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Fifth Remix Tournament

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Welcome, Jerome! Glad to have ya!

4: Tokyo Active NEETs - Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land
That guy still disturbs me slightly.

I'm shocked at how well Flower Land works in jazz; I'm not a fan of the original theme, but I'm finding that it has powerful arrangement potential. This particular performance does a great job at playing to the respective strengths of its few instruments, going so far as to give three of the five an interlude each for some fun jazzy improve style (there's probably a proper term for what I keep calling "improve," but hopefully everyone knows what I mean). Despite coming back to the same motif over and over again throughout, each of those instrument-focused bridge sections {oh hey Garison, just saw that notification} keep it from feeling repetitive. The only way I could see this being improved is if they gave the remaining two instruments a bridge section toward the end, but that might have messed with the progression.

New paragraph to keep the rating distinct. 9/10 8/10

5: Alstroemeria Records - Dreaming
You weren't kidding.

The way this song's progression works makes me really tempted to do another Garison Play-by-Play, but I will refrain. There are elements of EDM here, but I dare say they're balanced out by another style that I can't put a name to. What it sounds like . . . Have I featured FEZ on Other Game Music yet? If you've heard it, you'll know what I mean. The vocal performance is definitely the highlight of the remix. It seems to blend in with the music quite a bit, and I'm undecided as to whether this helps or hinders the effect of the whole. Either way, I appreciate the adaptation of the source motifs into the progression, specifically in the chorus.

The music doesn't really compliment the lyrics that much, but it works as a vocal arrangement. 8/10

6: TashMusicCircle - paraguas
We've got quite the quality line-up this tournament!

Right from the start, the artist goes all-in on his instrumentation. The acoustic guitar may be front and center, but behind it is a wide variety of accompaniments from all sorts of influences, including latin clickers, oriental percussion, some synthesized airy sounds, and even a drum set. These are all balanced in such a way as to keep the piece moving at all times. Normally this would be to make up for a lack of movement in the foreground, but in this case it's adding onto an already exciting remix. If he had so desired, the artist could have easily reformed this piece into a guitar solo without losing any quality. As it is, this arrangement is a musical masterpiece.

I feel compelled to rate this high, though I really wish now I had rated a bit lower the previous round. 10/10 9/10


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Hey i just found out, There's 1 impostor Among us  Whoever this might be he left comment on one of my videos AND APPARENTLY this video is song that was posted few rounds before i fo

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6.5: Ken Hisuag - Fifth Remix Tournament ~ Round 2 review
Reviewing a review.

You can tell how long it took to write this review by noting the part where the writer saw the notification for the previous post, and how long after that post his review was posted. Considering the time taken, there's far less details and discussion of music theory than normal, especially on the last part. Overall, not one of his best.

6/10, was probably tired but didn't want to put off reviewing any longer.

Hey, three of us were here at the same time! How about that?

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Gensokyo Past and Present (Jazz)


The original Gensokyo Past and Present ~ Flower Land, I always had mixed feelings about. I liked to listen to it, but the melody was simplistic and didn't go anywhere. That tends to hurt adaptations like this, but I do like that the improvised solo section was completely original. It adds some freshness to the track, although I would prefer if it took less time to get there.

NEETs always does good work with the instrumentation, which is automatic listen for me on basically all their videos.

Rating: 6.8/10

Maiden's Capriccio


Oooh, this is...a thing. Not the best first impression; the repetitive drum loop and the similar repetitive emphasis on certain notes in the instrumentation was grating at first, gradually became pleasant midway through, and slipped back to grating near the end. I liked that the drum line stopped for the last bit.

Vocals were good. Not a lot to say, but I appreciate that the contrast between the two melodic sections was maintained. It made the chorus(?) feel special when it hit even though the majority of the song sounds the same throughout.

Wouldn't be my first choice to listen to.

Rating: 5/10

Beware the (Latin) Umbrella Left There Forever


This one. Now this is a fun piece. I''m always up for exotic or uncommon instruments--they add extra character to a piece--and the Latin guitars and castanets are generally a good time. Fairly basic cover aside from the instrumentation choice, but overall not bad.

Rating: 7.5/10



Garrison: Fade-outs have no business in anything instrumental whatsoever. Unless it's just background ambience or something. I'm less picky on stuff with vocals.

So that's where the new character choices came from. Was wondering about that, since Rin seemed like an odd choice. About frickin' time we got Alice, tho.

Dana: As NEETs listening goes, I find that the orchestral pieces are better for listening for the music, while the jazz is better for listening just to listen. Some of their better orchestrations occasionally give me chills.


