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A Kaleidoscope of Crystals and Lasers - Touhou x ASOIAF (Game of Thrones) Crossover


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Author: Yours truly (me. I wrote this.)

Rating: M


When the Red Comet bathes the sky of Westeros red, it brings forth things that should not be in that world. Gods are birthed, demons lay waste to lands, and armies find themselves in the shadow of magic.

The world of Touhou Project has come.

And with chaos, many take the opportunity in becoming more powerful than ever before, both for the betterment of their people and to their doom. No one is untouched by the ensuing turmoil, from the furthest reaches of the North to the Further East of Essos.

This is a story of how the people of "A Song of Ice and Fire" must adapt to the coming of "Touhou Project" characters by allying and opposing them.

Or die trying.



About 190k words and 34 chapters right now.

It should be updating each week, hopefully

AO3 link here

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