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The Remix Tournament Awakens


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Hey, it's been a long time, but I've been away too long.  So, I'm bringing back another Remix tournament.  For those who haven't seen/participated before, I'll have more of an explanation in here:


This is essentially a game of sharing and rating music remixes that we have found.  It's not really much of a competition, and there's not really much of a prize in the end, so don't worry about anyone taking this too seriously.  It will go like this: every participant will send three remixes/arrangements/etc to me via PM.  Then, I will post three of all the pieces in the thread, and everyone will comment on them and rate them.  A day or two later (depending on how many people we have and how fast they post), I will post the next set and we'll do it again.  We continue like this until we've gone through all the pieces, and we find out who had the highest rated song, best average rating, etc.

So, if you want to join, post here, then send me a PM with your choices.  Sign-ups will last one week, assuming we have enough interested people.

While rating by numbers is arbitrary, I can compile them into a percentage at the end so we can see who has the rated song and best average, so that would be preferable.

Hope to see some people I haven't seen for a bit.  Maybe some new people too.




Ken Hisuag

Shionne Imeris

Drunken Flower

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how long registration phase is going to take though? asking because i'm waiting for a certain song which i planned to use in tournaments

also, is it fine with other sources like using a link of a song from bandcamp for example (or stuff like that)?


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do we have enough members?


3 hours ago, Shionne Imeris said:

also, is it fine with other sources like using a link of a song from bandcamp for example (or stuff like that)?

reminder 2 tournaments ago, certain someone used nico douga, vimeo and musescore

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13 hours ago, Shionne Imeris said:

how long registration phase is going to take though? asking because i'm waiting for a certain song which i planned to use in tournaments

also, is it fine with other sources like using a link of a song from bandcamp for example (or stuff like that)?


I'm fine with it if have to, but I'm also on the paranoid side of what I do online.  So, if you need to, fine, but if you can get it on Youtube that would nice.

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On 1/5/2022 at 2:12 AM, jssf1992 said:

I'm fine with it if have to, but I'm also on the paranoid side of what I do online.  So, if you need to, fine, but if you can get it on Youtube that would nice.

i got only one on youtube unfortunately, second one is from soundcloud and third is from bandcamp

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Who's ready?  Hopefully everyone, because we're starting!

Round 1:

An electric arrange of Hartmann's Youkai Girl:



Next, a mix of two unlikely pieces, Reach for the Moon and the Doll Maker of Bucuresti




And finally, more Electro, this time it's a Pair of Divine Beasts:




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 5 participants including jssf hmm ok


1.Fantasy Maiden Wars D - Koishi's Theme: PARANOIA STEP
eyy this int bad, nice pick jssf
i have not much to complain about this one, nice instruments choice, petty solid overall.
Although being a game music it tend to be short and has no proper ending, the uploader has no choice but to repeat the music which made it feel repetitive with no break in the middle.
aand idk but i feel something missing i cant point out. probably because this a BGM which serve as a support instead of the main focus ?

2. 月まで届け、不死の煙×ブクレシュティの人形師 - Melodic Taste
very straightforward title ಠ_ಠ
and WHY! why those 2, i feel like this arrange would be great anyway without the Bucuresti but ok... it just weeeiiiiiirrrdddd

medieval themed, starting out with waltz continued with symphonic orchestra
very grand, i have no idea what else to say.
the folk part at the very end reminds me of Scarborough Fair
追憶のシンフォニック・スイート [Reminiscence Symphonic Suite] ...no wonder it has the same feeling.
although im not too sure what does this piece trying to convey. Everytime i hear orchestra i cannot help but to try to find meaning behind it even there's none which in that case is unacceptableee, Orchestral is sacred aaaaa

trying to find the flaws so i can comment more but no have a filler comment to make this look a lot longer that it should be yeah!


3. Gurdian of the Shrine - IZMIZM
heh this reminds me of my early days, the style is similar to SÆTHER from Norowareta Night
still liking that kind of heavy drop
idk if y'all rember ive ever said that house is one of exception but i cant rember either!

as usual idk how to comment on electro stuff

also i wanna quickly address the differences between Cover, Remix and Re-arrangemet. might be useful some time and probably will change your view of music a bit.
- Cover is basically where someone play faithful to the music sheet with barely no change. e.g Piano Cover
- Remix is where you add something to the original music like effects, mixes, enhancements and such while keeping the original feeling the same. quite hard to differentiate from Re-Arrangement but when you feel it you feel it. probably because most of the remix is a remix of a re-arrangement.
- Re-Arrangement is where it gets interesting. Basically you play music with your own style, your own image. Altering the original meaning and mood to fit your own views and expression. just imagine for a drawing, i'll use youmu for example, there's loyal youmu, dork youmu, sicko youmu, [REDACTED] youmu and many more!!

