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Fixed some Missing Info/Other games

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So I've fixed a big batch of links for now. Here's the run down of what's done


Reimifura Supirittsu 2

Reisen Youmu No Katsugeki Roku

Quartet X

Motto!? Fushigi no Gensoukyou Plus - The Dungeon of Dreams and Magic

Motto!? Fushigi no Gensoukyou - Under the Moonlight

Marisa to Muttsu no Kinoko - New Super Marisa Land

Misuta Asaido ☆ Fueisu - Yukari's Crevice

MarisaLa - Suupaa Marisa Rando

Marisa no Bouken - Marisa's Quest

Kouma no Kagi - Scarlet Devil's Key (yay)

Kogasa Kuzusi

Gyakuten Touhou 2

Gensoukyou Taisen - Seiren no Shou

Gensoukyou Boueigun

Project Nize Festival

Dangerous☆Patche-san Moya no Tabi 4

Gensou Bakushin Gatling Fever 1!


And that's that. Will do more shortly.

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