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Clean Scorefile copies of PC-98 Touhou games (日本語 and English)


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It seems that most uploaded HDI-files of the PC-98 Touhou games always contain an already used scorefile. This for instance having a scorefile of PoDD with every character already unlocked and most games already having a score in the hi-score entry screen. On top of that original untranslated versions of the games are also very hard to find these days, given the English Patch has taken over. Moriya Shrine is no exception to that it seems. For those who prefer to start playing these games from a clean scorefile and/or were looking for the original JP versions, I will have them uploaded here. I would've liked these downloads to be the replacement for the download pages of the official games, but it doesn't seem I can add anything there.


Also for people who are looking for ways how to make a clean scorefile themselves (with a hdi-file they already happen to have), you can remove parts of the HDI-file to have their scorefiles removed using a program called EDITDISK. The links below do talk about which files you have to delete.

https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=edob9l4q46211igd7sc024jl25&topic=13903.msg1139535#msg1139535 / https://touhou-memories.tumblr.com/post/168181116534/resetting-hi-scores-for-lotus-land-story-and

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alright, i've added them myself... albeit just on my own site (stepped down from site editing duties earlier this year due to RL obligations so I cannot do it here either). Hopefully the current site editor team gets on it ASAP.

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