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Here we go!



So we're diving straight into the chaotic end, huh? The beginning is pretty weird sounding, which I get is intentional but it's a bit offputting, but once it reaches that break in the middle? That bit is really nice. And then the electric guitar section afterwards is just plain cool. Looping back to the chaotic bit, I'd just like to point out that I think the use of that siren noise is good.

I feel the "chaotic" section works much better after hearing the other sections, so I think the song would be a bit more palatable if the structure was reshuffled a bit, but it's a cool boss theme once you get used to it. 6/10.

Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke x The Doll Maker of Bucuresti

I like it when two really unexpected themes are joined together.

There's quite a lot that happens in this piece, but none of it happens all at once, so it really feels like there's a journey through the music. This song actually reminds me a lot of the Ori soundtracks, not sure if it's because of the mood, style, instruments, or maybe it's just all of it. But either way, this is so atmospheric. There's a very magical feeling to it. It's hard to explain why it's a 10/10, but it's a 10/10.

Guardian of the Shrine

Ok I'm not sure how I feel about the random shouting in the background, but I have to admit the beat is pretty funky. That being said, there are also certain things which annoy me. I can't quite explain it, but during the bit at 1.20 there's something which feels very slightly out of time.

The bit afterwards is good.

But then there's the bit at 2.52. I really don't like it when songs do this upward scaling thing.

Overall I'd rate this "has potential" but there are certain aspects which get on my nerves. 6/10.


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A little bit chaotic but not that bad arrangement although i'm not really a fan of parts like 0:00 - 0:21 however final rate gets carried by guitar parts like 1:41 - 2:05.
i prob could tell on first listen that it's ost from a game too


2. like said before unique combination for sure, song is also nice feels good to listen in background when you need to focus or something like that 2nd half is superior imo but first is still quite good


3. good old IZMIZM huh?, electro house is my favorite house in most cases and this is no exception however i kinda agree to shouting complain that's in post above otherwise beat is pretty nice however this is still one of the least solid izna songs so 


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Wow, y'all were quick. I apologize for holding things up.

1: [insert arranger for Fantasy Maiden Wars D here] - Paranoia Step
Interesting start.

I hesitate to say Hartmann's Youkai Girl is over-saturated for me, because I regularly come across very impressive arrangements. That being said, I've never understood the extreme reputation and representation the piece has in the community. This remix doesn't do much for that perception. It's well planned and takes advantage of each section with varied instrumentation, but with little creativity. I appreciate some of the background elements, but I'd appreciate them more if they built up to something more than a loop track.

A good listen, but not particularly interesting. 6.5/10

2: Melodic Taste - Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke x The Doll Maker of Bucuresti
Melodic Taste is always a good choice.

The progression seems cinematic, being reminiscent of the shifting emotions of transitioning scenes in a film. This approach makes the blend of two source pieces much smoother, and allows for quite a variety of styes to be showcased. I'm reminded of Sam Dillard's Chrono Trigger arrangements, though with those motifs were used to serve specific functions of mood within each piece. With this, there's less prescribed emotion to capture and more freedom to take the piece wherever the artist would like. There is a sense of mystery that comes with this, and I wonder if that was the goal behind this project.

At the risk of (once again) rating too high too early: 9/10

3: IZMIZM - Guardian of the Shrine
Well, this a fun piece!

I'm not very familiar with the source piece for this one, but the motif seems to fit in very well to the style. I'm curious if there's a more specific genre this falls into, aside from what's in the video title. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this arrangement. The instrumentation, though not normally familiar to me, is nonetheless very well blended and balanced. The little added elements (sound effects and the like) did more to enhance the track than I'm used to expecting. Whereas the previous entry left me feeling reflective, this piece left me dancing, and I'm hard pressed to compare the two.

Perhaps I should be relying more on decimals? 8.5/10

If the rest of the tournament is like this round, it's gonna be tough (but in a good way! ?).

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On 1/15/2022 at 6:48 AM, Drunken_Flower said:

- Remix is where you add something to the original music like effects, mixes, enhancements and such while keeping the original feeling the same. quite hard to differentiate from Re-Arrangement but when you feel it you feel it. probably because most of the remix is a remix of a re-arrangement.
- Re-Arrangement is where it gets interesting. Basically you play music with your own style, your own image. Altering the original meaning and mood to fit your own views and expression.

