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The Halloween Remix Tournament

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As foretold, a new remix tournament right on the heels of the last, to take advantage of the time of season!  We seek out the songs that show the Halloween Spirit!


So yeah, another Remix Tournament, but this time with another special restriction: in some way, these pieces should be related to Halloween.  Doesn't mean it has to be scary or creepy, or even necessarily in minor, just where you can justify it making you think of the season.


Hopefully, we'll get this going in a couple of days.  We're starting on Halloween at the latest . . . 

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Makes me wonder if i even have 3 2hu tracks somewhat related to halloween  (but i'll check what i can do about it)

Edit: On other hand i probably won't be able to participate in this tournament since i might be absent for a few days

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5 hours ago, Drunken_Flower said:

wait, just make you think of... ok
but aint it better to get in theme

3 rite?

Yes, still three.

1 hour ago, Amamiya Yuki- said:

Makes me wonder if i even have 3 2hu tracks somewhat related to halloween  (but i'll check what i can do about it)

Edit: On other hand i probably won't be able to participate in this tournament since i might be absent for a few days

Well, I don't know how quick we're starting, but it's up to you.

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I'll be honest, I don't feel up to another remix tournament coming right off the heels of another one. (Also, I'd struggle to scrape up 3 Halloween themed songs and I don't think the ones I already have in mind are that obscure, I feel there's a pretty high chance that someone else will also pick them. Still, I'll upload them in Musical Discoveries at the end if no one happened to pick them.) So, I won't participate this time around.

Hopefully this doesn't leave you too short on participants, but you should still have enough to do it if Ken Hisuag shows up, which I'm sure he will want to. Speaking of which, has he not seen this? He probably just hasn't checked the site for a few days, but just in case I'll let him know anyway. @Ken Hisuag

Anyway, I suppose it'll be something of a remix tournament mini. Even if I'm not participating, I'll still be checking out whatever gets posted here!

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I don't celebrate Halloween, so I was going to be sitting this one out. I fully intend to be back for the next one, though!

I'm not sure if @Mizuiro would be interested in this, but they've contributed to Musical Discoveries a few times.

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I'll still wait on sharing one in particular until the next Remix tournament pops up, whenever that is. Since it doesn't make sense out of context lol

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welp imma post here now. i think this all i got.
these are quite well known actually, but also rare at the same time


FDF Extra Stage Theme: Strange Tales of the Centennial Girl ~ The Mystery
This one the most well known in my opinion. they really did a great one here. personally 10/10

Foxtail-Grass Studio - きのこたけのこ
idk what's with the "Thought o' Clock" on the title, the title translated as "Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots", i guess that's the uploader mood listening to the song?

Foxtail-Grass Studio - 不思議のとびらを覗いたら
Another FGST, this one got more sinister feeling than the previous.
this video took me quite a long time to edit with open source beta video editing software that have no effects at all aaaaaaa.
i want AE... or just pro editing software. i want at least add spectrum...
idk why but i can't just leave the BG as a still image.

Kuroneko Lounge - Mythic set ~ 心揺さぶる都市伝説
these are released as free, until melonbooks decided to block non japanese IP.
although popular, people seems to missed this one. 🤔
also the uploader cut the obnoxious opening, which i actually like it, despite it may give Garison anxiety. it's sound of wooden floor and cracking door btw.

Machikado Mapoze - グリニッジ高空舞踏会場にて
a waltz, not very halloween-y but this reminds me of those ominous "fun house" in theme parks

TsuBaKi - ありふれた日常の残響に
a vocal now, i don't think it really fit the theme but hey, it feels a bit sinister???? i haven't checked the lyrics
Merry Magician really fit for sinister songs eh? i think ive shared this in musical discovery?

Yonder Voice - フライト・ナイト・フライト
This one upbeat, and i guess the easiest to find? also September Pumpkin totally not made for halloween

Kanpyohgo - 厄神様の通り道 -Rolling Gothic mix (Path of the Apotropaic God ~ Dark Side)
Kanpyohgo - 運命のダークサイド -Rolling Gothic mix (Dark Side of Fate)
also of course Hina themes fit for scary stuff
and i cant believe no one posted this in youtube. other than osu gameplay...
Kanpyohgo released these as free, get it in his website https://kpmidi.net/, scroll down and look for Legacy Musics, 1GB of free stuff.
consisting few chiptunes, rock, pop, dance, hardcore and few uniques. also including other game musics, but welp, can't split the download.

