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Musical Discoveries in Touhou Fandom

Ken Hisuag

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On 11/13/2021 at 4:12 PM, buskerdog said:

I'm personally not in a rush for the next one myself, seeing as we've done quite a number of these by now.

Understandable. I just wanted clarification concerning formalities. I figure we won't want to start one in the middle of the holiday season, so if no one else brings it up I'll wait till next year.

I've been exploring some new genres lately. Nothing too extreme, but enjoyable nonetheless.


ziki_7 - Riverside View
"Acid jazz," and coincidentally from ziki_7 of recent Sunken Sorrow fame!

Violet Delta - Mid-Autumn Snow
"Italo disco," with a kinda-sorta relevant title.


I'd like to have something relating to Thanksgiving, but I am no closer to determining a thematic genre than I was last year (beyond basic folk). But I'll post these anyway.


TAMUSIC - Droplet of Broken Moon ~ Autumn Feast
Relevant title? It doesn't seem to be implicated in the arrangement, though . . .

Luster - Scarlet Apples
Still not "harvest-themed," but better. Deceivingly simplistic, but balanced.



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