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1 hour ago, Ken Hisuag said:

Hey, three of us were here at the same time! How about that?

Oh yeah i've forgot i have this tab opened lmao

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wait, im last?
oh nay, Jssf haven't replied

also welcome hell, new soul.



Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land

i feel like we have Tokyo Active NEETs in every tournament lol, but it's not
how peculiar
who usually post Active NEETs?

can't comment much on this one, y'know the usual Active NEETs vibes which i already talked before(?).
although my point of view for Jazz is more like to the Lounge, Blues.
i still can't understand the range of Jazz stuff
at the very least i say this pretty nice.


im not biased since Yuuka is my number 2,
not because her theme tho.

(now you question where does Suika ranked in my list)


nomico - Dreaming

the upload quality aint that great
i move to newer uploads, just search in youtube

this pretty nice actually, i can see myself listening this in some occasion.
quite counter intuitive but for some reason aint like the 2hu part, the Maiden Capricio part, 2:24 lel
i cant think why


TashMusicCircle - paraguas

lol i'll send this to my paraguayan frens

i think i expected too much from this, considering what's in my playlist
was hoping it be a bit more latin-ish. the instruments and melody seems right?
i think it's because the theme? maybe it aint fit so much?
OH it missing claps YEA

still another addition to my latin playlist


now that Jerome has joined
It'll be harder to guess who submitted which
since aint know how his music taste are.
it's a joker card

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Sorry to keep you waiting.


Jazz, Past and Present


Sadly, Yuuka's 'modern' theme is one of the handful of pieces that I don't care for, despite thinking it to still be good (kind of spoiled for choices with Touhou music).  This cover is, to me, a nearly one-to-one comparison with the original, just trading the slight electronic sound that PoFV still had for brassy jazz sound.  Not bad, and I must admit that I prefer the real brass, but there isn't much to really comment on musically.


. . . though, that guy in the video (you know which one) looks like he's having the time of his life.

Maiden singing a capriccio


Hmm, an electronic remix.  Maiden's Capriccio has some good remixs out there, and this has some good points.  There's something odd about the vocals, sometimes it doesn't mix well with the music, leading to a sort of messy sound, but sometimes it's fine and works well.  Otherwise, it's fine, but not standout.


Latin Umbrella Dancing


This is definitely a style I don't here often.  Clearly not often enough.  This was definitely similar to the original, but took a pleasant divergence into a new style.  I'm not sure how much my complimenting the piece would be more complimenting the style/genre (is it salsa?  Not sure if I'm using that right.)  Mostly, I like the quickened pace but still having a somewhat calm feel compared to other fast pieces.



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Posted (edited)

Next round!

First is big band jazz for Love-Coloured Master Spark.


Then we have a Stack vocal arrange for Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly.


Last in this round, is a remix of Fragrant Plants. Nice to see an overlooked theme from SWR show up.


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Me, looking back at my previous ratings: Boy, I didn't remember rating that song quite that high...oh well.

Jazzter Spark


A more typical jazz offering than the last. I have some issues with performance jazz that I've listened to, but this track doesn't have them. Wasn't impressed with the opening; lone trumpets are somewhat grating, especially to start a piece off. Fortunately, the rest of the track more than made up for it. I very much enjoyed everything after the piano came in.

Ending is not the strongest, but jazz doesn't tend toward bombastic endings, so it's more a matter of my taste.

Rating: 7.9/10

White Spirit, Ultra Red


The first thing I notice about this piece is that it's very techno. The melody and the quality of the vocals makes me think of insert songs for magical girl anime, although with that said, this piece could definitely stand some violins in the instrumental. Especially in the instrumental solo--that part was all techno and lost the melody.

Okay, but not my cup of coffee.

Rating: 5.5/10

Fragrant Weeds


I was not expecting this kind of song at all.

The harpsichord at the beginning had me excited, as did the emphasis on the minor key of the original song. However, both of those features were underutilized in favor of the techno elements. Not that I minded that much, but still. The singer sounds casual, as though she's not putting a lot of energy into her performance.

Overall, probably my favorite song so far of this contest, but partly on potential. With a little more feeling in the vocal performance, or a more even balance between the harpsichord and techno instruments, this would be an easy 9 or higher.

Rating: 8.7


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7: a-TTTempo - YOU ARE MINE!
Lotta jazz, lotta love. I think I'm finally coming to terms with my appreciation for jazz, thanks in no small part to the wide variety of remixes in the Touhou fandom (not to mention Akiyama's work).