This lines up fairly well with my own perception of the terms, though I do think it's actually very rare to see any remix that doesn't also arrange the piece to some degree to play to the new instrument'(s) strengths (which I would think it should).

In case this needs to be said though, despite the name, I don't see any issue with having the latter here.  I didn't pick the name personally, and I doubt the originator thought of the distinction (or maybe they did and decided 'Remix Tournament' rolls off the metaphorical tongue better?)

Also, I find it kind of funny that you immediately knew what my pick was.  I guess I am the one that keeps bringing fangames into this . . .

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This is a very interesting piece, it has this overall calm and serene atmosphere yet at times it has these stronger parts which feel like they should change the mood, yet somehow synergise with it instead of clashing with it. It took me a few listens to realise it but there's actually loads of variety to the sections that happen in this piece, I just don't notice it because it all meshes together so well. Because of this I get really easily absorbed in it, it doesn't feel like 8 minutes long at all. I also just generally really like how it incorporates the source theme. I'm giving it 9/10.

Soul Concerto

A cool arrangement with a cool title. This one has a kind of retro feeling to it, which I like. At first I was just expecting this to be a straight forward remix of Phantom Ensemble - which was already good enough - but then things got really good when it reached the bridge section and more originality started showing. I also like the use of some less conventional rock instruments in there. A very driven and exciting rock piece, 7/10 was a fun time.

Falling Pegasus

A remix of Dark Pegasus + True Administrator, huh? I really liked the beginning but then things got kinda... hard to understand later on. It improved again later on though, I liked how True Administrator was introduced at the end. After a few listens the parts I didn't like got less distracting, which helped me to appreciate the overall piece a bit more, although I still wouldn't say I like those kind of "random" sections. 5/10.

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1. well well, personally i would call it more ambient than orchestral at least huge majority of it. It blends together very well while also being so damn immersive and imo past presence and future really fits there
like said above while it's 8 mins long it doesn't really feel like it


2. TOHO TEMPEST II i think i had it on my drive somewhere but this one is much calmer rock that i personally usually prefer (while still being good nonetheless) while i prefer rock that is closer to metal i also heard phantom ensemble so many times that it sometimes can feel stale although i can't say i'm a fan of parts like 2:19. Overall it's pretty decent piece imo nothing special but nothing bad either


3. now this should be expected, this genre (both color bass and riddim/melodic riddim) are really niche ones (albeit getting more attention recently) however in touhou arranges case they're incredibly rare as for now and i can see why lmao, riddim is quite comparable to experimental music or industrial which tends to sound bad or outright hurt some people ears but personally this album is amazing for me and i really like genre in general too, song choice is also good there since it mixed saki's and miko's themes into that piece


However i recommend giving vermilion shell a hear too https://douyinshi.bandcamp.com/track/vermilion-shell

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4: Maiden's Cappricio/Armpit Maiden - Blooming
Medley of one.

This calls for a breakdown:
0:00-1:03 ~ Atmospheric ambiance with light melodic accompaniment is a tried and true formula for many a slowly built up melancholy, and such was my anticipation for this beginning. Does it have to be this long, though?
1:04-1:40 ~ A secondary build up, or the next step of the introduction? The rain faded out, but then it came back. The added instrumentation doesn't lend toward my expectations of melancholy, but rather indicates a more sinister direction. I'm okay with this, but I'm getting a bit tired of this long intro.
1:40-2:18 ~ Immediate discordance! Unexpectedly limited instrumentation, a suddenly pronounced plodding pace which is neither melancholy nor sinister. Why?
2:18-2:35 ~ The apparent moment of climax is past, its brevity committing nothing to whatever thematic progression this piece supposedly has. I officially have no idea what is going on.
2:35-3:47 ~ This is now a different piece. The first two-and-a-half minutes were apparently the introduction, but did nothing to prepare the listener for the currently presented tone.
3:47-5:00 ~ The last minute was build up, proving that the first part was completely unnecessary. I actually like this part, but I can't focus on it because I'm still confused by the path it took to get here.
5:00-5:08 ~ The piece is over.
5:08 ~ The piece is not over.
5:08-5:44 ~ The piece was over; this is a different piece.
5:44-? ~ Honestly, I can't be bothered anymore.

It's a shame, because the quality of arrangement is quite good apart from the confusing progression. If there was a proper transition between the second and third part (dispensing with the first part), I believe this would have been a fine experience. Instead, I'm left confused and slightly annoyed.

