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  • The downloads for TH06 - 17 were updated:
    - replaced the old thcrap files with updated ones as some people occasionally had problems with the versions we had in our previous uploads.
    - added a directx installer to all the games as not having directx is a common problem, and the official downloads from microsoft were seemingly taken down.
    - added the beta for 15.5
    - one of the games with a possible vpatch didn't include it but now it does. I forgot which one it was.
    - 12.3 now uses another english patch that actually works (...again. We had the right files once but we uploaded an old version of our file again after some downloads broke :v )
    - Updated the Instructions.txt to tell people how to install directx in case they don't have it.
    - Possibly some other stuff that I already forgot about.
  • Updated the Virus Scans for TH06 - 17
    - In most cases the .zip was used unlike the old scans that only scanned the main executable.
    Some engines don't like the patches due to the way they work, so the scanned .zip files might show more detections than the old scans with the main executable only.
    - Files that were larger than the VirusTotal upload limit only had their main executable scanned.
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