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Official Departure of the frog

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Hey, It is this lad, Gou. Some may know me and well, to the ones that know me I have something to apologize for being immature, to leave you lads, Busk, Von, and Soda, and Issac if you are still here. I really do have lots of fond memories with you lads. I really treasure and cherish all the moments we spent. This might sound corny but I don’t feel good without a proper departure. I apologize again.

Things were difficult past few years but now I am rediscovering myself, that also includes my love for Touhou. And I am glad to say that I have found my passion again. And who made those experiences of early Touhou for me better? That’s you guys! The moriya shrine! That I once called home. Now Touhou as a whole is my home now.

Countvonumenor, I really glad that I met you and talked with you. I gained a lot of knowledge of Touhou and I even more, I love you passion of discussing Touhou to a whole. You really are an inspiration! Calling you a brother is not a lie. I really do see you as one von. Thanks for being who you are in this wonderful community. I know you will reach your goals, brother.

Buskerdog, The Touhou game jam was an invaluable experience for me. I am really grateful that you included me as an artist that time. And on that note, I am so happy that I got participate in the Remix Tournaments twice. Thank you busk truly.

Soda, you know because of you I improved a lot on my art and had a lot fun with the group. I appreciate your encouraging words on art! Thank you for being wholesome Soda!

Issac, well I only got one thing to say for you. Thanks for being who you are. :>

And all the other wonderful people on the shrine who have been warm to me, I thank every one of you. 


That’s all my lads. And thank you for having this Onigama Gou in the Moriya Shrine.

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Truly is Yin & Yang. 

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Posted (edited)

It's been a pleasure knowing you Gou, we'll miss you.

I'm sorry that we haven't talked to each other often but I hope everything is going well.

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I appreciate that you made this statement; sudden cessation of activity can imply a variety of concerning situations, so I'm glad that wasn't the case here. God bless you, whatever happens next.


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