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Touhou Mods in Rivals of Aether

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So, Oligarchomp released a new character...

It's over... this character offically has the best walk animation. Nothing else can top this.

Also she's surprisingly tall - since it's original art I was expecting it to be in line with the regular character size, but she's actually a bit taller than is standard.


He released a new stage alongside, too.


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6 hours ago, buskerdog said:




cipe si siht won ko

Enough of that joke XD But yeah, nice to see DDC getting some love. The pixel art looks gorgeous as always.


6 hours ago, buskerdog said:

He released a new stage alongside, too.


Ah yes, "Shining Cstl" my favorite Touhou location lol. Ignoring the typo, I absolutely love how the stage looks. The fire-y sunset just looks so awesome! Thinking about it, with "Hakurei Shrine" (Day), "Bamboo Forest"(Night) and "Shining Castle" (Sunset), I wonder what other times of day will appear in the next stages they put out. Sunrise? Solar/lunar eclipse?


Oh and also, on their Twitter, they made this really cool image of all the characters they made so far. Considering this is the first compilation image they made of all their characters, does this mean it's the end? Things usually end in threes after all. Or does it just make for a good group photo?

While browsing their account, I've noticed some more interesting things. Namely this picture of Kogasa.

They say that this won't be their next character. But now that the next character after Mystia has been revealed to be Seija, I can see them maybe doing this character later down the line. Especially considering their banner is a bunch of Nues and they haven't done a character from Touhou 12 yet where she first appears in.

They also made a Sakuya portrait so who knows at this point.


In other news...


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2 hours ago, Garison DeCrick said:

Ah yes, "Shining Cstl" my favorite Touhou location lol. Ignoring the typo, I absolutely love how the stage looks.

Pretty sure "Cstl" is an abbreviation to make the stage's name fit on the select screen. You can see he did a similar thing before where it says "Bamboo Forest of the Lost" on the image for the item's workshop thumbnail, but the actual item itself is just called "Bamboo Forest".


I feel I should use my own twitter more but idk what to even put on there.

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