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So I've just discovered this amazing site called Teachers Pay Teachers where Teachers post learning material for their students. There's this awesome person on there who's been going ham with referencing various franchises. 780+ Literally everything you can think of, Transformers, Among Us, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Beyblade, Fairy Tale, FNaF, Undertale, Jojo, Inuyasha, Monsters vs Aliens, Minecraft. If I had a teacher like that when I was growing up, I'd honestly be popping off. Maybe I would have paid more attention in school back then ;)


They have Godzilla, which is close to Toho, but not Touhou Project exactly. So I requested it, along with a bunch of other franchises that I don't think they mentioned yet. You can see my comment on the "Ask a Question" portion of their profile.

I remember I got into the series when I was young, and I felt a bit isolated not having anyone IRL who knew about it. I remember hjSo it makes me imagine how cool it'd be if someone makes Touhou content for education for really any age group. So yeah, this is what this thread is about, just trying to find Touhou educational stuff. And I'll try not to go into too much nostalgia rants in the meantime XD

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Outside of musical discussion, I'm not sure what educational merit the official series would have.  At least, not that any other games or manga would have.

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Musical Theory would definitely be one of Touhou's strong suits in education. I imagine classes like Concert Band would work well with Touhou too considering how good some orchestral remixes I've seen online are. Here's a few other Touhou specific fields I can think of off the top of my head.

History: Maybe not for the mandatory "Country-Of-Origin" history course (unless you live in Japan), but at least for an optional "Specific Country" like Japanese/Eastern culture. I'm in Canada, so the only history course besides "Canadian History" was "American History" both of which I took. Needless to say, I'd like to see some other non-American countries repped at least from where my school was XD

Computer Science: I might be biased here considering I programmed a Touhou game in C# / Java, but danmaku's are a perfect "Final Project" material for each year. They're not as complex as a giant MMORPG, but they work together as installments. Plus, they're fun. All the other students in my course just chose Pac Man, Snake, Frogger, etc, which is fine, but some more variety would be nice lol. There's also non-shump fan games as well, but those can be more non-Touhou-specific.

Physical Education: Ok I know this might sound weird, but hear me out lol. Whenever I listen to intense Touhou music, I get pumped and I feel like I exercise much more efficiently. So literally, I'm thinking they can just blast Touhou music in the gymnasium and have kids work out better. Usually the only songs my school Phys Ed class would play were a) the beep test audio track (completely bland) or b) regular normal chill radio tunes (which doesn't fit the mood at all).

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Story Theory: ZUN has little interest in character arcs, but he's very good at establishing characters. The most common scenario you can expect in a Touhou game gives you two dialogue exchanges between the protagonist and a new character (pre-battle and post-battle), and if you're lucky you get additional information from other characters. This isn't always sufficient, but it works enough times to keep things fresh. There's also something to be said for his world-building in the development of Gensokyo, its regions, and its hierarchy. This is more evident in the spin-off works, such as the manga and music CDs, than it is in the games.

Philosophy: This is a bit more dubious, and not something I would recommend except as a conversation starter. Merry and Renko's conversations are primarily for world-building, and thus any philosophy contained in them often lacks necessary contextualization (or proper foundation, for that matter). Despite Touhou 13.5 featuring a contesting of religious and political influences, it's more played as a joke and thus not given much attention or examination. Still, philosophy is often better served in honest conversation rather than strictly railroaded classes, so there may be some use in this.

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I'm pretty sure this is NOT what you meant when creating this thread, but... I got two things for ya...


When Indonesian maths textbook rips off Touhou fanart for cover lol:


And... Aya from the Philippines? (I am told this is one of those science shows that does funny experiments and stuff, and one of the cast cosplays characters from pop culture every episode...)




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On 3/9/2021 at 5:57 PM, Ken Hisuag said:

Story Theory:

Interesting. It is cool to see how ZUN's able to introduce a character in such a short amount of time It should at least be good practice for writing prompts, maybe to help people out of writer's block. Like "Suddenly, Nazrin approaches you, what do you do?" And maybe someone can think of mouse motifs like "I start singing Le Festin from the hit Pixar film Ratatouille". Yeah, and considering there's odd character arcs like Marisa being Mima's obedient servant in PC-98 to somehow becoming fully-independent in the Modern Era, maybe it's best to leave that sort of character arc discussion to a different franchise lol.


On 3/9/2021 at 5:57 PM, Ken Hisuag said:


True. I feel, since there's so many different philosophy schools out there, that with any philosophical statement, there's bound to be someone who disagrees with you. And furthermore, there's no concrete way to know who's really 100% right or not. So having it centered around an open discussion with maybe a philosophical Touhou scene, would be an interesting way to get some ideas flowing.


On 3/9/2021 at 7:18 PM, Shadow The Hedgehog said:

I wished I had cultured teachers too...

The closest I got to having a cultured teacher was one time my math professor at university asked the class "Anyone watch anime?" just as an ice breaker. Sadly, it was a mispronunciation and he really meant "Anyone watch MMA?" as in Mixed Martial Arts. The school did have an Anime Club though, which is actually how I got into it, because I wanted a forum to go to where I could post about that experience. There was no Gaming Club though, so it was the closest spot where I could spam Touhou and have some people semi-understand the references I made XD


6 hours ago, buskerdog said:

Indonesian maths textbook


XD feels so surreal to see this as something that's actually being sold in stores. If I saw this as one of my math text books I'd literally pop off in joy lol

6 hours ago, buskerdog said:

Aya from the Philippines

Ah hey I recognize her! She's Klea Pineda from the show iBilib. I've seen her also cosplay characters like Rumia and Patchouli too, so it's nice to see a Touhou fan behind the scenes. It's the type of reference where, kids who watch the show without knowing Touhou, might later become Touhou fans and pop off.


I've also just remembered a scene from Death Note where the main character Light attends Toho University and realized "Hey, wouldn't it be cool for a Touhou-Project centered University to be called... get this... Touhou University, based off the real Toho University in Ota, Japan". It's perfect and I'm surprised I didn't remember until now. So that's the unofficial school where all of these courses will take place.

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55 minutes ago, Garison DeCrick said:

with any philosophical statement, there's bound to be someone who disagrees with you. And furthermore, there's no concrete way to know who's really 100% right or not.

Bold of you to make a concrete philosophical statement about the lack of concreteness in philosophy. I unfortunately disagree with this assessment.  :AyaSmug:

Comedy aside, I'm impressed that we've established multiple potential Touhou-based educational supplements. The question has me re-examining other elements of the series for possibilities. So I'm really glad this conversation was started.

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I rarely post in all capital letters, so that should alert you all of the substantial importance this moment has for me.

I originally started this thread because I sent a request to Mr Nick's Hand Picks on the educational site "Teacher's Pay Teacher", asking for him to feature the Touhou Project in his excellent material. Well now...



I am grateful for you all in being here to help witness this moment. I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for you guys' help.


There's also been a lot of other awesome franchises that he's now made educational material for. Like Genshin Impact, Umineko, Madoka Magica, Code Geass, Bungou Stray Dogs, OneShot, Cave Story, AdventureQuestWorlds, OFF, Dinosaur Train, Rivals of Aether, Kid Icarus, Bear in the Big Blue House, Death Note, and many many more! Highly recommended you check out his content!


And you know what this means. If you remember my original request. That means, yes. LEN'EN IS COMING (I hope).

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