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Moriya Shrine Touhou 17 Tournament

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Touhou 17 Tournament

Now that Touhou 17 has been released somewhat recently, it is time for a tournament

How does it work?:

  • This tournament is based on survival, meaning that the player with the most lifes wins. The score will be used as a tiebreaker if two or more participants happen to have the same amount of lifes by the end of the game.
  • You can pick one of the following difficulties: Normal, Hard or Lunatic.
  • Save the replay. It needs to be named after your Discord or Site username.
  • Submit the replay into this topic or in the designated channel in our Discord server, together with the following info: Amount of lifes when the 1cc was completed and the score.
  • Besides that, everyone is also free to play the extra stage and submit a replay for that aswell.

How long does the tournament last?:

  • The tournament will end on the 1st November

What's in it for the winners?:

  • Lunatic:
    20$ steam gift card & a special role on the Discord and/or Site. The Discord role will also put the winner above the other members on the user listing.
  • Every other Difficulty + Extra Stage:
    special role on the Discord and/or Site. The Discord role gives the winners a special colour but won't separate them from the other users in the listing.

Additional Notes:

  • Make sure that the stated amount of lifes and the score is the same as the ones in the replay. We will check the replays and being dishonest about the statistics in your Site/Discord post will result in a disqualification.
  • Post ONLY the replays and the info into this topic (or alternatively in the designated Discord channel).
    If you wish to talk about the tournament, use the Tournament Discussion topic which should be listed in here https://moriyashrine.org/forums/topic/500-tournament-discussions/

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