I'm rating low, though I acknowledge it may be unfair. 4/10

5: Sonic Hybrid Orchestra - Soul Concerto
Quite the follow-up.

The initial build up is rather lackluster, being more along the lines of what DF defined as a "remix." Then the rock kicks in, and suddenly it's symphonic metal reminiscent of Our Hisoutensoku! Granted that its instrumentation is a bit more limited than is customary for the genre, it still presents a high energy drop and carries through with it. This leads into an improv-style B-section, dropping into the customary energy saver and ramping up into a fitting finale. I was fully expecting this to be a looping track, but was instead treated to a fairly fitting lead out. There still seems to be something missing throughout the piece, but it's certainly not for lack of trying.

Points deducted for the intro, but otherwise a very satisfying experience. 8/10

6: chizhidoo - Falling Pegasus
. . . how shall I get this into the playlist . . .

The progression here is unusually solid for this genre, mainly because it balances out its noise sections (breakdowns?). They're kept just short enough that they don't overcome the song, and they're spaced out with melody snippets from the source pieces, keeping the whole thing grounded. The energy was carefully managed throughout, and it keeps its goal in sight; there wasn't any point in the piece where I was questioning the direction. I would have preferred some more clever usage of Dark Pegasus, as it seemed to be overcome by the much more obvious True Administrator. Then again, I'm more familiar with the latter piece, and possibly I just didn't notice some of the incorporation.

I worry that this won't be a particularly memorable entry, but I enjoyed it in the moment. 7/10

Edited by Ken Hisuag
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1. Maiden's Cappricio - Blooming
nice atmospheric opening, personally the length is just right. it's all doing nice
up until around 3:50, i feel the supporting instruments starting to disappear i thought my headphone broke, it's like they mashed together and became lost.
i can actually understand what's the story behind this piece, except the part after 5:00 i dont understand, what for? should've ended with the piano instead.
if only the mastering was nicer i could listen to this more

2. S.H.O - Soul Concerto

0:27 eyy nice guitar
it's pretty faithful to the original up until 2:00, i thought this was gonna be a cover until the very end.
this part actually nice, breaking up the repetition of the original.
3:10 it's back to the original, 3:35 eyy this finally has turned into a re-arrangement, and y'know me i love those kind of heavy part sound thing.

3. chizhidoo - 墜ちるペガサス - "Falling Pegasus"
what is this genre? i never know what's it called. it say color bass which i don't get at all. my hearing say is pretty close to complextro or hi-tech, that thing Camellia usually make.
yeah the progression really reminds me of Camellia
this actually very nice, it's not ear-grating as others and i can actually listen to
wait i just realized this has Saki theme in it... right? and i still havent listen much to the new themes, just some of em
what's this? a 9(Nine) for an electro from me? DF himself? yeah i


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Alright, time for round three!


First, a folk version of the Fantatistic Legend of Tohno:




Second, an electronic . . . I think it's supposed to a medley?



And third, another medley, but rock this time:




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im about to say that i almost forgot i was in tourney but it seems im first so yeah!

apparently today my comments are quite long
1. O-Life Japan - マヨヒガ演舞


-100 for rarity 763059750144442368.png, i definitely already heard this loonggg ago
Irish Folk eh?
i dont really mind the slow opening from 00:00-01:02, feels reasonably fitting
though im a bit annoyed at the repetitive part at 01:40
i dont know what to comment after that but it feel ok-ish, nothing too significant
04:28 Discord notification sound!
the violin solo-ish(?) focused(?) part is nice, especially after 05:02
this a enjoyable piece overall, minus the rarity 7.5/10

although this nice, no one beats Floating Cloud in this genre so i set the bar quite high

2. Youkai Sound Team - Hyper Flavour


first thing that came to my mind is, i hate that opening sample.
quite unlucky of you to choose this, that sample been blasted everyday everywhere over my ears without my consent. help.

i dunno what to say, the buildup is kinda generic
01:41 the touhou in in, sounds like Hartmann, and quite cinematic? well yea i don't think it quite fit?
02:32 another theme, this time is Faith is for the Transient People
03:38 Hartmann again
the buildup and climax at 03:56 is quite nice
06:22 i hear Grimoire of Alice
06:58 another Hartmann, but now in jazz??? quite nice compared to previous
07:25 now feels like electro swing?? finally a part i like
ok the remaining part seems to be quite amazing

im really sorry but this goes to my not-to-go-music 4/10

also i've tried to ignore this but i hate the comments, don't hang out with indonesians
and this guy everywhere, you sure this not you? or anyone among us? and the timing is kinda suspicious.







