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Return of the Remix Tournament

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The remix tournament has returned.  Sorry that I clearly let too much time pass between these.


This is essentially a game of sharing and rating music remixes that we have found.  It's not really much of a competition, and there's not really much of a prize in the end, so don't worry about anyone taking this too seriously.  It will go like this: every participant will send three remixes/arrangements/etc to me via PM.  Then, I will post three of all the pieces in the thread, and everyone will comment on them and rate them.  A day or two later (depending on how many people we have and how fast they post), I will post the next set and we'll do it again.  We continue like this until we've gone through all the pieces, and we find out who had the highest rated song, best average rating, etc.

So, if you want to join, post here, then send me a PM with your choices.  Sign-ups will last one week, assuming we have enough interested people.

While rating by numbers is arbitrary, I can compile them into a percentage at the end so we can see who has the rated song and best average, so that would be preferable.


Also, you might want to hold off on creepy/spooky/otherwise Halloween-esque remixs.  I hope to actually follow this up with another remix tournament specifically looking for that flavor for Halloween.


Currently In:

Ken Hisuag

Amamiya Yuki


Garison Decrick

Drunken Flower

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Hmmmm... good point Ken, that is quite interesting... wait what? hold up something popped up in my dms hold up ... WAIT IS THIS A LEAK!?!? WHAT IS THIS I had way too much fun

The remix tournament has returned.  Sorry that I clearly let too much time pass between these.   This is essentially a game of sharing and rating music remixes that we have found.  It's not

@Garison DeCrick

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Nice, it's finally back! I'll get my songs submitted sometime soon.

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Damn it's been a while since i last time visited here but seems like i just came at the right time

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2 hours ago, Drunken_Flower said:

i'm awake

though it be nice if the participant aint the same as previous.
someone new pls join

I probably should mention this on the Discord server.  No telling how much that may help though.

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I have been summoned?

Hmm... sounds interesting. I'll join. : D

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I would like to get us started tomorrow or Friday.  If you're joining us, Drunken Flower, you need to send me your picks.

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Alright, it's about time we got ourselves started.

Starting with a remix of Entrusting this World to Idols


Second, a piece called Fourth Radiance


Third, a . . . Flying Marisa?  Yeah, that makes sense.



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Alright i'm first i guess

1. So yeah i like this theme quite a lot and song is also pretty good (i also like lot of DnB songs so)
7.5/10 (if it cannot be decimal number then round it up to 8/10)

3. Not exactly my type of music but it's isn't bad either, still i rather prefer harder rock or ones closer to metal, gothic

PS: Second song is arrange of Immortal Smoke

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so yeah i kinda forgot how to review, not that i know from the start ww
ive been removing lotta hatred so... i kinda like everything now which is problematic i guess

1. actually i haven't listened to the new tracks just yet, dunno why.
maritumix definitely got some place in my list, i like their ambient dnb.
This one fine, not that i love em, most likely if it playing randomly in my list aint bother skipping it.
still thinking what kinda usage and situation would fit this song 🤔 6/10

2. i like the voice actually, surprisingly soft for electro genre, since the opposite is the cause of my problem with other electro songs.
the bg music itself not so chaotic. that usually also the problem i have with electro, no limitation, peeps keep adding stuff and made it feel "cramped".
the ending kinda sudden though. 8/10

3. nice this one a fun one
the start sound like someone complaining from far away lol
i specifically like it at 0:23 - 0:44 part. though getting farther to the song it feel more and more chaotic, but i think that's the mood hmmmm 7.5/10


8 hours ago, Amamiya Yuki- said:

PS: Second song is arrange of Immortal Smoke

also wdym, i definitely heard "At the end of Spring" UFO st1 theme
ya meant the 3rd? still no that's Master Spark
and for bragging rights the 1st definitely Idolatrize World

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also wdym, i definitely heard "At the end of Spring" UFO st1 theme
ya meant the 3rd? still no that's Master Spark
and for bragging rights the 1st definitely Idolatrize World



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1: Idola Deus
This is one of those remixes that make me wish for a better understanding of music theory. There's a progression to this piece that keeps it climactic all the way through, despite its starting intensity. I consider it to be a fulfillment of the source track's potential. 9/10

2: 4th Radiance
At first I couldn't figure out what this was a remix of, and as a result I had difficulty following the piece. Now knowing what it is, I can appreciate the adaptation of the melody into the vocals with the differing chord progression enabling the targeted genre. So for a remix of a lesser-remixed piece, it's pretty good. That being said, it doesn't seem to be leading up to anything (and the sudden cut-off doesn't help). 4/10

3: Flying Marisa!!
I saw this was COOL&CREATE, and assumed it would be nightcore. Consequently, the intro took me off guard in a good way. The main body of the piece, though . . . I like what he was going for, especially in his method of adapting the source motifs. I can't place the style, though; it feels like it's trying to be two things at once, and succeeding. Regardless, it comes out as a really fun track. 6/10

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Idola Deus:

Idolatrise World is just such a hype song, I've heard many remixes and this one too is one I'm already familiar with. I like how it leans into the techno instruments a lot, but also has layers provided by more traditional sounding instruments, and that electric guitar that joins in towards the end. This song seems to walk a very fine line between building tension and releasing it. Not my favourite Idolatrise World remix though. 7/10.