There's a lot going on in this performance, and it's very fun to listen to. While the focus of this arrangement is (ironically) trumpets, there's a very distinct difference between them and the iconic ZUNpets from the source theme. Master Spark only has three or so motifs, one of which is transitional, so this remix attempts to mix things up with a pop song structure where the first two motifs represent verses, the primary motif functions as the chorus, and an improve adaptation of all three for the bridge.

By the end of the second chorus on first listen, I figured the song was about done. Unfortunately, that perception didn't recede through the rest of the piece, which was almost half the length. On subsequent listens, this doesn't bother me as much, but it makes me question the progression quality of the arrangement. There's nothing wrong with the tried-and-true pop structure, but you have to set it up earlier in the piece so that your audience is prepared for the bridge; either that, or lead into the bridge in such a way that the audience is aware of it.

For all that, I prefer this piece to previous round's Flower Land, and will acknowledge here that I rated too enthusiastically overall in the first round, and am now stuck. 9/10

8: Akatsuki Records - The Floating Orb Shapes' Line of Faith ~ White Spirit, Ultra Red
Obligatory Stack feature: ✅;

. . . and as Stack songs go, this is especially good! Managing to strike a balance between the hardcore and serene that she's known for, the vocal performance perfectly compliments the accompanying blend of rock, electric and orchestral instrumentation. Yet there are brief points of contention in the music itself, moments where one style is almost overcoming the others before being smoothed back into the preordained pattern; the vocals are also subject to these events. Then there's the ending: it comes suddenly and with finality, but without feeling rushed or improperly telegraphed. Whatever conflict existed throughout the arrangement is not resolved, but ended. With improper setup, this could have had a disastrous effect on the audience, but in this case it is the finishing touch to the song's theme.

I appreciated the instruments used here. As stated above, they reinforce each other in unexpected ways with no one part dominating the whole performance (even the vocals). A part of me wanted to isolate a few of them for discussion (like the guitar at 3:40 or the hard electronic instrument at 1:36), but the blend is so well accomplished that I can't feel justified in doing so.

Alright, that's it; I have to go back and change my ratings. If need be, feel free to ignore the changes in the final tally, but this one needs to be higher. 10/10

9: ESQUARIA - Repeating Greenery
Elusive Lyrics 2: Search for Meaning

Blending house with the original theme's gothic classical somehow results in a very diverse arrangement. There's a sinister edge to what is otherwise a pleasantly head-boppin' piece; it sounds very much like the theme of a 3D animation. The house style makes it a dance song, but then it breaks away from that into purely classical interludes. More so than previous round's submission, I'd really like to know the lyrics to this one; either they'd tie everything together, or establish this as a purely stylistic remix. The vocal performance is superb, alternating between clipping words and sliding through them as the accompaniment calls for. The ending also stands out as being unlike the rest of the piece. It's neither the house nor the classical; a serene middle ground, perhaps?

I'll have to come back to this circle, see if they've done other stuff like this. 9/10

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1. that's just a big nope from me, sorry but jazz is like my worst enemy and i absolutely can't stand it (i've listened this one for sake of tournament tho) it's almost same with electro swing etc. i've never really liked it and i doubt i'll ever do so this is probably gonna be my lowest grade in this tournament unfortunately



2. Stack's versatile voice strikes again huh? it really never gets old (however this one ain't best of her works it's pretty solid) i prefer more metal-ish arrangements, but you can't have everything



3. Yes please ESQUARIA is one of my top 3 circles mostly because kind of arrangements they are creating in this one we have pretty rare theme CHICACO vocals and CleanTears arrangement and it's gorgeous it also quite hits my "go to zone" so (and i know this song as well, like most of ESQUARIA tracks)



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9 hours ago, Ken Hisuag said:

I have to go back and change my ratings. If need be, feel free to ignore the changes in the final tally

I haven't actually started making a note of what scores were given yet, so your changes will be in the final tally. I should like to remind everyone though, only go back and change old scores if you really have to.

1 hour ago, Dana Iclucia said:

also reminds me that i had to ask @buskerdog is it possible to change one pick that wasn't posted yet?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... m a y b e. You could always save it for another tournament. If you really, really want to, you can tell me about it in PMs and we can discuss there.