3: Tennenjemini - CALL OUT!!


oh nice heavy guitar
seems quite chaotic at 00:17 idk what to feel
the voice mastering seems kinda off but at the same time kinda fun?

the theme pick is reasonable, i mean.. those two definitely already met and fight.
i do feel the Futatsuiwa in this arrange, but can't quite point it out
wait this is the th13.5 Futatsuiwa from Gensokyo not the th13 Futatsuiwa from Sado, so probably i was searching the wrong melody
nah that doesn't make lotta difference but now i can tell the 01:02 is the Futatsuiwa.
and wait!! that chaotic part at 00:17 does actually sound like a part of Last Occultism, not the main part of the original so kinda hard to notice.
both themes is in there so that checks out.

idk why but i like the 01:06 heeeyyyyyy yeeeeaaahhhhhh.
i like the intensity in this arrange.

i think my expectation is lowered after the previous so this one kinda got boosted? 9/10


i forgot th13 extra boss is Mamizou


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The trifecta:

7: O-Life Japan - Stray House Performance
Orchestra . . .

. . . or is it more folk? Definitely a balance of the two, but not quite a blend (however well the balance is handled). "Cinematic" does seem an appropriate word for the style, even if I'd be hesitant to use it myself without such prompting. It is known that I'm a huge fan of Irish Folk, and this is possibly the best adaptation of the genre into Touhou that I've yet encountered. Parts where the folk is forefront seem reinforced by the backing orchestra without being apart of it, whereas the sections of orchestral focus are often lacking any folk elements. I'm surprised by this as a concept, and I might start looking for it more in other pieces. On a separate note, I noticed the piece change at 4:25. The transition was smooth, and both sides were sufficiently developed to compliment each other, but it makes me wonder what the production process was like.

Why so many internal questions? Ultimately, I really enjoyed the piece. 9/10

8: Youkai Sound Team - Hyper Flavour
. . . EDM . . .

. . . I know I use that acronym for pretty much anything electronic with a focus on heavy beat, and I believe I'm justified in doing so. Even if it isn't entirely correct. (Musical genres are hard.) This particular arrangement features a plethora of styles, apparently sourced from a team of individuals working on different parts of the full piece. You can sometimes tell which sections are which based on the change in focus, but these are all transitioned into and out of extremely well. I would expect a project of this sort to be riddled with inconsistent progression and tone issues; not only is this not the case, but the group seemed to do a better job at keeping track of the project's progression than some single-member circles usually do.

Color me impressed. 9.2/10

9: Tennenjemini - CALL OUT!
. . . and rock.

Shouldn't that come before EDM? However, this is also a vocal piece, so perhaps its placement is fitting. I struggled a bit with the mastering of this track; the vocals didn't seem balanced to the music, and everything seemed improperly compressed. I looked for something better, but it would seem this is the original quality. I'm unsure at how much this has effected my experience with the piece; the vocal performance is well done, though somewhat harsh against its accompaniment, and the music seems well arranged but somewhat lacking in sufficient punch (there's probably a better word). Altogether, it comes across as . . . OK. Not bad, but not spectacular, just okay.

I also couldn't find the lyrics. 6.8/10

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1. more folk, eh? Quite rare piece i would say i kinda like instrument choice and progression but it really starts to shine after 4:26
overall it's pretty nice song i'm usually not really that much fond of folk but obviously it depends on song itself and this one hits


2. This is quite intriguing i would say not only a medley but more importantly it's Full Flavor or by some also called Omnigenre and as name implies it consists of various genres together
0:00 - 1:18 some drum'n bass as opening i see
1:38 - 2:00 we got some orchestral there
2:01 - 2:53 leading into neurofunk
3:04 - 3:35 and some nasty colour bass there i like it
3:56 - 5:01 a little bit of hardcore
5:24 - 5:45 and rocky rock
5:46 - 6:49 comparable to orchestral metal but a little softer also 6:05 piano in background feels so nice there
7:24 - 8:17 a tad of ele swing too

overall it's possibly the first full flavor touhou song that i've ever heard and believe me i heard a LOT of them


3. hell yeah, this is kind of rock i'd like to listen aka ones that resemble metal a little more this one sounds nice while also being another medley there and with quite nice and decent vocal i approve
this is a little less than first song because first one kinda impressed me for a folk song it's still good regardless though


anyway. what a round with a double medley, right?

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