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Fifth Remix Tournament

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Welcome, Jerome! Glad to have ya!

4: Tokyo Active NEETs - Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land
That guy still disturbs me slightly.

I'm shocked at how well Flower Land works in jazz; I'm not a fan of the original theme, but I'm finding that it has powerful arrangement potential. This particular performance does a great job at playing to the respective strengths of its few instruments, going so far as to give three of the five an interlude each for some fun jazzy improve style (there's probably a proper term for what I keep calling "improve," but hopefully everyone knows what I mean). Despite coming back to the same motif over and over again throughout, each of those instrument-focused bridge sections {oh hey Garison, just saw that notification} keep it from feeling repetitive. The only way I could see this being improved is if they gave the remaining two instruments a bridge section toward the end, but that might have messed with the progression.

New paragraph to keep the rating distinct. 9/10

5: Alstroemeria Records - Dreaming
You weren't kidding.

The way this song's progression works makes me really tempted to do another Garison Play-by-Play, but I will refrain. There are elements of EDM here, but I dare say they're balanced out by another style that I can't put a name to. What it sounds like . . . Have I featured FEZ on Other Game Music yet? If you've heard it, you'll know what I mean. The vocal performance is definitely the highlight of the remix. It seems to blend in with the music quite a bit, and I'm undecided as to whether this helps or hinders the effect of the whole. Either way, I appreciate the adaptation of the source motifs into the progression, specifically in the chorus.

The music doesn't really compliment the lyrics that much, but it works as a vocal arrangement. 8/10

6: TashMusicCircle - paraguas
We've got quite the quality line-up this tournament!

Right from the start, the artist goes all-in on his instrumentation. The acoustic guitar may be front and center, but behind it is a wide variety of accompaniments from all sorts of influences, including latin clickers, oriental percussion, some synthesized airy sounds, and even a drum set. These are all balanced in such a way as to keep the piece moving at all times. Normally this would be to make up for a lack of movement in the foreground, but in this case it's adding onto an already exciting remix. If he had so desired, the artist could have easily reformed this piece into a guitar solo without losing any quality. As it is, this arrangement is a musical masterpiece.

I feel compelled to rate this high, though I really wish now I had rated a bit lower the previous round. 10/10


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6.5: Ken Hisuag - Fifth Remix Tournament ~ Round 2 review
Reviewing a review.

You can tell how long it took to write this review by noting the part where the writer saw the notification for the previous post, and how long after that post his review was posted. Considering the time taken, there's far less details and discussion of music theory than normal, especially on the last part. Overall, not one of his best.

6/10, was probably tired but didn't want to put off reviewing any longer.

Hey, three of us were here at the same time! How about that?

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Gensokyo Past and Present (Jazz)


The original Gensokyo Past and Present ~ Flower Land, I always had mixed feelings about. I liked to listen to it, but the melody was simplistic and didn't go anywhere. That tends to hurt adaptations like this, but I do like that the improvised solo section was completely original. It adds some freshness to the track, although I would prefer if it took less time to get there.

NEETs always does good work with the instrumentation, which is automatic listen for me on basically all their videos.

Rating: 6.8/10

Maiden's Capriccio


Oooh, this is...a thing. Not the best first impression; the repetitive drum loop and the similar repetitive emphasis on certain notes in the instrumentation was grating at first, gradually became pleasant midway through, and slipped back to grating near the end. I liked that the drum line stopped for the last bit.

Vocals were good. Not a lot to say, but I appreciate that the contrast between the two melodic sections was maintained. It made the chorus(?) feel special when it hit even though the majority of the song sounds the same throughout.

Wouldn't be my first choice to listen to.

Rating: 5/10

Beware the (Latin) Umbrella Left There Forever


This one. Now this is a fun piece. I''m always up for exotic or uncommon instruments--they add extra character to a piece--and the Latin guitars and castanets are generally a good time. Fairly basic cover aside from the instrumentation choice, but overall not bad.

Rating: 7.5/10



Garrison: Fade-outs have no business in anything instrumental whatsoever. Unless it's just background ambience or something. I'm less picky on stuff with vocals.

So that's where the new character choices came from. Was wondering about that, since Rin seemed like an odd choice. About frickin' time we got Alice, tho.

Dana: As NEETs listening goes, I find that the orchestral pieces are better for listening for the music, while the jazz is better for listening just to listen. Some of their better orchestrations occasionally give me chills.


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1 hour ago, Ken Hisuag said:

Hey, three of us were here at the same time! How about that?

Oh yeah i've forgot i have this tab opened lmao

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