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i constantly changing my volume while listening
is it bad?



someone seems posting jazz only for this tournament

eyy i see this often in my watch again recommendation
i like a-TTTempo more than Active NEETs
is it because i play Scarlet Carnival and TPDP too much i get acquired taste?
usually the opposite happen if i listen too much though.
shoulda posted the PV video, it's more enjoyable although it's basically not much.

what should i say here? lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

also Marisa's thighs very long
can't unsee

Akatsuki Records - The Floating Orb Shapes' Line of Faith ~ White Spirit, Ultra Red

the opening reminds me of Kagome Kagome
Stack's voice sound not as powerful as usual, though i cant complain since i ever posted her ballads.
but yeah considering the bg sounds, it aint feel that strong.

also that kicks feel really repetitive, yeah it paused in once a while, but aint it feel too much?
especially this part 1:22, those kicks are taking away the vocal, maybe if only slow down to every 2 beats.

i rated too high last rounds
time to abuse my powers mwah

ESQUARIA - Repeating Greenery

i feel like i know who posted this, but after listening im not so sure anymore
feels like a circle Dana would pick but yeah, seems too kalm for his usual taste
Garrison? you? and i keep forgetting Busker also submitted some

i love SWR tracks, U2Akiyama is quite underrated yea, feel sad about it (except for broken moon)

everyone seems rating this 9/10
so imma join the bandwagon

if anyone has Fragrant Plants or Dancing Water Spray or Ridiculous Game or Drunk as I Like or just ALL SWR arrangements
pls send


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Here we go!

Jazz-Colored Master Spark:


A bit of a messy start, but it quickly launches into a powerful and energetic sound that just works so well for Master Spark.  We've got a couple of slower sax solos in there, but that's still pretty cool.


Diochromatic singing butterfly


Hmm, this is one of the pieces that I don't really have a lot to say about, but enjoy it nonetheless.  It's just solid all-around.


Electronic Plants


Definitely don't see Fragrant Plants often.  It's a simple piece, and it transfers pretty well to electronic style.  It's pretty interesting that this piece has a number of tonal shifts, notably spending quite a bit of time in both a minor and major key.  It gives it a bit of a mysterious sound, despite that not being something I would associate with electronic genres.



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1) Love-Coloured Master Spark


Talk about an epic pic. It’s like Advent Cirno except if it was Marisa. So… Advent Marisa lol.

0:00 Alright so we’ve got some buildup here.

0:04 Dang well, I did not expect that to escalate that quick! I’m all for it, usually songs have these slow openings to draw it in, but it’s nice to see something start off with a bang!

0:18 Ok, it’s gone down a bit. Kind of lacking in instruments here, especially when compared to that banger of an opening.

0:32 There’s a bit more instruments here. Someone’s got chopsticks going off in the background.

0:47 There’s that classic Marisa Melody! Wish there was some more backup instruments instead of just the main trumpet, since the trumpets are really overpowering everything else. Usually I wouldn’t comment on this, but the intro’s set the bar really high up so I can’t help but be a bit picky.

1:36 What the HECK is that instrument. It’s like, you’ve got some guy popping his lips after applying Vaseline on it so they don’t dry. Ok that confused me a lot.

2:05 Piano epic. This is like that somber part, where you think Advent Marisa is going to lose, on the ground, villain is laughing menacingly. But then all of a sudden…

2:33 Bam she’s back! And she shoots like a giant master spark out.

3:01 Dang alright. You’ve got the drummer guy just going ham on the drum set.

3:18 Yoo ok. Thought the bridge was over, but glad it’s still going. There’s some clapping here too. It’s like the audience is deeply moved by this piece, they’re swaying their arms, they have their cellphones up with the lights like in those big stadiums. One guy’s got his ringer still on, we all know that guy.


Overall, this was a very fun piece. Like, if this was performed by an actual band, I could imagine the joyous expressions on their face. Like, it’s just a good time all around. I also love the instrument variety. Each parts got their own section, the drum guy, piano, heck even the guy with the Vaseline. (I will have to deduct points for the Vaseline, but not much).



2) Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly


Alright Stack, iconic Touhou vocalist, I’ve got some expectations going into this already having listened to their previous work.

0:00 Ok typical build up stuff

0:14 Now we’ve got some guitar with organs. It’s got a mystical air to it.

0:28 Hmm alright. They’re going with the quiet Stack for this one, not the screaming one.

1:36 Ok, odd techno instrument in the back. It’s like a robot’s done brushing its teeth and is gurgling to get the toothpaste out.

2:30 Ok robot gurgling again.

2:45 There’s a voice in the back this time. With headphones on, they’re actually singing in different ears, so it’s some good depth! I usually don’t notice that sort of surround sound stuff, so props to whoever made that for that effect. I know a lot of people don’t really notice that sort of stuff, so I’m highlighting here in case anyone hasn’t.