Diao ye Zong -  遺された名前 ―とおりかぞえうた―
this one not very halloween-y, but i think of them as a song you sing when walking from door to door
i really love this one. one of very few that i haven't got tired of.
I may just want to share it lol. I have this played more 2500 plays? (aimp deleted the count when im moving PC, but i rember going over 2000)

i shoulda saved up some but eh...

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So . . . even though I wasn't joining the tournament, I had made arrangements to be a "half-ghost" participant. These were my submissions:


The ridiculous to the sublime - Moon-Tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NNxFRIRbcA
Obviously there had to be a Heian Alien remix.

Beneath the Scarlet Moon, the Crazed Blossoms' Severance ~ 1st Anniversary Remix - EastNewSound (Kokucho & Nayuta): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOz-T3NPtLA
I know everyone has heard this one already, but it's still good and fits the theme.

Eternal Hades - Yoshida Mirai Project (Pola): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A86mBOubWUY&feature=youtu.be
Honestly, I was just taking advantage of being a secret contributor.

I probably wouldn't have used these in a normal remix tournament, nor would they have gotten to Musical Discoveries through me. I'd be more likely to choose pieces like these:


September Pumpkin - I assume the uploader? But that presents it's own problem . . .: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v93xNb5lBB8
September Pumpkin is underrated. I understand why, considering the other tracks in LoLK, but still.

Emotional Code - Nakit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcoqVV14Pow
This wouldn't have really fit the theme. But it's Hartmann's Youkai! Gotta get a Hartmann's Youkai in somewhere!

Mary the Magician - Moonsoul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8rJHjM8hEc
A simple concept, but effective. By DF's list, though, I needn't have worried about Merry the Magician being excluded.


Because I can, I'll include a throw-back list, too. These are some Musical Discoveries entries that I think would have fit in here admirably:


Dendera Party Night - Shinra-Bansho, courtesy of Amamiya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnbVdADEyr0
Still one of my favorite pieces from Musical Discoveries thus far, alongside DF's Let's Dance with a Corpse.

The Curiously Grim Darkness of the Scarlet Devil Mansion - No idea. Could be the uploader? Courtesy of buskerdog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT3E9a6pPaw
I still find the video unnerving.

Pleasant Gamelan Bug-Bug-Night, Bali Edition - IOSYS, courtesy of Mizuio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjiZwPJKHWk&feature=emb_title
This is too chaotic for me, but I'm pretty sure there's a subgenre of spooky music that sounds similar to this?


Well, that's that then. Till next tournament, I'll be seeing y'all around.

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oh nice there's quite lot of few

imma just comment but no rate ok


The ridiculous to the sublime - Moon-Tone
yo moon tone, definitely ever heard of that name, i hafta listen to them more i guess
the arrange i'd say is definitely spooky, not scary but spooky
also i just remember of this song after hearing yours, Tutti Sound - THE DARK RULER. i think the reason i missed this one is..... to be continued in the next song

Beneath the Scarlet Moon, the Crazed Blossoms' Severance ~ 1st Anniversary Remix - EastNewSound
i uh sorry but ya know i don't like UN Owen.... do you?

Eternal Hades - Yoshida Mirai Project (Pola)
what's this? experimental? noise? i dont understand?????
reminds me of Erica-Angelina Kanarska-Sabat. she made some peculiar arrages.

September Pumpkin
eyy i like this one, although it's seems like a carbon copy. but nice

Emotional Code - Nakit
i uh.. dunno... feels too electro for a halloween.

Mary the Magician - Moonsoul
ooh, this one just simple and yet ominous
no need complex stuff to make nice arranges eh?

Dendera Party Night - Shinra-Bansho
yo i rarely heard this theme, and maybe this the only arrange? nah, someone definitely made an arrange too, but whether it known or not, idk.
i like the 2:58 part lol it's cute. i didnt think this kind of music while picking my choices. i just think of something sinister. shoulda consider cute stuff next time.

The Curiously Grim Darkness of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
yoo this is (almost) the dark side, you've gone too far in

Pleasant Gamelan Bug-Bug-Night, Bali Edition - IOSYS
the genre is Gamelan, some kind of traditional instruments from Bali, Indonesia.
i think O-Life japan got one hartmann arrange like this.
i personally afraid of rituals so yeah... this hits me....


1 hour ago, Ken Hisuag said:

alongside DF's Let's Dance with a Corpse.

R.I.P Cannonball

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Ah yeah, here's what my submissions were as well.

1) [Touhou][HHS] Hina's Halloween Special - Komeiji Records - YouTube

2) Touhou Remix #22 (Metal) Reincarnation - YouTube

3) ...

Only showing off two since I'll use the third for the next Remix tournament : )

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