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Basically we tell each other about fun facts in the Touhou world

  • Rinnosuke smokes
  • Okina used a wheelchair
  • Reimu said that firework is easy to dodge
  • Sumireko has depression
  • Koishi regrets closing her 3-rd eye after meeting Marisa & Reimu
  • ZUN plans to add "Idolmaster" as Keiki's title
  • Futo hates buddha statue, she will burn one if she found one and made a temple burn once
  • Yuyuko IS a big eater
  • Kasen has split personality
  • Reisen is the black sheep of Eientei
  • Layla is not a member of the Prismriver's band

Anyone wanna add?

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  • 4 months later...
  • Flandre isn't really lockedĀ in the basement she's an introvert
  • Marisa checks the back of jizou statues everytime
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