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Finding and Sourcing Fanart for Youtube Videos

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It's customary for Touhou arrangements on Youtube to use fanart for visuals, and whether as a legal obligation or simply common courtesy, said fanart ought to be credited to its respective artists. I would like to know if there is a recommended way to find fanart for this purpose, and what the proper methods of attributing credit are (those familiar with my posting habits will recognize that I have usually defaulted to using source-album covers).

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I always check on Safebooru for art I want to use in a video, since anything on there is there because the artist gave the site permission to keep it up.. Then, when you use the image, link to the original Pixiv, Twitter, etc. on the Statistics tab with the person's Pixiv username, @ Twitter handle, etc. That's what I do at least to cover myself. Of course, since anyone can post stuff on there, there's some rare cases where someone posts an artists art without permission. In this case, the artist can file a dispute, but it may take a while for the artist to notice. So I recommend staying away from using super new art. Anything at least older than a month should be safe.


There's also the wiki, which keeps track of the more obscure rules. Very specific stuff like not showing the endings, not using raw assets from the Touhou games, not using actual photos of ZUN, etc. I assume less people follow these rules than the fan artist crediting above, considering how lesser known they are, but it's something that exists as well.

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I tried out Safebooru, but have found it unreliable. More often then not, the source links don't work.

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Yeah, a lot of links are dead. I assume because they keep updating the webpages, so the links no longer point to the correct addresses. It's a problem that affects a lot of sites, not just the boorus specifically.

In cases like that, I usually just reverse image search for the source with TinEye or Google Images. 

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