I actually happen to know of another Idolatrise World remix with the same title. It's pretty underrated too, probably would have been good to put in this remix tournament. Maybe I'll place it in Musical Discoveries later.

4TH Radiance:

My reaction to this was... wow, this is nice. It's got to be eurobeat inspired, but is also sounds a bit of... dubstep? And the voice is amazing too, and works great with the song. Overall, it felt like something I haven't really heard from Touhou before, and I like it a lot. A really good remix of a theme you don't commonly hear, but it gets a minus point for the end being cut off. 7/10.

Flying Marisa!!

You may have noticed that this song was uploaded by myself? Well also maybe you didn't, since it's an alternate channel with a different profile picture, but whatever. This song actually comes from an album that I own physically, which I bought last year when I went on holiday to Japan. It was at a small shop with a lot of Touhou doujin music in one corner, and I selected which CD to get more or less randomly, judging only by the cover and the doujin circle. I had a closer look after I actually bought it, and I what I ended up getting was Touhou Guitar Jyuku -Ei- (Ei referring to Eiyashou, since it's an album based on Imperishable Night), an album of guitar-focused arranges which mostly occupy the metal or rock genres, but also has detours into classic guitar for some lighter pieces. I think most pieces in the album are alright, but are best listened to together, making something greater than the sum of their parts.

This song though. Hands down, best track in the album. Everything from the changes in speed, to the ups and downs in energy, to melodies that are just all over the place, everything in this is sheer chaos that just oozes personality (and it fits Marisa like a glove). A 10/10 for me, I love this.

I haven't been able to find any of the pieces from this album (or any of their guitar albums for that matter, it's part of a series) online save for one, which is why I put this up myself. That video is unlisted, and I don't plan to put the entire album on Youtube, however if there is interest I will upload it on this site at the end of the remix tournament!

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Heyo, here’s my reviews. These are just my personal subjective opinions as always so don’t take them too seriously lol…



Thought this was SOUNDHOLIC from the name, but turns out it’s techno instead.

I really like that background instrument that starts at 0:47, it blends together nicely with the fast-paced drum beats. The way it changes in 1:31 too is super cool.

However, at 1:51, it’s just… well… I’m not used to the instrument they use here… It sounds, sour to my ears. Grating almost.

Though, I feel personally that the song redeems itself at 2:36 with the awesome lead guitar and the return of that background instrument from 0:47.

Overall, this piece would be perfect for me if it weren’t for 1:50 to 2:36. And that’s a heavy deduction considering I like to listen to music in a playlist hands-off without skipping parts of a song.



2) Fourth Radiance

0:24. I’m not normally a fan of Engrish, but it reminds me of those old arcade racing games, where you’d go into the car selection menu and pick something with the announcer there. Oddly specific example, I know lol.

0:35 There’s a buzzing instrument I like that plays in the background. Voice and beat are overall good.

2:06 The song really picks up from here. It was overall solid at the beginning, but now it’s above average.

2:40 Another oddly specific example here, but the drum sample sounds a lot like “Amen Break”.

This was the hardest piece to mark because it’s in the middle. It’s not as low as Flying Marisa but not as high as IDOLA DEUS. While it is more consistent than Idola Deus, the highs of Idola Deus really carry the whole song. Would have been perfect if they used more of that Engrish announcer, otherwise it's a 



3) Flying Marisa

0:00 – 0:22 Why does it sound like someone’s choking the guitar at the beginning…

0:22 What is that flute…

0:24-0:29 Why does this sound like a mix between the intro of an 80’s sitcom and the Christmas song “Jingle Bell Rock”

So far, the song really has a nice surprise feel to it. Has a nice positive vibe and is very unique. However, it starts to sound kind of watery at 1:38. I think it’s because, I feel they end up using the same instrument for too long, so it sounds muddled. Or maybe it’s the reverb they put on?

The ending sounds good with the trumpets though. I just wish they could have used more instruments. Because while the appeal of this personally is that it sounds like the intro of an 80’s sitcom, the appeal of intros is that they only last like a minute. This goes on for too long considering the lack of varied instruments. If this were only a minute and a half, it would be perfect, but since it's longer it's


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That was rather quick, but that's cool, now we're right on to the next round.


First, a vocal mix for Power of Darkness


Not sure what to call this remix of Plain Asia, but it's good.


Finally, a bit of . . . folk rock?  Is that a thing?  I think this remix of Ancient Temple of the Netherworld has some of both at least.



