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hey guys
im somewhat new here and i just created an account to hopefully meet more fellow touhou fans (i've already downloaded some games when i didnt have an account lol)

about me:
-i like to draw as a hobby (i do it a lot, i also make cursed images with my drawing powers too)
-i like to post memes and make people laugh
-i like other games like puyo puyo, the first three games in the paper mario series, pokemon (though i dont play it much anymore), undertale/deltarune, and other epic stuff
-i listen to high quality rips (and other musics too obviously lol)
(just a warning, i curse a lot too)

and thats about it 
cya around

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Heya there

Welcome to the community.

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Hello there! Look forward to seeing you in the community.

EDIT: If you like making memes, there's a club for that on this site.

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