Overall, not much to comment on with the individual sections, since it all sounds similar. But that can also be taken as a compliment, since it shows the piece blends together well. It doesn’t do anything genre defining insane, but it doesn’t do anything bad either. So, it’s an all-around good piece. Something I’d put in a big Touhou playlist with like hundreds of other good songs, but not something I’d bookmark/favourite to listen to individually by itself.



3) Fragrant Plants


0:00 Harpischord! Very midieval, heh heh. A classic, but underused, sound font what with all the Grand Brights lol.

0:30 Vocals here sound like it’s telling some folklore story in a theatre. Like the words that’s explaining the plot are a part of the vocals.

1:03 Cool transition. It’s like everything just stopped for a moment and the song went, “hol up”, and rewinded. I also like the strong consistent beat in the back.

1:34 And there goes the beat. Not sure what’s going on in the back, a bit quiet. There’s at least someone playing very quiet scales in the back.

1:48 Vocals back. Can’t help but bop my head to the beat. It’s like the one “What is Love” meme where you’ve got these guys in the car moving their heads back and forth to the rhythm. That’s how I feel.

3:12 Bridge time. I know vocals are going on, but I’m mostly focusing on the nice beat in the back. Vocals are a good compliment though.

4:19 These are some epic synth chords! The modulation where it has that waviness is top notch.

4:52 Ok, got a bit of a magical feeling at the end.

Overall, very good background beats! It’s not too different that it sounds annoying, yet not too similar that it’s camouflaged in the back. Though, a lot sounds the same, and 5 minutes is long by a bit. But, I’d say best background beats I’ve heard from the tournament song selection so far. Which is funny, because I think the author intended the main focus to be the vocals, but the vocals did add a good backup!





Crusader Jerome > Fragrant Weeds: YOOO ok I’m glad I’m not the only one who recognized the harpsichord at the beginning! One of the most underused piano styles imo. So it’s definitely good to see it getting some love on here! (Even if it was just as an ear-catch to hook the listener at the beginning).

Dana Iclucia > 2: Yeah, I personally feel her raspy voice is more suited for those screamy metal type remixes as well.

Ken Hisuag > ESQUARIA - Repeating Greenery: Funny you should mention 3D Tenshi animation. While listening to this song, it reminds me of something that I’ll mention at the end of this tournament.

Drunken_Flower > Aa-TTTempo - YOU ARE MINE!: Dangit why do you curse me with knowledge. Marisa’s elongated thighs are now forever etched into my memory.

Jssf1992 > Jazz-Colored Master Spark: Yeah it really fits Marisa’s high energy personality! Wish there was less of those slower saxes, but they don’t take away anything from the piece, so they’re still good.



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Round 4.

First is a curious arrangement of Prince Shoutoku's Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus.


Next is a piano MIDI arrangement for one of the new themes from Touhou 18. Due to the nature of the file type, you'll need to click through the link to listen on a different website.






Lastly is... uh, actually I'm not really sure what this is. But it has Faith is for the Transient People in it?


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Dork Pegasus


I really like the variety of instruments in this one. It has a very good beginning, but I was hoping for a buildup to a more powerful section. The piece stayed at about the same energy level the whole way through. Still good, but a bit disappointing. Movement/development = higher score from me, I guess.

Rating: 8/10

The Perpetual Snow Of Komakusa Blossoms – ZUN


A very solid arrangement of an atypical stage theme. This tune is utterly delightful, and the only reason this doesn't get a 10 is that it's not actually remixed--it's a straight piano arrangement of the original track, with an extra bar or two for an ending.

Rating: 9/10

FGO thingy? with FIftTP


Ooh, this one's a mixed bag. I like the opening, and I really like the midsection with the violins and bombastic harmonies, but the techno sections are incredibly grating, even painful to listen to. I'd love to listen to a piece like this with the grinding noises removed and everything else extended. My rating is skewed toward positive, but I really can't put it any higher. It was a struggle to convince myself to go higher than six.

FGO picture is a strange choice as well, but has no impact on the rating.

Rating: 7/10


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this a strange round

also i havent catch up with the new themes, i still at th15 and few newer ones

imma back later after a lot of listnin

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Prince Shoutoku's Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus


rhythmic and robotic. Even sounds like there’s some steam being released by an air vent in the background. The violins are also a nice touch, a bit of a classical feel in it.

0:28 Ok a water drop. WHAT THE. Ok, I know they’re trying to get like the locomotive sound effect, but man, that was really high pitched. I did not see that coming. Hopefully that’s the only place that shows up.