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Three Phoenix Kappashiro uploads in a row with VOCAL? BINGO! Or more accurately to the genre, biNGɡō! heh heh anyways…


1) Darkness Power

I like the consistent rhythm of this. It’s the kind of music I’d listen to when grinding in an RPG. The voice also compliments the beats well.

Alright I’ve come back to this after listening to Plain Asia, and just because of that song, I’m rating this one higher. It was originally an 8/10, but now it’s a 9. That sound effect has made me really appreciate this song so much more.



2) Plain Asia

Not sure what those door creaking sounds at 0:04, 0:09 and 0:13 are, but it makes me feel like I’m being watched. Like I’m in my room and someone’s just like peeking through the door or something. Now that I’m listening to this more, it’s already the first minute and I’m still hearing that squeaky door like CAN SOMEONE PLEASE OIL THIS DOOR.

Oh my god it’s finally done. Literally everything else in the song, I love. Every time I thought that door would stop squeaking IT JUST KEEPS COMING BACK. I really appreciate them using non-traditional instruments, it makes the piece sound more normal but uggghhhh….

Was going to rate this higher but I swear, that one sound effect is seriously throwing me off. You might think I’m joking or whatever but I seriously can’t stand that noise. Maybe it’s some sort of ancient primal thing that happens in my brain? It’s like the sound a group of bugs like bees or locusts makes when it’s about to eat your Mesopotamian crops. Idk, it’s hard to describe, but it gets heavy HEAVY deductions.

(I apologize in advance for anyone reading this and being cursed with the knowledge of noticing this from now on).

5/10 because that one sound takes up half the song. No wait, 4/10 because I don’t want to positively-promote that sort of sound-use-behaviour so it’s below average JUST because of that sound. I’m very tempted to rate it lower but I don’t want to undermine the efforts that went into this song any more.


3) Ancient Temple of the Netherworld

Thought this was SOUNDHOLIC from the name, but… no it really is SOUNDHOLIC this time! Yeah, this is one I submitted lol. The IDOLA DEUS wasn’t from me though, that was just convenient foreshadowing. Considering busker rated their own track a 10/10, I feel I have the right to also rate my own a 10/10 lol. But I should probably also explain why like he did so…

First off, everything I said about Darkness Power applies to this. It’s got a consistent rhythm, nice drum beats, all that jazz (or erhhh… rock). It also doesn’t fall into the trap of Plain Asia. While it uses unique instrument combinations, it doesn’t use one-instrument-in-particular that is so abnormal that it strikes a primal fear in my brain. It’s like if Age of Empires music was remixed with a rock guitar and a singer.



Also, reminder again, these ratings are EXTREMELY SUBJECTIVE. Like, I literally rated a song negatively because of a single sound effect lol. So please don’t take my reviews seriously, it’s my personal opinion.

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Darkness Power

Ah, another one that I've heard before. I'm not a big fan of the intro, but it picks up later, especially with the vocal. I think I recognise the voice from somewhere else... let's see who sings this... Mei Ayakura? But that name doesn't ring any bells at all to me... I wonder what it could be that I'm thinking of? Overall, I do like it, a respectable 6/10.


This one is so soothing, I literally can't listen to it without yawning... zzzzzz... And once you get to about halfway through, you are fully hypnotised. I'm not really sure what score to give it, but I think I'll go with a 7/10. zzz...

Having a Dark Dream

I'm not a big fan of Ancient Temple of The Netherworld, but I was totally able to get behind this arrangement. The traditional and rock blend really gives it a lot of flavour, and it's nice to see a male vocal as well. All else I can really say is that it just sounds really cool. Very impressive, it's gotta be a 9/10.

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55 minutes ago, Garison DeCrick said:

Considering busker rated their own track a 10/10, I feel I have the right to also rate my own a 10/10 lol.

Scores given to your own picks do not count towards their overall final ratings, so it's just a matter of giving your own opinion really. Don't worry, there's usually always at least one person who gives their own track a 10 and this isn't the first time that person has been me.

In general, how you choose to handle your own tracks when they appear is up to you. I like to rate them without saying they're my picks, and then reveal what my picks were at the end, although sometimes I will also reveal some of my picks for the sake of explanation when I review them, like I did here.

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1. oh PC98 remix, pretty rare. since rarely hear the ost it feel kinda detached from usual touhou remix, whether that good or not.
dont feel any different from other trance, but i can see myself vibing to this at some point 6/10

2.i usually listen to hatsunetsumiko's funk but for some reason aint bump into this more kind often.
also plain asia surely really great for calm and smoothing arranges, i prefer this way than the intense arranges.
2:53 caught me off guard, aint expected that. possilbly id like it calm all the way through, but it gonna feel bland eh??
still i can listen this for a loong time 8/10

3.traditional japanese always great eh? it an easy win
imma get behind busker's review.


2 hours ago, Garison DeCrick said:


lol OCD, i know that feelin
though personally for me it represent sound of distorted silence, indeed it gave ya feeling of anxiety but i think that's the purpose
pretty fitting for the song that tells about loneliness

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