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Labyrinth of Touhou Rebirth - A Mod of Labyrinth of Touhou by Ethan Silver


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LINK MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/e74SlJrB#ySfB4vn4sbyyy_tHRiC_3zk5Svj20-2kcLWOSBfHLnU

This is a mod of Labyrinth of Touhou by Ethan Silver, originally from Nise Eikoku Shinshidan.

Release Information
Type: Old-School RPG 
Developer: Nise Eikoku Shinshidan
Publisher: Nise Eikoku Shinshidan
Release: 2009
Language: English

Mod: Ethan Silver

The characters are expand, included PC-98 characters and future mainline Touhou characters from Touhou 12 onward.

Few month ago, I download a mod called Labyrinth of Touhou Rebirth and it was hard to make it work. At present (09/11/2021), I forgot how I can do it. Fortunately, I didn't delete the succeed mod and decide to upload to save it.

I already mod it so you just need to download and play it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After download and extract the RAR file called LoT JPN v2.0 - Copy, you need to find and open an application LoTR to play the game











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On 11/10/2021 at 11:44 PM, Shionne Imeris said:

Interesting! now i wish for same mod for LoT 2 because i just like it more than first one

I am sorry, I am so dumb, GOD DAMMIT ME. I post this 1 week ago and I forgot to add a download link in my Post.

To day 20/11/2021, I have add a link download in my post. You can download the mod and play right away. You just need to extract the file and open LOTR application to play it. 

LINK MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/e74SlJrB#ySfB4vn4sbyyy_tHRiC_3zk5Svj20-2kcLWOSBfHLnU

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  • WindPerson changed the title to Labyrinth of Touhou Rebirth - A Mod of Labyrinth of Touhou by Ethan Silver

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