0:54 Ooohhhhh ok ok. Got some lower pitched sounds which are nice.

1:12 Ohhh man. Ok that’s some good depth right there. Now I feel fully immersed in this. So far though, I’m loving the choice in instruments here.

1:30 Ok, I can hear it better now, sounds a lot better, like that blowing flute. I can tolerate more in this form.

1:51 I love the contrast here. It’s like a mix between the Industrial Revolution and Feudal Japan. You have the innovations of 18th century Europe being mixed with Eastern Asian folklore.

2:23 A bit mischievous sounding. It’s like Chen’s wandering off somewhere, or Tewi’s about to prank Reisen again.

2:44 Now it’s sinister.

2:59 Now my ears feel fully filled. It’s like, futuristic, yet in the past, at the same time!!

Rest of it’s the same cycle. But wow, I did not expect that to be that good. I love that dichotomy. Like I came into this thinking it was just going to be traditional folksy music, but man, that was surprising. Definitely a welcome surprise to be sure! This one definitely deserves my first one of these scores for the tournament.



The Perpetual Snow of Komakusa


The Perpetual Snow of Komakusa

Talk about a contrast to be sure. I’m thankful this site at least has time stamps like Youtube so I can do my Garison play-by-play analysis lol.

0:00 Ok you’ve got a lot of finger movement here I’m guessing. I mean, I can literally see the sheet music this time, so I can judge the finger movement.

0:12 There we go, there’s the melody. Despite it being a lot of major tone, it still sounds pretty catchy. Goes to show how good the melody is when it can sound good on trumpet, piano or really any instrument.

0:35 Ok got some chord bumping here. It’s like there’s some struggle. Same melody, but different left hand.

0:59 Fast paced BPM now! It’s like a race. I guess since this is a MIDI, I can compliment more of the left hand now, because that’s usually not heard with melodies.

1:34 Ok, we’re done with the rhythmic left hand, onto some free hand in the back. I like how it’s supporting the right hand.

2:21 Same part, but sounds a bit different this time. Sounds a bit lighter, more smoothed together than before.

2:45 Ahhh emotional part at the end. Now that’s a transition. No suddenly fading out into silence!

Also I just realized that there’s some function on the top to “Transpore this score to any key”. So does this really count as more than one entry? XD

As tempted as I am to give this a 5/10 as a pun (since it’s a MIDI and that’s a MID score), I’ll give it a 8/10. 5/10 is like, if it’s just a default MIDI ripped straight from the game, like that one sound option from Touhou 6. Not to say that’s bad, it’s just, in terms of a remix tournament, doesn’t really count too much as a remix. But this one does some unique stuff with it like the left hand and the composition. Though, this feels like the sort of piece that’s more fun to play rather than listen to. Still that’s a



Faith is for the Transient People


What the heck is this, Fate Grand Order? Alice dressed up as Saber or something? Lol, but that’s an epic cover. Visuals have definitely got a high production value.

0:00 Mysterious synth.

0:26 Ok, now that’s a cinematic build up. It’s like something you’d see out of a movie.

0:39 Now it’s got like that metal crunching back up. Some guy in a construction site just perpetually dropping the materials.

0:59 Uhhhhh HELLO!?!? Who the hell was that Optimus Prime?

1:14 Pretty heavy dubstep. Nice popping beat, but I can’t really hear what’s going on in the back.

1:30 Man, whoever made this is just going ham with the modulation. Just cranking that back and forth. This has definitely got some Dana Iclucia vibes to it.

1:55 Ok, I like this part a lot more. I can hear the melody in this, sounds pretty good. It’s like you’ve got a crowd cheering in the background. I can even hear a bit of choir!!!!! Let’s goo!!!!!

2:21 Yoooooo ok. It’s definitely gotten a lot better. The crowds chanting even loud now!!!

3:04 Alright, got that part from the beginning back, got a whole new build up.

3:43 Oww ok, too much square wave for me personally. I personally prefer the smoother waver, not these analog types.

3:55 Ok at least that’s gone now.

4:10 Ahh ok, back to this with the squares. Not a fan, but I’m looking forward to my favourite part hopefully making a return…?

4:50 Ok there we go. Crowd’s cheering back again.

Usually I’m not one to rate dubstep really high, but this sounded epic. Cinematic levels of epic. While there are some parts that grate on my ears (me and my eternal enemy, the square waves), the epic parts make up for it. I imagine this would definitely be hype for the dubstep fans out there though.




