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Broken english translation with Hisoutensoku (12.3) download

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The download link for Touhou Hisoutensoku was changed recently and the new version has a completely unfinished english translation.

When I downloaded the game a few months prior, the english translation was complete and worked as intended.

The current download, however, has a huge part of the game still in japanese. Before you ask, yes, I am running the english exe, not the japanese one.

I have made sure to check for the latest version with the translation patcher.

The only things that seem to be translated in this version are the opening credits, story mode dialogues and some of the spell card names, however the menus, settings, character/stage names and card descriptions are still in japanese only.


From the image you can see that the only thing the "english" patch changes are the spell card names and the line "save changes", but not the spell card descriptions. 


As I already mentioned earlier, the download link had a perfectly fine english translation just a few months ago. Any reason for this change?

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Idk why it was changed but I can tell you the difference between the two patches.

The new patch is the thcrap patch, it's a wiki based platform that automatically updates. However due to compatibility issues it does not fully work with the pre-hopeless masquerade fighting games. 12.3 in particular has issues due to being an expansion of 10.5. However worth noting is that if you have the thcrap version of 10.5 (and have it in the directory where 12.3 is looking to check for 10.5), 12.3 will use assets from that to fill in some more translations, the particularly important ones being the menus and the weather names. However it still leaves card descriptions and character names untranslated, and the 5 new weathers added in 12.3 (calm, diamond dust, dust storm, scorching sun, monsoon) are also untranslated, as the translated image assets do not exist for them.

The old patch was the Gensokyo.org patch, not exactly sure how you install it but you can find it on gensokyo.org, and you can find links to it on the Hisoutensoku wiki. 

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