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Gensou no Keifu - Hajimari no Miko English Patch: Looking for Playtesters

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Hi! I know this is rather sudden but for roughly the last year and a half now I've been working on an English Patch for Gensou no Keifu - Hajimari no Miko, also known as Genealogy of Fantasy, by Chiyuudou. It is a Turn-Based Strategy game that is heavily inspired by the Fire Emblem series. You've probably seen it on this very site!


I've managed to finish the translation for the main game completely, but I still need to have it played through multiple times to find any spelling errors, bugs, or just bad grammar in general. The only thing left in the game to translate are the Support Conversations. I'm currently working on those after a long hiatus, and am streaming my translation of them during the weekend on my YouTube channel if you're interest (link be below, but I'm honestly looking for some feedback from some real translators from around here.)

That comment about "Real Translators" may be a bit confusing, right? Well, I don't actually know any Japanese and only started taking a class this year! I've been using many online translations tools to work out what's actually be said, and that's part of the reason this project has taken so long.

As I'm not actually comfortable posting a public link to the translation yet, so if you wish to participate in testing and providing feedback for the current version of the translation, please send me a message and I'll send you a link to the current version.

PLEASE: Do not share the provided link with anyone! As I've made clear, the translation isn't 100% complete or tested very thoroughly. Thank you in advance for respecting this.

Thanks in advance also for anyone who's willing to help out and I look forward to releasing the full translation in (hopefully) a couple of months!

P.S. I've never really posted on this site before, so I'm not sure if PMs are even possible, or how to respond to them. So I'm sorry if it takes me a little while to get back to...


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Hello sir, I have made this account with the explicit intention to reply to your request. I had already played through chemblem and was intending to play this one next anyways. If you wish, you may add my discord. Necromancer#1435 Myself as well as a few others would be happy to help.


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