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Request : Touhou 6 demo

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Hello everyone,

I have an unusual request : does anyone have the touhou 6 demo because i noticed that there is some design difference between the demo and the full version of some touhou game (the old one) so if someone have the touhou 6 demo please send me da game.


(here a little example of the differences that i found between the full (in blue) and the demo(in pink) version)



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Here you go https://mega.nz/file/pbYnFQqD#ZGoFtltWsCzTyPMFCV94MlHjzJuE_tcVtnL95877OzA

The filenames might or might not be broken if you don't extract that archive without japanese locale. Didn't really test it so if anything's broken let me know

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Yeah that seems to be a problem with the system locale. And I guess the file names were all broken too with the previous download.
This download should hopefully look less broken than the old one https://mega.nz/file/4fg3gSBL#5qIN0NSVmZfU3FhTV3-QNP6e_BChNSjbUt-kO6P0sA8

But you still need to do something to run it (couldn't get it to work without that unfortunately)
You could either change the system locale to japanese through your language settings or you could use this https://github.com/xupefei/Locale-Emulator
With latter option you can just right-click the .exe and use the Locale Emulator thing after you've installed it to get the game working

Edit: The .wav music files are missing from this demo, which is why the file size isn't that big. So you can keep the in-game options for the music on "midi"

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