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Because I can't think of a better title at the moment.

  • Created the Other Content category for stuff like Seihou, meaning games or music that we want to host but aren't technically touhou fangames/music.
    It's been there for a while but I forgot to post the changelog
  • Added .iso files for Seihou 1 & 2, and also installation floppy disk images for Touhou 4. Thanks to @Guihong Wang for providing these files!
  • Used the Seihou .iso files to replace the pre-installed versions with one that doesn't come with broken filenames (if I didn't mess anything up in the process that is.)
  • The Seihou 1 description now includes solutions on how to make the game slightly less cursed on modern operating systems.
  • Anyone remember the doujin album catalogue page? I did. Which is why I finally updated the page after more than one and a half years.
  • Touhou Desktop Pets now actually includes all 28 characters instead of 23 or whatever it was. Only took me a few years to do that but better late than never I guess.
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