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1. Quite interesting arrangement of Dark Pegasus, i like variety of instruments here and it was actually probably my favourite theme when 17 came out progressive folk isn't really a thing u see in daily motion, it's also quite catchy



2. 2hu 18 huh? personally parts of it kinda reminds me Dark Pegasus (but that's prob just me) sounds pretty decent overall but i'd rather listen to original version not piano honestly



3. Nhato + Taishi are both artists from my top 3 (even though Taishi almost does not arrange 2hu songs and Nhato does it more) i don't think i need to say anything past that lmao

9.5/10 (not 10 actually but close)

Speaking of which this is from ESQUARIA INST BEST 001 and i have no slightest idea why someone picked FGO image as background lmao

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im bak



hmm how should i translate this title
Teppo Oyabun no Charge Time
Teppo Oyabun = Archduke/Gunman/Gun Boss
Mafia? Mafia Boss???????  eh...

O-Life Japan - Gang Boss Charge Time

this actually feel chill
contrary to the title name
was expecting more folk-ish and intense stuff
but nice regardless, i can see myself picking this song some time.

idk what to say more about this one


everyone likin Saki's theme
i just cant understand.
i mean it's the usual, nothin special.



The Perpetual Snow Of Komakusa Blossoms

whoever post this
ihy :^)

The moment i opened the link and read the title....
"OH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
i seriously haven't even listened to the new themes yet
then i kinda gave up and left that message up there

but after extensive research, im back.

kind of a romantic song eh? the anime vibes are strong here.
ngl if you send me this song without telling me the title,
aint gonna notice this a 2hu song.
although i also feel slight ZUN on the opening and 1:00-1:24 but that's too short.

also a carbon copy?
i actually like the original more
ZUN did a great job with the instruments and the whole vibes thing.


i still havent listened to other th18 songs beside this one.
also why it's in Major key?
because Sannyo is not the other way around. hehe hoho



Edelritter (Nhato × Taishi) - Humanity

this definitely Dana's submission
no one goes to there channels except ya

i actually like this one, this kind of genre is one of few exceptions in my hate list.
but due to it's nature, it's hard to combine it with 2hu themes without separating them in parts.
like ya hear it in here they put the 2hu in calm parts.
seems they aint plan to make a 2hu theme but nhato just does it anyway.
still has more 2hu in it than rolling contact does lmao.

3:43 hmm?? the square waves aint that bad, i like that part.
*looks at volume slider* it's at 15 percent!!
*increase volume* "OHGOD NOOO"


this hard.


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13 minutes ago, Drunken_Flower said:

still has more 2hu in it than rolling contact does lmao.


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Here I am again.  Sorry I keep being late.


Dark Pegasus


Wow, that is a very interesting set of instruments/sounds to use together.  Folk and electronic is an odd mix, but this is a fascinating piece to listen to.  We've got pipes, strings, banjo, synth, and it works shockingly well together.  What's more, some genuine emotion is coming through as well (technical expertise + genuine emotion makes some of the best music, obviously).  Some calm moments, some mysterious, followed with a more paced, adventurous feel.  A wonderful thing I think I'll actually come back to on occasion.


Perpetual Snow


I'm assuming this link is safe, but that is definitely a site I've never heard of or seen before . . .


Ah, this is definitely a classic Touhou feel . . . wait, is this an arrangement at all?  Regardless, this is pretty good.  It has the usual Touhou quality of keeping a quick pace while also feeling somewhat calming.  I'll consider that a point in it's favor, though it doesn't really stand out . . .


Faith is for the Transient Jalter (sorry, couldn't help it)


For once, I'm going to do this a little different.
It starts with a bombastic, somewhat darker, arrangement of Faith is for the Transient People.  I very much like the original and very much like this style, so it's a great start.

Then, it ruins it.  It builds up, cuts out for anticipation . . . then has a section of rapid fire electronic noise with no melody.  I've heard this kind of thing before and I'm completely lost as to why anyone does it.

We do eventually get to an actual electronic melody that builds back into Faith, but still with the electronic noise getting in the way.

Then a slower section with Faith back for full instrumental power.  Faith in song restored.

A quicker, more electronic Faith, good.  Until the electronic sound overwhelms it, with it becoming grating again. (also, someone's trying to beat their snare to death)

And we go back tot he noise.  Frustrating.

Oh, a more percussion focus.  Okay.  Better than the electronic.  Doesn't sound like Faith though


This . . . is hard.  I absolutely loved the parts that actually sounded like Faith is for the Transient People.  Enough that, if the whole pieces was that, I would give it at least 9/10, possibly 10/10.  But the rest . . . is irritating.  Grating electronic noise rather than synthesized music, the lack of a melody, let alone the melody of Faith is for the Transient People, and the severe difference with the rest of the piece just drags it down so much I can't really enjoy it.


