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61e Talk of the town issue 24


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Hello bros, I hope you are all doing well. I am doing well myself as usual. Right now I am just waiting for my damn keyboards that I ordered to finally arrive. I ordered two keyboards, a unicomp spring key keyboard that my bro questly recommended that I buy and then a Varmilo keyboard that will have some cool additional functionality and accessories that most keyboards do not have available. I used to think it was dumb as fug to buy a cool keyboard that has a nice sound when you type, but the more I realize that you will spend a significant percentage of your life on the keyboard, you might as well get a nice keyboard that has a nice sound and texture to it and perhaps help you type faster than with other keyboards since that way you can get shit done more quickly. Unfortunately, the Varmilo keyboard is an import from China which does not seem like it will arrive till Friday or the weekend for that matter, and on the side, the Unicomp keyboard which is produced here in the LAND OF FREEDOM seems to take about twice as long as it would take to get the damn keyboard to my front door to actually get it manufactured.

Anyway, enough of me complaining about keyboards and on to 61e news.



Attendance in North America has been strong as ever. In fact, I am surprised with hwo strong the 61e attendance has been getting. On the regular now, the 61e is now yielding counts over 30 and now its more uncommon for us to get less than that impressive figure. I suppose this can be attributed to a myriad of factors.

Firstly, I have to make it known that this is mainly due to the hard work of our NCOs, an NCOs commitment I would like to highlight is Sarsfield. When Sarsfield announced he got a PC and that he would be able tor eturn to play nw with us again, I knew that 61e instantly had its GDP triple. I knew ferom that moment on we were now in the pwoerhouse. Its strange how quickly Sarsfield after being gone for over 4 years has just got himself back to being an nco in the 61e. Honestly, it feels sometimes like he was never gone. Sarsfield in my opinion is a utility guy, you can basically put him anywhere and he can completed whatever you need done be it arty, skirms, line, cav or even twerking. Having him back in the reg has made me even more optimistic for the 61e's future....

Secondly, if you look at the 61e today compared to the 61e before, you will notice that most 61e members at this point are very well seasoned 61e members. In the olden days, most 61e members would only be active for about 4-5 months then essentially disappear without a trace. That is simply not the case anymore in the 61e, I can point to alot of people in this regiment that rejoined or when they joined, just haven't left event after their promotion to chevalier. Historically, once 61e members received the rank of Chvl, it would be common that they would just stop coming to events as frequently as the sense of "progression" (if you consider ranks in the 61e to be something worth pursuing) would essentially dissipate. I cant honestly say what is the main reason for the change in retention. I can tell you that I have not done much else compared to what I have been doing in the 61e for the past 10 years, but its a very welcome occurrence.

Third, it seems that there is a lot more activity in the 61e VCs. The way it works from my experience in teh 61e is that once the early morning VC died out with questly having to go to bed or once the Australians had to go to bed, there would be a period of silence in the 61e vc as the European members simply just did not VC as much. This is not the case anymore though, now with the EU modded events that the 61e seems to really enjoy attending, its not uncommon anymore to see the VC to run active from the OC hrs to the NA hrs with people talking shit all day.

These are three reasons I can think of as to why the 61e attendance has been so much better as of recently, however, just because I didnt include any other reasons does not mean that there are no other relevant variables to consider. I am simply just thinking out loud with what I know so far, please feel free to bring up your own takes as well!



There has been discussion with the mainland event about the future of the hong kong and mainland event. Nothing has been set in stone yet, but stay tuned for what could be coming around the corner!

61e EU

Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend as many EU events as I would have hoped for, so I cannot really say much about what is goign on in the EU side. Soemthing I should probably bring note of though is that there has been a lot of EU modded events that the 61e has been actively partaking in. I am not sure if I already talked about this before, but I was never really a fan of modded events and honestly always felt that most 61e had the same opinion as me in this regard. I think this might be due to the Sarsfield effect I was talking about earlier, Sarsfield for as long as I remember, always liked modded events whereas I never rly cared for them.


Some miscellaneous news -

THANK YOU CEZZAR PASHA for your support in mercing the 61e NA events with your Turkish bros. Your support has been invaluable in the eternal 61e effort!!!

We have received reports that Selic has had nothing to do for his job for the past several weeks which has resulted him to be drunk in VC almost every day in which he will randomly call macbeth at 3AM in the morning every night to harass him. We have heard rumors that he ahs discovered the skip cutscene technique where he will sleep for 40 hours straight.


Congratulations to Shazer, our newest CHVL!

Queen and Aiden have both returned from a very long hiatus. You can catch Queen playing at the EU events or staying up late at night to attend the NA events. Aiden seems to currently reside in the bbg bot survival server as he is training in the art of the white walker....

We have reports that Sir bees has proved to Dr Dbag that MSGs are INDEED NOT BAD FOR YOU!  Bees and Dbag had a grand 61e debate where they argued for hours about whether if MSGs were bad for you or not. Bees stoodfast with his clear microphone, stating that there is no proof whatsoever that MSGs are bad for. If you think you can prove bees otherwise, please feel free to @ him in the 61e discord to prove him wrong.

The Friday modded event mods will be THE DELUGE and the Saturday event will be played on the War of 1812 mod.

4cu-Key has made a new kino based on the original 61e theme he made for us back in 2022




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