorified costumes" (u/GeminiMaxxim)

"Ngl, at first it's interesting and good to see 2hus with swimsuits, but In time, they just keep spamming epic swimsuit units, i mean, we are in fucking Winter, and they STİLL giving us swimsuit units, it's starting to be really annoying. And most annoying part is they're all Efes units, for example if they just give a swimsuit unit in every 3 or 4 months or only summer times, it'll be good ¯_(ツ)_/¯" (u/HexyCupcake)

"Yeah, the main problem, maybe as mentioned before, THEY HAD NO CONTRIBUTION TO STORY PER SE. Only 5-6 lines of speaking, no big impact on story, and BOOM. EPIC UNITS. The other thought, I wouldn't mind if lunar war character being Epic units rather than those swimsuit, story-less characters are dominating the powercreep." (u/AgitatedBlood1593)

"There was an actual story reason for the Lunar War characters, weird and sometimes shameless recolors (like Alterisa and P2/Blue Reimu) and the loli characters. But the C3 variations are literally just the base cast wearing swimsuits and holding various beach equipment. I'd say the Retro units would also be a universally despised concept considering most of them barely have any visual differences from their original counterparts. But considering some of the units that were given retro variations have costumes that either completely change up their appearance or make small tweaks to the color palette, I'll let it slide. ... FOR NOW. I'm surprised the first variation units weren't the school outfits. But I guess it shows how drastically different the mindset has become for the lead devs of this game given that it's become less about telling a story with interesting characters and more about making money by milking said characters. Kinda feels like the story's more of an afterthought now instead of being the main focus. Sure we've got various challenges to keep ourselves busy, but considering one of them is on a timer for some bizarre reason and becomes inaccessible after said timer runs out and the rest require having an obscure amount of Story Cards that have abysmal drop rates and no way to increase those drop rates naturally I don't think the devs actually thought things through with this game and just did the throwing ideas at a dartboard thing that seems to happen with other games of a similar nature." (u/MysteriousBirbNukes)

"A lot of gacha players are pedos, so it stands to reason they'd have a solid consumer base to market those characters to, unfortunately." (u/ThePhantomSquee)

And with all this in mind, time to get to the next section of our news roundup:


Community discussion and memes

Some of these characters are actually new to most people. Especially since they dropped in JP, and will probably be mentioned in Global soon as well...



And more discussions about MC-chan. People still really are curious to talk more about her. 


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