With sadness, 4/10.


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10: O-Life Japan - The Truant Boss's Time to Charge
Good ole' O-Life, as unusual as ever.

I struggle to find a proper word to describe this piece. It's too active to be ambient, and has too little direction to be anything else; "rambling" comes to mind, but that doesn't make any sense. The oriental folk is strong, but offset by the traditional orchestra elements, synthesized percussion and whatever-you'd-call-the-beeping-instrument. I'm reminded of Hiveswap at some points, and Okami at others, but not as a hybrid of those styles; this arrangement doesn't really fit in any specific genre. But it's uniqueness is less experimental and more comfortable, presenting itself and fully intentional in its oddities without trying to be odd. Ultimately, I don't think I have much to say about it, but I did like it; even though it's lacking real buildup, it doesn't drag or even risk dragging, managing to remain calmly engaging throughout.

If this is my lowest score so far, it's only because it has been such a good tournament. 7/10

11: shtm1 - The Perpetual Snow of Komakusa
Just when I'd started complying the tournament entries into a playlist . . .

I doubt any of us have had the time to familiarize ourselves with this theme to the same extent of older Touhou pieces, though the high quantity of remixes may have helped. As stated in the previous tournament, I'm not as big a fan of cover/transcription class remixes, of which piano arrangements more often than not are a part. There's nothing wrong with these remixes, and they are no more easy to do than the more interpretive kinds, but a big part of what I like about remixing in general is its potential to showcase differing perspectives on a musical piece. However, there is certainly a time for standard covers, and it's not impossible to get creative with these either.

This remix is not necessarily a cover, though it leans heavily in that direction. I had to bring of the original theme and listen to it a few times to determine what parts of this arrangement were directly inspired by it, and what elements were more interpretive. Despite my efforts, I'm still not as familiar with the theme as I'd like, so I'll try to be careful about my examinations. I perceive instances of adjusted style when a motif is repeated, allowing the second run of the motif to sound unique to its first; this is usually done through instrumentation, and the artist does a good job at adapting to the situation. Additionally, and though a little thing, I really appreciate the grace note in measure fourty-two; this was a very creative and audibly distinctive way of recreating the effect of the original theme.

There are two aspects that cannot be properly appreciated due to the medium of presentation, a.k.a. the MIDI limitations. Musescore is not a professional software, and thus has some understandable playback issues in regards to dynamics and ritardandos. When playing a piano, there is a certain degree of relativity to these articulations that require customization to properly program into a MIDI. I imagine this arrangement would sound better played on a real piano, where these articulations could be more capably interpreted.

Overall, I'm going to rate this 7/10 as well. I actually really like it, but the cover-leaning and poor MIDI playback leave a bit to be desired.

12: ESQUARIA - Humanity
I am rather torn on this piece, but no more than the piece seems torn on itself.

Instead of explaining what I like first and then getting to what I don't, I'm going to start with the part that confuses me and then explain why. 1:04-1:55 could be completely cut out of the song, and the overall progression would be improved. I was so sure of this, that I decided to prove it.



Y'all know I don't like heavy EDM percussion solos overly well, but this particular instance clashed and even detracted from the surrounding parts. Note that I left in the identical section at the end; by that point in the arrangement, the climax of the piece has passed, and the heavy EDM percussion works as an epilogue.

I'd describe this arrangement as "cinematic EDM," in that it feels like a film score that changes moods according to the scenes it plays over. With this in mind, the sudden changes in style could be understood as scene transitions, or back-and-forth conversation and action sequences, etc. It would be for a sci-fi fantasy epic (though more in the vain of Lord of the Rings than Star Wars), and would play during the climactic finale.

The source motif is well integrated into the arrangement, and I wish it had better structure to take advantage of the scene it was setting. If it had proper buildup, this would have been a nine from me.

As is, I'm giving it 7/10.

Maybe I should start using decimals in future tournaments?

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Woah, I can't believe Ken started uploading the soundtrack to MORIYA! That's one of my favourite game OSTs!

Alright, onto the next round!

We've already had two very different ESQUARIA remixes in this tournament, and now we're starting the round with yet another different-styled ESQUARIA song!


Second in this round is a funky rock version of Rigid Paradise.


And lastly is... look, don't ask about why this video is on the site it is. Just know that it's a miracle it embeds.


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