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How to make your touhou game midi Sounds better


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First, let’s listen to some demos(th06_01.mid)

normal windows GS: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GDWGH/files/master/20210720_104834.mp3


which demo do you like?

If you like vstihost sound  just Follow me for the next step


First let's discuss midi playback

There are many kinds of midi playback  such like vsti,Real midi playback, Emulator or soundfont

These ways of making midi play determine what we are going to do


second download and use to play midi

1.soundfont(not suggested): you can use coolsoft virtualmidisynth to play midi by soundfont

(soundfont and software can find at their website:coolsoft.altervista.org I also suggest you download their midimapper to manage midi devices)

2.vtsi(suggested But it may be too complicated):

first download the SAVIHost (hermannseib.com) or go to http://topurl.cn/achoo to get a pre-install pack

then get the vtsi plugins  go to http://topurl.cn/achoo to get the plugin

3.Emulator(not suggested,too old to use)

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